NCC C Certificate Exam 2022-2023 Model Paper with Question and Answer in English-1

NCC  C Certificate Exam

Model Paper – 1

Questions With Answer


1. Fill in the blanks :-

(a) In the back turn is turned from the ______side. 

(b) The left palm is ________ of the right palm in resting state. 

(c) During fast running the right salute is commanded on ____ foot. 

(d) The distance between the two claws at rest is ________.

Ans:- (a) right    (b) down   (c) left   (d) 45 cm or 18 inch

2. What is the difference between rank & file ?

Ans:- Cadets in rank stand side by side in a straight line next to each other and in the file, the cadets stand behind each other in a straight line, covering from the front.

3. What are the features of Word of Command ?


  • Speak loudly and clearly
  • Speak in a simple and loud voice
  • Spread long, speak quickly
  • There should be some difference between the two parts of speech

 4. What are the 4 basic values ​​of good fire ?


  1. Aiming
  2. Breathing
  3. Firing
  4. Follow Through

5. What is the meaning of group in firing, write in detail ?

Ans:- In grouping fire, the maximum distance of two bullets is measured in centimeters in measuring the group.  In this firing, fire all five bullets at the same target where the target of the first bullet is taken and keep your left elbow in its place until all the bullets are fired.

 6. Fill in the blanks :-

(a) .22 Rifle No.  2 The ground velocity of Mark IV is ______. 

(b) MPI stands for ________. 

(c) With a magazine full of 7.62 mm SLR weighs ________. 

(d) The effective range of 7.62 mm SLR is ________.

Ans:- (a) 1030 fit / sec       (b) Mean Point Of Impact (c) 5.1 Kg         (d) 300 yards / 275 meters

7. Write the correct sequence of firing.

Ans:-   (i) good holding         (ii) good aiming (iii) good trigger operation

 8. Write True False :-

(i) Namami Gange is a sailing expedition in the Ganges river – ( f )

(ii) The orange color of the national flag signifies strength and courage – ( T )

(iii) Khujraho is located in the state of Karnataka –  ( F )

(iv) Maha Vir Chakra is the best gallantry medal in India – ( F )

(v) Kargil is a part of Ladakh – ( T )

9. Match the correct answer :-

  (i) Seven Sisters        (a) Loknayak

 (ii) Gulmarg               (b) Karnataka State

(iii) Mahavir                (c) Vaishali

(iv) Kolar Gold Mine  (d) Jammu and Kashmir

 (v) Jai Prakash            (e) Meghalaya

Ans:-  (i) — (e) , (ii) — (d) , (iii) — (c) , (iv) — (b) , (v) — (a)

10. Write the capital of these states :-

(a) Chhattisgarh —– Raipur

(b) Sikkim —– Gangtok

(c) Uttarakhand —– Dehradun

(d) Rajasthan —– Jaipur

(e) Gujarat —– Gandhinagar

11. What is the role of NCC cadets in nation building ?


  • poverty alleviation
  • road construction
  • higher education
  • human resource development
  • maintaining national integration
  • discouraging corruption and evils
  • helping backward class people 
  • To develop secular outlook and spirit of tolerance

12. Write five difficulties that come in making awareness of national integration :-


  1. Casteism
  2. Linguistic bigotry
  3. Communalism
  4. Regionalism
  5. Social inequality
  6. Economic inequality

 13. Write the names of the main five religions of India :-


  • Hindu
  • Muslim
  • Sikh
  • Christian
  • Buddhist
  • Jain
  • Parsi


14. Write 5 qualities of a good leader :-


  1. Vigilance
  2. Conduct
  3. Courage
  4. Decisive
  5. Reliability
  6. Patience
  7. Enthusiasm
  8. Initiative
  9. Integrity
  10. Judiciousness
  11. Knowledge
  12. loyalty
  13. liveliness
  14. tact
  15. selflessness

15. What will you do to improve your character ?


  • Knowing one’s work well and being competent
  • Knowing and improving one’s abilities
  • Knowing the persons subordinate to him
  • Presenting a role model
  • Developing team spirit among subordinates
  • development of self-responsibility towards work in subordinates

 16. What do you understand by team, describe different types of teams ?

Ans:- Two or more interdependent individuals who take shared responsibility for the results and who are considered by themselves and others to be an intact social unit in a larger social system is called a team or group.

There are 4 types of team :-

  1. Functional team
  2. Problem solving team
  3. Cross functional team
  4. Self-managed team

17. Describe all the activities which develop the personality and character of NCC cadets :-


  • The role of NCC is to make a good citizen
  • to serve one’s country with commitment and reverence with unity and discipline
  • to inculcate the spirit of discipline
  • every one  To inculcate selfless service spirit in the person
  • Respect the national flag
  • Follow the law and order of the country
  • Respect all religion and culture
  • Respect old and women

18. Write the qualities of leadership :-


  • honest
  • loyal
  • enthusiastic
  • disciplined
  • healthy
  • intelligent
  • patient
  • courageous
  • decisive
  • prompt
  • virtuous
  • energetic
  • initiative
  • determined

19. Select the correct answer :-

(a) What is it called to work even in the absence of someone ?

(i) Decision   (ii) Initiative   (iii) Action   (iv) None of these

Ans:-  (ii) Initiative

(b) What is it called to perform one’s duty honestly with interest and enthusiasm ?

 (i) Management   (ii) Duties   (iii) Initiative   (iv) None of these

 Ans:- (ii) Duty

(c) The main uses of leadership are :-

  (i) instilling confidence               (ii) encouraging

(iii) encouraging employees         (iv) all of these

Ans:- (iv) All of these

(d) Compliance with the order by the right officer is called ?

 (i) Discipline   (ii) Duty   (iii) work   (iv) none of these

Ans:-  (ii) Duty

(e) To obey orders by his discretion is called –

 (i) Duty   (ii) Work   (iii) Discipline   (iv) None of these

Ans:-  (iii) Discipline

20. Write the method of developing leadership qualities :-


  • Knowing one’s work well and being capable
  • Knowing and improving one’s abilities
  • Knowing the persons subordinate to him and his sense of welfare
  • Presenting one’s ideal
  • Subordinates  To give complete information, to explain the work, to solve and complete the task
  • To develop the spirit of the subordinates
  • Right and social construction
  • To develop responsibility in the subordinates
  • To the subordinates according to their ability
  • To develop a sense of responsibility towards the work itself


 21. Fill in the blanks :-

 (a) Earthquake is measured in ________.

 (b) Disasters are of ________ types ________ and ________ .

 (c) NDRF stands for ________.


  • Richter scale
  • 2 , man-made and natural
  • National Disaster Rescue Force

22. Into how many parts is the fire party divided ?

Ans:- In 4 parts :-

  1. Fire Picketing Party
  2. Fire Fighting Party
  3. Fire Solvage Party
  4. Reserve Party

23. What is fire and write the names of fire fighting equipments ?

Ans:- Fire is the rapid oxidation of combustion sealed substances. by which heat, light and many other chemical repulsive products such as carbon dioxide and Water is produced.

Equipments:- Fire Extinguisher, Fire Hydrant, Fire Blanket, Deluge Gun, Portable Water Tank, Skid Unit, Fog Nozzle, Hard Suction Hose, Escape Chute, Steam Pumper, Hook Ladder, Cutting Extinguisher

24. Write a short note on the following :-


(a) Aadhaar :-

  • Aadhaar is the world’s largest biometric system is
  • It has a distinctive 12 marks The number is printed which is indian specific Issues identification authority
  • Aadhaar number of every person full identity
  • Banking and government and non-government access to government services have convenience
  • Aadhar card for all things It is necessary for passport Jan Dhan account LPG Exam Digital Locker Scholarship And so on

 (b) Startup India –

  • It is an initiative of the Government of India. Objective: Large scale in the country to generate employment to develop economic
  • by startup businessmen in this 3 before starting business Income tax exemption for the year will be
  • a national It is proposed to form a trust company in which for the next 4 years Annual budget of ₹ 500 crore will be allotted
  • Innovation courses for students will be started and 5 lakh 10 lakh children in schools focus and increase it will go

(c) BHIM App –

  • Government of India for financial transactions Undertaking National Payments Corporation of India a mobile launched by the app is
  • Almost All Indian Banks in BHIM App accounts can be used
  • You remit ₹ 20000 per due amount can do
  • Remittance limit per day Max is ₹40000
  • BHIM app is currently available in 12 languages supports
  • more than 20 per day from any bank Bar money can be remitted

25. As an NCC cadet, how will you assist in the operation against terrorism ?


  • Identify the elements that promote terrorism tell the administration
  • By taking out an awareness rally against terrorism
  • The harm caused by terrorism and tell of duty
  • To make people aware of their fundamental rights
  • Advising people not to fall prey to anyone
  • To inform people about the benefits of government schemes Narrate
  • To make people aware of education

26. What do you understand by wound, write the types of first aid given for different wounds ?

Ans:- ( Ask your PI Staff )

27. Write briefly about any 6 asanas of Yogasana.


  1. Surya Namaskar – It cures skin diseases eliminate the possibility of She goes
  2. Shavasana – By doing this asana the mind becomes calm. and the body gets energy
  3. Shirshasana – lower abdomen protruding from this asana and digestion power increases
  4. Trikonasana – With this asana, the arms, legs and body tension is created in the organs, due to which the person remains healthy
  5. Sarvangasana – It provides strength to the liver and It purifies the intestines, it also improves the stature enhances
  6. Chakrasana – By doing this asana, the stomach never stops. Removes and reduces belly fat

28. How do you do personal hygiene in NCC camps? Will you make sure ?


  • Keep the food neat and covered
  • will spray DDT
  • will not allow water logging
  • Provision of water for cleaning the bathing utensils will do
  • will arrange pure water for drinking
  • will keep 4-5 socks
  • put a mosquito net while sleeping
  • Make proper arrangements for defecation

 29. What do you do during your Patna to Ranchi cycle journey? Plan and anticipate ?


  • First to make Root March Chart
  • Cycle Riders must be medically fit
  • Cycle and its spare parts must be correct Condition should be
  • Road Pay Formation according to the number of people take care of
  • Ensure space for rest and refreshments in between doing
  • Taking permission in writing from the administration
  • All the resources falling in the middle like NCC Battalion, NSS, Police Station etc. Inform       

30. Write the names of the items used for organizing Tech :-


  • Water Bottle
  • Munching Items
  • Backpack
  • Trekking Shoes
  • Swiss Knife
  • Torch Light
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Trek Pants/Trousers
  • Cap
  • Sunscreen
  • Trek Route Chart
  • Medical Kit

31. Write short note on the following :-


(a) Environment :- including flora, fauna, human race All living beings and their related physical environment is called.

 There are two types of environment :-

  1. physical environment
  2. Biological Environment

(b) Ozone layer :- Ozone layer from the earth’s surface at an altitude of 20-30 km in the stratospheric region of the atmosphere the atmosphere is very thin in terms of volume of about 10 PPM is the ozone layer is the protector.  sun’s ultraviolet prevents rays from reaching the earth.

(c) Green house effect :- It is a natural process by which any planet or balance the satellite’s atmosphere is done

 It has the following functions:-

  • Prevents skin diseases
  • balances the earth’s atmosphere
  • Life on earth due to green house effect possible

(d) Waste Management :- In the work of resource recycling / waste collection of materials Is . This word refers to the material from human activities made and therefore done so that his healthy its on the environment or aesthetics less impact.  this resource Happens also to remove :- Solid, liquid, gas, radioactive substances.

 (e) Conservation of Energy :- To do some work, such to follow the law or procedure that less energy to get the job done Well, this is called conservation of energy.

32. What do you understand by water harvesting ?

Ans:- The rain water is stored in a particular medium. The process of doing rain water harvesting is called Is .Water scarcity is becoming a crisis around the world is going  The reason for this is that the water level of the earth You have to keep going down.  rain for Water that gets mixed in the ocean, its storage and It is necessary to recharge so that the ground water Resources can be enriched.


33. What are Objectives of Obstacle Training for NCC Cadets  ?


 Following are the objectives:-

  • Development of adventurous spirit in the cadets
  • increasing confidence
  • To inculcate a sense of discipline
  • Development of leadership qualities
  • To increase the spirit of cooperation
  • Development of team spirit

 34. Name any four Obstacles :-


  1. Straight Balance
  2. High Jump
  3. Gate Vault
  4. Double Stride Jump
  5. Zig-Zag Balance
  6. Left Hand Vault
  7. Right Hand Vault
  8. Ramp
  9. Clear Jump
  10. Straight Balance


 35. Fill in the blanks :-

 (a) The highest gallantry medal during the war is ________.

 (b) The highest gallantry medal during peace is ________.

 (c) Indian Military Academy is located at ________.


(a) PVC      (b) Ac (Ashoka Chakra)  (c) Dehradun

36. Major wars fought by the Indian Army Which are after ?


  • 1947 1948 — Kashmir dispute
  • 1962 – India China ( Himalayan Boundary Dispute )
  • 1965 – India-Pakistan ( Kashmir dispute )
  • 1971 – India-Pakistan ( Bangladesh Partition )
  • 1999 – Kargil War ( Border Dispute )

 37. Name the parts of the Indian Army that fought the war.


  • Armored
  • Artillery
  • Mechanise Infantry
  • Army Air Defense ( AAD )
  • Infantry


38. What are the different types of North ?

Ans:- It is of three types-

(i) True North   (ii) Magnetic North  (iii) Grid North        

39. What is Global Positioning System (GPS) ?

Ans:- It is a system of satellites and receiving instruments which people and equipment their presence on earth Provides accurate information about general 24 satellites used in GPS operating system which completes the orbit of the earth in 12 hours.

 40. What is the composition of the Navigation Party ?

Ans:- The structure is as follows –

(i) Guide – It is carried with a bright stick and set compass. leads the way

(ii) Auxiliary guide – It is done by tying white cloth on the back. Measuring the depth of pit and drain to another place with a stick walks

(iii) Recorder – This is another compass and pebble in pocket whom it takes to measure the distance uses

(iv) Scouts – Scouts follow behind whose Number of works to be done in route ranges from 2 to 4 according to

41. Make Military Signs :-

           (a) Survey Tree 

           (b) Bridge 

           (c) Battalion Headquarters 

           (d) LMG 

           (e) Infantry Platoon 

42. How to find the north direction in night and day ?

Ans:-    At Night                        In Day

           (i) by Stars                  (i) clock method

            (ii) Idgah                     (ii) Surya Vidhi

            (iii) Masjid                  (iii) Tree leaves

            (iv) by GPS

             (v) by compass

 43. What information can you get from the map ?


  • can find its position on the ground
  • can find the position of the enemy on the ground
  • Finding the distance and direction from one place to another can
  • Know the different types of land
  • Choosing the right way to march
  • mutual visibility of two places
  • Planning of activities especially during times of war can make


 44. Write any five methods of estimating distance :-


  • Unit method 
  • the way of appearance
  • Section averaging method 
  • range method
  • bracketing method
  • Howing method

45. Why do things appear ?

Ans:- Due to not using 6 S and 1 M correctly Things look like :-

  • Shape
  • Shadow
  • Shine
  • Surface
  • Spacing
  • Silhouette

     &    (i) Movement

 46. ​​State five types of section formation :-


  • File Formation
  • Single File Formation
  • Diamond Formation
  • Spear-Head Formation
  • Aero-Head Formation
  • Extended Line Formation

47. Write field craft and battle craft in detail.

Ans:- To get success in the fight, it is important to know about FC, by hiding your movements from the enemy, approaching the enemy and camouflaging your body and equipment according to the area in the same way and camouflaging in every area. Before sanding one thing should be kept in mind.

According to the area like :-

  • Taking care of sand in the local area
  • of snow in a snowy area
  • Grass or green leaves in the area where there is a dense forest is used

 Advantages of BC :-

  • Statement of ground marks
  • Field Signal
  • Platoon Formation etc.

48. Write about different types of petrol :-

Ans:- It is of two types :-

(a) Recky Patrol

  • Information on enemy position, preparation and intentions whip up
  • Geographical and technical identification of the enemy information gathering
  • Information about the nature and nature of the enemy whip up

(b) Protective Patrol / Rescue Patrol

  • the enemy’s petrol to destroy his army and territory prevent information gathering
  • sending advance notice of the enemy’s arrival and to tangle
  • Own land (No Man’s Land) retain possession


49. Which weapon is used in an infantry section ?


  • 5.56 mm INSAS Rifle – 6
  • 5.56 mm INSAS LMG – 1
  • 84 mm RL – 1
  • 9 mm Pistol – 1
  • 9 mm CMG – 1

50. Type cleaning items for 7.62 mm SLR :-


  • Cindi
  • Pullthrough
  • Oil ( OX-13 , OX-5 )
  • hot water
  • carpet
  • cotton cloth
  • Rod

 51. Two of the Infantry Battalions of the Indian Army

       Write the names of Battalion Support Weapon Weapon :-


  1. ATGM
  2. 51 mm mortar
  3. 81 mm Morter
  4. Rocket Launcher

         MILITARY HISTORY : ( 20 MARKS )

 52. Brief description of the 1971 war between Indo-Pak Do :-

Ans:- Big defeat to Pakistan in the 1971 Indo-Pak war faced east pakistan become independent Gaya and a new country was formed in the form of Bangladesh. Pakistani army surrendered on 16th December itself. Was . A military conflict between Indo-Pak in 1971 There was struggle. It started with the then Eastern 3 December due to the freedom struggle of Pakistan happened from 1971 to 16 December 1971, only Within 13 days, the Pakistani army surrendered. This war is the shortest recorded in history One of the wars.

 53. Brief Note on Kargil War of 1999  Write :-

Ans:- 1999 Kargil war in the name of Operation Vijay also know as . of India and Pakistan of Kashmir between May and July 1999 Name the armed conflict that took place in Kargil district. This About 30,000 Indian soldiers in the war and 5,000 infiltrators had joined. this war height happened on the territory and the armies of both the countries He had to face many difficulties in fighting. India won the Kargil War. in pakistan this Political and economic instability due to war increased and on the other hand the country during the war in India The boiling of love was seen and India’s The economy strengthened.

54. Answer in brief :-

(a) Write the names of two Field Marshals of the Indian Army :-

Ans:-   (i) KM Cariappa       (ii) Sam Manekshaw

(b) Write the names of any three Param Vir Chakra winners.


  • Somnath Sharma
  • Albert Ekka
  • Bana Singh
  • Hoshiyar Singh
  • Yogendra Singh

55. Latest media/modes of communication in Indian Army, Write about :-


  • Telex
  • Fax
  • E-mail
  • Video Conferencing
  • Computer
  • Troposcatter
  • Modem

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