NCC B Certificate Exam 2022-2023 Model Paper with Questions and Answers in English-3

Certificate ‘B’ Examination

Question Paper with Answer

Senior Division and Senior Wing

Time – 3 Hrs      ( Instruction for Cadets )      

Total Marks – 355

1. Answer in Hindi or in English only.

2. Write your answer in the spaces given below the questions.

Part-I      DRILL : ( 10 MARKS )

 1. Tick the check :-

 (i) From which position is the word of command always given ?

 Answer:- Attention position

 (ii) A careful position requires a turn to change the margin ?

 Answer :- 90 degree

 (iii) The cadet is made to stand while sizing the height ?

 Answer :- From left

 (iv) How many steps do cadets walk in the open line ?

 Answer :- One and a half steps

 (v) While doing a fast right salute, after how many steps is the

       salutation done ?

 Answer :- 5 Steps

2. Write True or False :-

 (i) In drill, the order on the parade is given to the troops to appear in the

      parade ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (ii) In immersion does not fall again and the officer is not on parade ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (iii) The walking speed of an NCC cadet is 116 steps ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (iv) The command of a right turn is given on the right leg ?

 Answer :- Wrong

 (v) On the orders of the right Saj, three steps to the right move ?

 Answer :- Wrong

Part-II      Weapon Training : ( 35 Marks )

3. Write full name :-

   (i)   AGS – Automatic Grenade System

  (ii) BFSR – Battle Field Surveillance Radar

 (iii) MGL – Multi Grenade Launcher

 (iv) UBGL – Under Barrel Grenade Launcher

 (v) ATGM – Anti Tank Guided Missile

4. Write True and False :-

 (i) 7.62 mm SLR magazine holds 22 rounds ?

 Answer :- Wrong

 (ii) Can a 7.62 mm LMG be fired with a bipad ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (iii) The weight of a .22″ rifle is 2.92 kg ?

 Answer :- Wrong

 (iv) There are 28 rounds in the magazine of 5.56 mm INSAS rifle ?

 Answer :- Wrong

 (v) Does it take 2/4 inch to clean 7.62 mm SLR ?

 Answer :- Wrong

5. Tick the check :-

 (i) What is the capacity of 7.62 mm SLR magazine ?

 Answer :- 20 rounds

 (ii) How many grooves are there in the barrel of a .22″ rifle ?

 Answer :- 6

 (iii) What is the effective range of .22″ rifle ?

 Answer :- 25 yards

 (iv) How many bullets are there in the magazine of .22″ Rifle Deluxe ?

 Answer :- 5 rounds

 (v) In how many parts does the LMG open ?

 Answer :- In 5 parts

 (vi) What is the weight of 7.62 mm SLR with the magazine loaded ?

 Answer :- 5.1 Kg.

 (vii) Why sling is used in 7.62 mm SLR ?

 Answer :- For long distance

 (viii) When a 7.62 mm SLR fires 20 rounds per minute, what is it called ?

 Answer :- Normal Fire

 (ix) What is the type of bullet mark on the target called ?

 Answer :- Group

 (x) What is the speed of .22″ rifle ?

 Answer :- 1030 ft/sec

 (xi) What is the use of pull-through in a rifle ?

 Answer :- For cleaning

 (xii) When is a rifle considered full ?

 Answer :- When there is round in the chamber

 (xiii) What is the length of a 5.56 mm INSAS rifle with or without a bannet ?

 Answer :- 960 mm

 (xiv) What are the qualities of a good firefighter ?

 Answer :- Three

 (xv) What do you understand by MPI ?

6. Fill in the blanks :-

 (i) The change lever of LMG has a ______ position ?

 Answer :- Two Positions

 (ii) The effective range of LMG is _______ ?

 Answer :- 500 meters

 (iii) The site range of SLR starts from __________ ?

 Answer :- 200 yards to 2000 yards

 (iv) Fixed butt INSAS rifle with empty magazine weighs _______ ?

 Answer :- 3.6 kg

 (v) The function of the extractor in a rifle is to remove ______ ?

 Answer :- Empty Case

Part-III : Miscellaneous ( 200 Marks )

The NCC : ( 5 Marks )

7. Fill in the blanks :-

 (i) NCC has _____ directorates ?

 Answer :- 17

 (ii) IMA is located in _____ ?

 Answer :- In Dehradun

 (iii) The motto (Moto) of NCC is _____ ?

 Answer :- Unity and Discipline

 (iv) NCC flag has _____ colors ?

 Answer :- 3

 (v) Training is given at _____ levels in NCC ?

 Answer :- 3

National Integration : ( 30 Marks )

8. Match the correct :-

     (i) Golden Temple                 (a) Delhi

    (ii) Taj Mahal                         (b) Rajgir

   (iii) Red Fort                            (c) Amritsar

   (iv) Charminar                         (d) Srinagar

    (v) Vishwa Shanti Stupa         (e) Agra

   (vi) Dal Lake                            (f) Hyderabad

  (vii) Kaziranga National Park   (g) Mumbai

 (viii) Hawa Mahal                      (h) Delhi

   (ix) India Gate                           (i) Assam

    (x) Gateway of India                (j) Jaipur

 Answer :- (i) — (c)  ,  (ii) — (e) ,  (iii) — (a) , (iv) — (f) , (v) — (b) ,

                (vi) — (d) , (vii) — (i) , (viii) — (j) , (ix) — (h) , (x) — (g)

9. Fill in the blanks :-

 (i) Write the full form of EBSB _________.

 Answer :- Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat

 (ii) Chhath Puja is a _______ state festival ?

 Answer :- Bihar’s

 (iii) The name of the highest civilian award is _______ ?

 Answer :- Bharat Ratna

 (iv) The highest award of soldiers in war is called _______ ?

 Answer:- Param Vir Chakra

 (v) National flag consists of _______ tilapia ?

 Answer :- 24

 10. Write True and False :-

 (i) All religions are considered equal in India ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (ii) Gateway of India is situated in Delhi ?

 Answer :- Wrong

(iii) Agra is famous for the Taj Mahal ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (iv) Bengali is the language of Assam ?

 Answer :- Wrong

 (v) Bhangra is a famous dance of Uttar Pradesh ?

 Answer :- Wrong

Personality Development & Leadership ( 73 Marks )

11. Choose the correct answer :-

 (i) How to develop the personality of NCC cadets to the fullest ?

  (i) Developing team spirit                     (ii) Developing leadership qualities

(iii) Developing the spirit of discipline  (iv) All of these

 Answer :- (iv) All of these

(ii) What are the types of leadership style ?

 Answer :- Three types

(iii) If two or more people talk among themselves to achieve the same

        goal, then what is it called ?

 Answer :- Group

 (iv) What is the main foundation of corporate discipline ?

 Answer :- Drill

 (v) In which type of leadership do you take decisions after consulting

      with your subordinates ?

 Answer :- In Democratic Leadership

 (vi) In order to win the hearts of his subordinates, which need of his is

       to be taken care of ?

 Answer :- Welfare

 (vii) What is understood as NCC Cadet in NCC activity ?

 Answer :- Group

 (viii) Who develops sportsmanship in NCC ?

 Answer :- Team spirit

 (ix) When any work is completed without order, what is it called ?

 Answer :- Initiative

(x) What is it called to understand someone’s feelings without hurting

      them ?

 Answer :- Tact

(xi) What is the exchange of mutual thoughts, feelings and reality

        between two or more persons called ?

 Answer :- Communication

(xii) What is the process called when someone is motivated to act in a

         desired way ?

 Answer:- Increase morale

(xiii) What are the reasons for the failure of communication ?

 Answer :- Noise

(xiv) What does self control and right behavior teach ?

 Answer :- Discipline

 (xv) What is it called to understand the body language of a desired

         person and make it a part of one’s attitude ?

 Answer :- Mirroring 

12. Write True and False :-

 (i) Skill is acquired through practice and patience :-

 Answer :- Correct

 (ii) Self awareness to identify our character strengths and weaknesses

       and likes and dislikes ?

 Answer :- Wrong

 (iii) The ability to analyze information and experience in an objective

         way is called creative thinking.

 Answer :- Wrong

 (iv) The ability to convey any information orally can be classified as

         effective communication ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (v) Hereditary factor cannot have a permanent effect on the personality

       of a person ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (vi) Is not accepting our own imperfection a part of self awareness ?

 Answer :- Wrong

 (vii) It is part of empathy to imagine what another person’s life is like ?

 Answer :- Wrong

(viii) Critical thinking requires the ability to change ideas based on

          evidence ?

 Answer :- Wrong

 (ix) Critical thinking requires skills like analyzing and examining

        information in detail ?

 Answer :- Wrong

 (x) To be a creative person it is necessary to be curious and optimistic ?

 Answer :- Correct

13. Match :-

   (i) creative person                  (a) putting oneself in other’s shoes

  (ii) life skills                           (b) curious

 (iii) sympathetic                      (c) aggressive

 (iv) Critical thinking               (d) Creative thinking

  (v) Mode of communication  (e) Thinking logically

Ans :- (i) — (b) , (ii) — (d) , (iii) — (a) , (iv) — (e) , (v) — (c) 

14. Write 5 principles of time management :-

 Ans :-

  (i) Developing a personal sense of time

 (ii) Identifying long term goals

(iii) Weekly and daily planning

(iv) Using committed time

 (v) Managing your health

 15. Match :-

  (i) Friendship group          (a) Members communicate freely among


(ii) Task group                    (b) Group formed to bring together the

                                                  knowledge of people from different fields

(iii) Effective group            (c) Within their own group

(iv) Self-managed team      (d) that accomplishes some organization goal

                                                 by management

 (v) Cross-functional team (e) Group of employees who work to build a

                                                 product or service

  Answer :- (i) — (c) , (ii) — (d) , (iii) — (a) , (iv) — (e) , (v) — (b)

 16. Match :-

 (i) Vigilance                     (a) Qualities of implementing or following

                                                orders or recommendations considered

                                                good in the absence of orders

(ii) Courage                       (b) Honesty and integrity, not compelled to

                                                compromise or change

(iii) ) Certainty                   (c) A leader’s goal of identifying the

                                                 opportunity in every situation and using it

                                                 for the success of his team

(iv) Loyalty                        (d) Spiritual and intellectual sources to help

                                                 man take risks and use it in times of joy or

                                                 depression Ability to take decisions

                                                 calmly is characterized by

(v) initiative                        (e) quality of logical thought process to plan

                                                  for solution of the problem

 Answer :-  (i) — (c) , (ii) — (d) , (iii) – (e) , (iv) — (b) , (v) — (a)

17. Write 5 qualities of an ideal citizen :-

 Answer :-    (i) Wisdom          (ii) Self-restraint        (iii) Awareness                                       uuuuuiuuuu(iv) Good health    (v) Security

18. Write any five facts of the knowledge of unity in diversity in India :-

 Answer :-      (i) Geographical unity             (ii) Political unity

                     (iii) Religious unity                  (iv) Cultural unity

                      (v) Language unity

19. Match :-

 (i) Rani of Jhansi                       (a) Haldighati

 (ii) Kiran Mazumdar Shaw       (b) Revolt of 1857

 (iii) Maharana Pratap                (c) Shot-put

 (iv) Deepa Malik                       (d) Viacon

 Answer :- (i) — (b) , (ii) — (d) , (iii) — (a) , (iv) — (c)

Disaster Management : ( 15 Marks )

20. Fill in the blank :-

 (i) Disasters are of _______ type ?

 answer :- 2

(ii) ______ things are important in disaster management ?

 Answer :- 3

 (iii) Ametiore radio is also called ______ radio ?

 Answer :- HAM

 (iv) Walkie talkie is used in communication from ______ to ______ km


 Answer :- 5 KM to 50 KM

21. Match :-

 (i) Rescue Service        (a) Fire Detection and Extinguishing

 (ii) Casualty service     (b) Providing necessary equipment

 (iii) Welfare Service     (c) Evacuation of Casualties buried in the rubble

 (iv) Fulfillment service (d) Making arrangements for the treatment of


 (v) Fire Service             (e) To arrange accommodation, food items etc.

Answer :-   (i) – (c) , (ii) – (d) , (iii) – (e), (iv) – (b) , (v) – (a)

22. Write True and False :-

 (i) Earthquake is a natural disaster :-

 Answer :- Correct

 (ii) Tsunamis come along the seashore ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (iii) Is flood a man-made disaster ?

 Answer :- Wrong

 (iv) The Prime Minister is the chairman of the National Disaster

        Management Committee ?

 Answer :- Wrong

 (v) The responsibility of facing natural calamity is mainly of the central

       government ?

 Answer :- Wrong

Social Awareness and Community Development :  30 Marks  

23. Write True and False :-

 (i) To generate interest in selfless creative work in social service cadet ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (ii) Social service gives rise to feelings of altruism, sacrifice, generosity

       and kindness in the heart of the cadet ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (iii) Under social service the cadet does relief work at the time of

         natural calamity ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (iv) Social boycott of drug addicts will not reduce drug addiction ?

 Answer :- Wrong

 (v) Poverty is not the reason for the growth of population of India ?

 Answer :- Wrong

24. Fill in the blank :-

 (i) At least ______ calorie food is required for a healthy person ?

 Answer :- 3000

 (ii) According to the Government of India, the family is below the poverty

       line, whose annual income in the village is less than Rs. ______.

 Answer :- 19884

(iii) ______ antibody is found in blood group ‘O’ :-

 Answer :- AB

 (iv) The cause of HIV is _______ ?

 Answer :- Virus

 (v) Leprosy are of ______ types ?

 answer me


 (i) NGOs – Non-Governmental Organization

 (ii) AIDS – Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome

 (iii) HIV – Human Immunodeficiency Virus

 (iv) Age of Blood Donation is _______ years to _______ years ?

 Answer :- 18 to 60

 (v) Sevagram scheme was started by _______ ?

 Answer:- Mahatma Gandhi

Health and Hygiene : ( 25 Marks )

26. Match :-

         disease                          affected organs

    (i) Pyria                        (a) Aut

   (ii) Cataract                   (b) Masure

  (iii) T. B.                        (c) teeth and gums

  (iv) Scurvy                     (d) Lung

   (v) Typhoid                   (e) Eye

 Answer :-  (i) — (c) , (ii) — (e) , (iii) — (d) , (iv) — (b) , (v) — (a)

27. Fill in the blanks :-

 (i) Beri-Beri disease is caused by the deficiency of ______ ?

 Answer :- Vitamin B

 (ii) Diabetes is caused by the deterioration of _______ ?

 Answer :- Pancreas

 (iii) The main cause of anemia is deficiency of ______ ?

 Answer :- Hemoglobin

 (iv) Malaria is caused by the bite of _______ mosquito ?

 Answer:- Female Anopheles

(v) The symptom of cholera is _______ ?

 Answer :- Kai, diarrhea

28. Write True and False :-

 (i) All use antiseptic for wound healing ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (ii) Chemical substances bleaching powder is used to destroy germs ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (iii) The work of spreading cholera is not done by food and drink ?

 Answer :- Wrong

 (iv) Smallpox is not spread by air ?

 Answer :- Wrong

 (v) Dengue is spread by mosquito ?

 Answer :- Correct

29. Fill in the blanks :-

 (i) The symptoms of COVID-19 are ______ ?

 Answer:- Fever, cough and cold, problem in breathing etc.

 (ii) The natural means of destroying germs is _______ ?

 Answer: Clean air or sunlight

 (iii) Plague is spread by fleas found on ______ ?

 Answer :- Rats

 (iv) The depth of the shallowest ditch for the toilet in the camp is

         ______ feet and the length is ______ feet ?

 Answer :- 2 feet and 6 feet

Adventure Training : ( 20 Marks )

30. Write True and False :-

 (i) Cadets of Senior Division, Junior Division participate every year for

      Adventure Course ?

 Answer :- Wrong

 (ii) Diving is also conducted in Delhi ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (iii) Can army cadets also participate in sailing ?

 Answer :- Wrong

 (iv) Winge jumping is conducted for cadets ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (v) The purpose of the trekking camp is to make the cadet aware of the

       culture and diversity of India ?

 Answer :- Correct

31. Fill in the blanks :-

 (i) ______ ropes are needed in parasailing ?

 answer :- 2

 (ii) Cadets of ______ division take part in Para Jump ?

 Answer:- Senior Division (SD)

 (iii) ______ courses for mountaineering for cadets run in Darjeeling ?

 Answer :- HMI

 (iv) In sleuthing, cadets demonstrate sliding by rope from _______ ?

 Answer :- By helicopter

 (v) Cadets walk ______ to _______ kilometers daily in a motorcycle

       expedition ?

 Answer :- 100 to 200

32. Write five adventure activities conducted for cadets ?

 Answer :-   (i) Hot Air Balloon           (ii) Bungee Jumping

                  (iii) Water Rafting             (iv) Snow Boarding

                   (v) Hang Gliding

Obstacle Training : ( 5 Marks )

33. Fill in the blanks :-

 (i) Name any three optical training _______,_______ and _______.

 Answer :-   (i) Straight Balance                (ii) Zig-Zag balance

                  (iii) High Wall                         (iv) High Jump

 (ii) A high wall is _______ feet high and _______ long ?

 Answer: – 6 feet high and 12 feet long

 (iii) The straight balance is ______ inches thick and _______ feet long ?

 Answer: – 3 inches thick and 12 feet long

 (iv) The ramp is _______ high ?

 Answer :- 4 feet 6 inches

 (v) Left hand vaults are crossed with the help of _______ hand ?

 Answer :- Left 

Part-IV : Specialized Subjects ( Army ) ( 110 Marks )

Armed Forces : ( 20 Marks )

34. Write Full Form :-

   (i) AEC – Army Education Corps

  (ii) ASC – Army Supply Corps

 (iii) AOC – Army Ordinance Corps

 (iv) DSC – Defense Service Corps

  (v) AMC – Army Medical Corps

35. Fill in the blanks :-

 (i) Headquarter of Central Command is in _______ ?

 Answer :- In Lucknow

 (ii) Army Head Quarter is in ______ ?

 Answer :- In Delhi

 (iii) _______ is the smallest unit of infantry ?

 Answer :- Saxon

 (iv) _______ is the Group Commander of NCC Group _______ ?

 answer :-

(v) The battalion commander is an officer of the rank of ______ ?

 Answer :- Colonel

36. Write True and False :-

 (i) Earth is a tank ?

 Answer :- Wrong

 (ii) Nag is an advanced type of anti-tank missile ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (iii) Usually a division consists of 5 brigades and 1 head quarter ?

 Answer :- Wrong

 (iv) There are 4 rifle companies in an infantry battalion ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (v) There are 12 jawans in a section ?

 Answer :- Wrong

Map Reading : ( 30 Marks )

37. Make a custom symbol :-

 (i) Temple

 (ii) Idgah 

 (iii) Circuit House 

 (iv) paved road  

 (v) unpaved road 

38. Write True and False :-

 (i) Yellow color on the map is used to show agricultural land ?

 Answer :- Correct

(ii) Any map is updated ?

 Answer :- Wrong

 (iii) Is it possible to show all the figures of the land in the map ?

 Answer :- Wrong

 (iv) Indicative signs are used in the map ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (v) Water figures are shown in red color in the map ?

 Answer :- Wrong

39. Fill in the blanks :-

 (i) The vertical line in the map is called _______ ?

 Answer :- Easting Line

 (ii) _______ lines are in ascending order from bottom to top ?

 Answer :- Northing Line

 (iii) Map shows the position of itself and _______ on the ground ?

 Answer :- Enemy’s

 (iv) Scale is displayed on the map in the _______ way ?

 Answer :- 3

 (v) Service protractor is ______ inch long and _______ inch wide ?

 Answer :- 6 inches long and 2 inches wide

Field Craft and Battle Craft : ( 25 Marks )

40. Fill in the blanks :-

 (i) Cover is of _______ type ?

 answer :- 2

 (ii) Moves can be divided into _______ parts ?

 answer :- 2

 (iii) Chemoflage is an art by which _______ is achieved ?

 Answer :- Conciliation

 (iv) The human head appears as a point at ______ yards ?

 Answer :- 600

 (v) To show the target, ______ hand is used to indicate degree ?

 Answer :- Left handed

41. Match :-

 (i) forward                    (a) right arm fully raised above the head

 (ii) Thumb                    (b) The elbow should be on the right side above

                                             the right head

 (iii) Enemy is coming   (c) Salute

 (iv) come closer            (d) extend the right arm and move it from back

                                             to front under the shoulder

 (v) understood the signal (e) with both hands open, palm inwards

42. Write True and False :-

 (i) There are two types of petrol ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (ii) In patrolling, walk on a higher ground during the day and on a lower

       ground during the night ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (iii) Never try to avoid a fight while coming back from petrol ?

 Answer :- Wrong

 (iv) At the time of ambush, attack the enemy from the front ?

 Answer :- Wrong

 (v) The purpose of ambush is to obtain information from the enemy ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (vi) There are total 5 parties of ambush ?

 Answer :- Wrong

 (vii) Things are not visible at night due to movement ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (viii) The party of mining is divided into 8 parts ?

 Answer :- Wrong

 (ix) Slit trenches are there to avoid air attack ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (x) The length of the LMG’s fire trench outside is 6 feet ?

 Answer :- Correct

Introduction To Infantry Weapons & Equipments : 15 Marks

43. Name the five main groups of 5.56 mm INSAS rifle :-

 Ans :- (i) Body housing assembly     (ii) Viral assembly

          (iii) Handle cocking assembly (iv) Piston group  (v) Butt assembly

44. Write True and False :-

 (i) The filling, emptying and makesafe action of 5.56 mm INSAS rifle is

      the same as that of 7.62 mm SLR ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (ii) The barrel of LMG has to be changed after 5 magazine fire ?

 Answer :- Wrong

 (iii) The capacity of the magazine of Stengan is 30 rounds ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (iv) H.E grenade is a light weapon ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (v) 51 mm mortar weighs 12 pounds ?

 Answer :- Correct

45. Fill in the blanks :-

 (i) The maximum range of a 2 inch mortar is _______ yards ?

 Answer :- 525 yards

 (ii) The weight of a loaded magazine of LMG is _______ kg ?

 Answer :- 1.106 kg

 (iii) The effective range of LMG on Bipod is _______ ?

 Answer :- 1000 yards

 (iv) Rate of fire of 7.62 mm SLR is _______ rounds per minute ?

 Answer :- 20 to 60 rounds

 (v) The rate of fire of 5.56 mm INSAS rifle is ______ rounds per

       minute ?

 Answer :- 60 to 150 rounds

Military History : ( 20 Marks ) 

46. ​​Fill in the blanks :-

 (i) Military college was opened in _______ in 1922 ?

 Answer :- In Dehradun

 (ii) The British ‘Taj’ in the Indian Army after independence was

        replaced by the ______ symbol ?

 Answer:- Ashoka Symbol

 (iii) In the 1965 Indo-Pak war, the Indian Prime Minister _______ and

        the Pakistani President _______ signed an agreement ?

 Answer :- Lal Bahadur Shastri and Ayub Khan

 (iv) East Pakistan became ______ in 1970 ?

 Answer :- Bangladesh

47. Write True and False :-

 (i) Indo-Pak ceasefire of 1965 took place on 25 September ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (ii) Aircraft were used for the first time in World War-II ?

 Answer :- Wrong

 (iii) Atom bomb was used in the First World War ?

 Answer :- Wrong

 (iv) Rigveda shows that Aryans had Chaturangani army ?

 Answer :- Wrong

 (v) In India, the Mughals used cannon for the first time ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (vi) The East India Company’s rule over India ended after the war of

        independence of 1857 ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (vii) Kargil war started in May 1999 ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (viii) Air force was not used in Kargil war ?

 Answer :- Wrong

 (ix) Akbar started the Din-e-Ilahi religion ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (x) Shivaji defeated the Mughals in the Battle of Haldighati ?

 Answer :- Wrong

Communication : (5 Marks)

48. Write True and False :-

 (i) HF range is used up to 60 Hz ?

 Answer :- Wrong

 (ii) There are two methods of communication ?

 Answer :- Correct

 (iii) Is all radio communication secure ?

 Answer :- Wrong

 (iv) Telegram communication is completely secure ?

 Answer :- Wrong

 (v) Can radio communication be used while moving from one place to

       another ?

 Answer :- Correct

49. Match :-

     (i) Commander        (a) Eagle

    (ii) Artillery              (b) Stock

   (iii) Air Force             (c) Tiger

   (iv) Signal Advisor     (d) Bull

    (v) EME Advisor       (e) Hawk

Answer :-  (i) — (c) , (ii) — (d) , (iii) — (e) , (iv) — (b) , (v) — (a)

Best Of Luck

__Jai Hind__

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