[2] Weapon Training / WT – NCC A, B, C Certificate Exam Question Answer Notes in Hindi

 21. What type of bullet in 5.56 mm INSAS Rifle fire with ?

 Ans :- 5.56 mm ball

22. What are the three types of salute in the Guard of Honor Is ?

  Ans :-

   (i) But Salute in Bagal Shastra

  (ii) General Salute Salute Arms

 (iii) National Salute Salute Arms

 23. What is a site picture called ?

  Ans :- Firer’s Eye, Back Sight Aperture, 4 Sight Tip and the fake line till the point of M is made.

24. What is site alignment ?

  Ans :-  Firer’s eye, center of aperture hole the act of merging 4 site notes into a single line This is called Site Alignment.

25. What is called Limber-up ?

  Ans :-  Before firing a fire round, harmonization of eye and brain The movements are called limber-up.

26. Tell me how to tell easy targets ?

  Ans :-  The word GRAD to remember this trick make use of –

                 (i) G – Group         (ii) R – Range

               (iii) A – Add            (iv) D – Discription

27. Execution of Fire Control Orders Fire Control


What are the methods of  keeping ?

  Ans :-  GRIT word to remember this trick make use of –

 (i) G – Group                              (ii) R – Range

 (iii)  I – Indication Of Target       (iv) T – Type Of Fire

28. Tell the methods of cleaning rifle ?

Ans :-

 (i) First take out the magazine and do the cock twice

 (ii) open the rifle in a systematic manner

 (iii) keep the parts separate

 (iv) Pull-through with markings

 (v) After this wash with warm water

 (vi) Pull-through again with a sign

 (vii) Clean the chamber with a chamber brush

29. What is MPI ?

  Ans :-  MPI to the center point of the group it is said .

 30. State five features of INSAS ?

  Ans :-

 (i) light in weight

 (ii) easy to carry

 (iii) Magazine is transparent, Round is visible from above

 (iv) It works on the principle of gas, once cock Can fire 20 rounds

 (v) More effective range than other rifles

 (vi) It has three positions

 (vii) indigenously made

 (viii) 10 cleaning items can be put in the butt

 (ix) is capable of firing grenades

  (x) short length

 31. Why is the rifle inspected ?

Ans :-

  (i) For the safety of himself and his companions

 (ii) fulfillment of the purpose for which the weapon is drawn to do

 (iii) To check the broken defects of the rifle

32. What do you understand by zeroing ?

  Ans :-

 (i) It is necessary for every soldier to zeroing the weapon. It happens

 (ii) So that any target can be easily hit by his weapon. to waste from

 (iii) All jawans should have confidence in their weapons so zeroing is done

 (iv) Zeroing is important for every soldier keeps

33. What is butt discipline ?

Ans :-  Firing range is called butt, then butt discipline means the discipline that would have been at the firing range That is what is called butt discipline.

 Ex :- 

  (i) If discipline on butt i.e. firing range Life may be in danger if notmade Is

 (ii) Do not fire unless ordered by the Commander do

34. How many control commands are there ?

Ans :-    Control Command – 06  and  Training Command – 01

35. What is Aiming Rest ?

  Ans :-  Limber-Up or after firing a bullet to fire continuously without changing arm The action is called Aiming Rest.

36. What action to take before opening a rifle needed ?

Ans :-

 (i) must inspect the rifle

 (ii) The magazine should be removed from the rifle

 (iii) The rifle should be cocked twice, after rifle must open

37. In how many ways is the INSAS rifle fired Is ?

Ans :-  In four ways –

   (i) Ball Round         (ii) Tracer Round

 (iii) Black Round     (iv) Ballistic Round

38. ​​In how many parts does the INSAS open and a kiss ? What is the thing made of  ?

  Ans :- in 12 large parts and made of fiber

39. When is the weapon inspected ?

  Ans :-

 (i) before leaving the coat

 (ii) when the class is held

 (iii) when going to the firing range

 (iv) When the weapon is again placed in the coat, then is inspected

40. Write the characteristics of Bennett ?

  Ans :-

 (i) Bannet is multipurpose

 (ii) It does six types of work

 (iii) When the round is over during the attack it is used

 (iv) It is used by courageous soldiers

 (v) It works for sawing, screwdriver, wire cutting etc. work is done

41. Write the law of taking shist ?

  Ans :-

 (i) First of all point the left hand in the direction of the target

 (ii) Close one eye

 (iii) Foresight tip or tip in the middle of the aperture hole Join the

        Point of M ( POA )

 (iv) bring the eye back to the aperture hole

 (v) hold breath

 (vi) Divide the aperture hole into four equal parts.

 42. What is a group called ?

  Ans :-  Driven on the same mark from the same position and grip Group the group of bullets fired.

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