National Integration – 1 – NCC A, B, C Certificate Exam Questions and Answers Notes in English 2022-2023

1. What contribution can NCC cadets make in nation building ? ( 5 )

Answer :-

(i) Maintaining National Integration

(ii) poverty alleviation

(iii) Road construction

(iv) Higher Education

(v) Human Resource Development

(vi) To help the backward class people

(vii) Discouraging corruption and evils

(viii) in research

(ix) Knowledge acquisition and development oriented work

(x) Discipline

(xi) Help in social service

(xii) discharge of his duties

(xiii) Creating an environment of alertness while being conscious

(xiv) To develop moral qualities

(xv) Promotion of national language

(xvi) By treating all citizens equally

(xvii) By respecting all religious places

2. When and where did the Jallianwala Bagh massacre take place ? ( 2.5 )

Answer :- 13 April 1919, Amritsar ( Punjab )

3. Fill in the blank :- (5)

(i) The folk dance of Andhra Pradesh is …………… ?

Answer :- Kuchipudi

(ii) The place of worship of Buddhists is called …………… ?

Answer :- Vihar

(iii) Din-e-Ilahi religion was founded by …………… ?

Answer :- Akbar

(iv) The capital of Kerala is …………… ?

Answer :- Thiruvananthapuram

(v) The Constitution of India was adopted on …………… ?

Answer :- On 26 November 1949

4. What are the major problems of nation building in India ? ( 10 )

Answer :-

(i) feeling of regionalism

(ii) Linguism

(iii) Racism

(iv) Political parties

(v) Foreign Elements

(vi) Economic inequality

(vii) Communalism

(viii) Social Inequality

5. When was the first freedom struggle fought against the British ? ( 2 )

Answer :- In 1857

6. What are the elements showing national unity ? ( 5 )

( What are the essential elements for National Unity ? ) 

Answer :-

(i) the spirit of ideal citizenship

(ii) Importance of national language

(iii) Knowledge of National Festival

(iv) Social equality

(v) trade

(vi) Spread of education

7. In which year the following events happened :- ( 2 )

(a) Quit India Movement – in 1942

(b) Kargil War – 1999

8. Write True / False :- (5)

(i) Godavari river has its origin in Maharashtra ?

Answer :- Correct

(ii) Raipur is the capital of Chhattisgarh ?

Answer :- Correct

(iii) Guru Nanak was the last Guru of Sikhism ?

Answer :- Wrong

(iv) Kolar gold field is in Madhya Pradesh ?

Answer :- Wrong

(v) What is the name of poplar bird ?

Answer :- Wrong

9. What programs and competitions are organized during the National Integration Camp ? (5)

Answer :-

(i) Cultural Program

(ii) Awareness Program

(iii) Question Answer Competition

(iv) Demonstration of National Integration 

10. Match the correct answer :- (5)

(i) Seven Sister          (a) Loknayak

(ii) Gulmarg               (b) Karnataka State

(iii) Mahavir               (c) Vaishali

(iv) Kolar Gold Mine (d) Jammu and Kashmir

(v) Jai Prakash            (e) Meghalaya

Answer :-

(i) – (e) , (ii) – (d) , (iii) – (c)

(iv) – (b) , (v) – (a)

11. What are the camps organized for different types of cadets in NCC ? ( 5 )

Answer :-

(i) CATC     (ii) ATC

(iii) BLC     (iv) ALC

(v) IMA       (vi) EBSB

(vii) PTC   (viii) IDC

(ix) RDC       (x) Army Attachment

12. When did the Simon Commission come to India ? ( 2 )

Answer :- On 3 February 1928

13. In which of the following state is situated :- ( 3 )

(a) Gir Forest – In Gujarat

(b) Sanchi Stupa – in Madhya Pradesh

(c) Sher Shah’s Tomb – in Bihar

14. Name the main leaders who participated in the independence of the country ? ( 5 M )

 Answer :-

(i) Mahatma Gandhi

(ii) Subhas Chandra Bose

(iii) Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

(iv) Chandrashekhar Azad

(v) Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh

15. Fill in the blanks :- (5)

(i) Write the full form of EBSB ………. ,

Answer :- Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat

(ii) Chhath Puja ………. State festival ?

Answer :- Bihar’s

(iii) Name of the highest civilian award ………. Is ?

Answer :- Bharat Ratna

(iv) The name of the highest award of soldiers in the time of war is ………. Is ?

Answer:- Param Vir Chakra

(v) In the circle of the national flag no. of lines are ……….

Answer – 24 

16. Why is national integration important for the progress of any country ? (10)

Answer :-

(i) To build the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country

(ii) Creating peace and harmony

(iii) Progress and development of the country

(iv) Removal of poverty and disability

(v) Internal security and law and order

(vi) Cultural and Religious Development

(vii) Economic and Industrial Development

(viii) Attracting foreign investors and promoting imports and exports

(ix) Exchange of technical information

(x) To increase the prestige and self respect of the country

17. Name any five gallantry awards given in the Indian Army ? (5)

Answer :-

(i) Param Vir Chakra

(ii) Mahavir Chakra

(iii) Vir Chakra

(iv) Shaurya Chakra

(v) Ashoka Chakra

(vi) Army / Air Force / Navy Medal

18. Write True and False :- (5)

(i) All religions are considered equal in India ?

Answer :- Correct

(ii) Gateway of India is situated in Delhi ?

Answer :- Wrong

(iii) Agra is famous for the Taj Mahal ?

Answer :- Correct

(iv) Bengali is the language of Assam ?

Answer :- Wrong

(v) Bhangra is a famous dance of Uttar Pradesh ?

Answer :- Wrong

19. Write any five elements which break the national unity ? (5)

Answer :-

(i) Communalism

(ii) Linguism

(iii) sense of regionalism

(iv) Racism

(v) Political party

(vi) Economic equality and foreign elements

20. Write the colors used in our national flag and describe their importance ? ( 6)

Answer :-

Saffron color – symbolizes sacrifice, shows courage and selfless feeling towards the nation

White color – represents peace of the nation, purity and honesty, it is a symbol of peace and truth

Green color – it indicates faith, fertility, happiness, prosperity and progress, it is a symbol of growth and fertility

21. Fill in the blanks :- ( 10 )

(a) The full name of SAARC is ………… ?

Answer – South Asian Association For Regional Council

(b) The capital of Sri Lanka is …………, while Taka ……… is the currency of the country ?

Answer – Colombo, Bangladesh

(c) The peak of Everest is in ………… country ?

Answer – In Nepal

(d) U. N. The headquarter is located in ………….

Answer – New York, in America

(e) National tree of India is ………… ?

Answer – Banyan Tree

22. How many states are there in our country ? Write the names of 7 states of North Eastern India :- ( 5 )

Answer :- There are total 28 states –

States of North Eastern India –

Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland

Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya and Tripura

23. Write the capital of these states :- (5)

(a) Chhattisgarh – Raipur

(b) Sikkim – Gangtok

(c) Uttarakhand – Dehradun

(d) Rajasthan – Jaipur

(e) Gujarat – Gandhinagar

24. Write a short note on National Anthem ? ( 4 )

Answer :- National Anthem is a sacred patriotic anthem, which is officially regarded by the country as an expression of national identity, the national anthem of India Jana-Gana-mana was written by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore, of India This lovely song reflects the feelings that resonate in one voice.

25. Match the correct :- ( 5 )

(i) Golden Temple         (a) Delhi

(ii) Taj Mahal                 (b) Hyderabad

(iii) Red Fort                   (c) Amritsar

(iv) Charminar                (d) Rajgir

(v) Vishwa Shanti Stupa (e) Agra

Answer :-

(i) – (c) , (ii) – (e) , (iii) – (a)

(iv) – (d) , (v) – (b)

26. What do you understand by SAARC ? Name the countries belonging to SAARC. ( 5 )

Answer :-

SAARC – South Asian Association For Regional Council

China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh

Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives

27. Write the names of the following :- ( 10 )

(a) Defense Minister of India

– Sri Rajnath Singh

(b) External Affairs Minister of India

– Subrahmanyam Jaishankar

(c) Chief Justice of India

– N. V. Ramana

(d) Chief of Air Staff of India

– Air Chief Marshal V.R Chaudhari

(e) Governor of Uttar Pradesh

– Mrs. Anandi Ben Patel

35. Write the full form of the following :- ( 5 )


– Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

(b) COVID-19 – Corona Virus Disease-19

(c) EU – European Union


– South Asian Association For Regional Cooperation

(e) UPA – United Progressive Alliance 

28. Write the names of 5 wars with the neighboring country of India along with their time ? ( 5 )

 Answer :-

 (a) 1948 – Pakistan

 (b) 1962 – China

 (c) 1965 – Pakistan

 (d) 1971 – Pakistan

 (e) 1999 – Pakistan

29. What do you understand by national integration ? ( 5 )

Answer –

(i) India is a conglomeration of different religions, castes, sects and cultures

(ii) No other country in the world will have as many languages, customs, religions and castes as will be found in India.

(iii) Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Parsis, Jains, Buddhists etc. reside in our country

(iv) Despite so much diversity, our country is one nation, one power.

(v) The residents here are inspired by the feeling of nationalism

30. Write True False :- (5)

(i) Namami Gange is a sailing expedition in the Ganges river ?

– ( wrong )

(ii) The orange color of the national flag is a symbol of strength and courage ?

– ( Correct )

(iii) Khujraho is situated in the state of Karnataka ?

– ( wrong )

(iv) Mahavir Chakra is the best gallantry medal in India ?

– ( wrong )

(v) Kargil is a part of Ladakh ?

– ( Correct )

31. What is the main basis for building a nation ? ( 4 )

Answer :-

(a) Geographical Integration

(b) Historical unity

(c) Political unity

(d) Social and Cultural Integration

(e) mental unity

(f) Religious ordination

(g) ethnic unity

32. What is the need of national unity in India ? ( 5 )

Answer: – The need of national unity is due to the following reasons:-

(i) Helps in maintaining harmony, law and order, dignity and self-respect

(ii) Promotes cultural and religious development

(iii) Contribution to the growth of the nation

(iv) To increase the welfare of the people

33. Fill in the blank :- ( 5 )

(a) The first CDS of India was ……….

Answer :- General Bipin Rawat ji

(b) The national emblem of India is ……….

Answer :- Ashoka Pillar

(c) Gol Gumbaz is situated in the state of ……….

Answer :- In Karnataka

(d) Imphal is the capital of …………. State ?

Answer :- Manipur

(e) When the British came to India, the name of their company was ………..

Answer :- East India Company

34. What are the measures to achieve national integration ? (5)

Answer :-

(i) Education

(ii) economic development

(iii) Cultura

36. Match the correct :- ( 5 )

(i) Dal Lake                            (a) Jaipur

(ii) Kaziranga National Park  (b) Mumbai

(iii) Hawa Mahal                    (c) Delhi

(iv) India Gate                        (d) Assam

(v) Gateway of India              (e) Srinagar

Answer :-

(i) – (e) , (ii) – (d) , (iii) – (a)

(iv) – (c) , (v) – (b)

37. Give the years of the following events :- ( 5 )

(a) Non-cooperation Movement :- 1920

(b) Shimla Agreement – 1971

(c) Partition of Pakistan – 1947

(d) World War II – 1939

(e) First War of Independence – 1857

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