Adventure Activities – NCC A, B & C Certificate Exam Questions and Answers Notes in English

Q. 1) Match the pair :-

   (i) Trekking Camp          (a) Arial Sport

  (ii) Mountaineering         (b) Delhi

 (iii) Para Sailing                (c) YEP

 (iv) RDC                            (d) HMI , Darjeeling

  (v) Youth Exchange         (e) Walking Program

 Ans :- (i) ——— (e)  ,   (ii) ——– (d)   ,   (iii) ——– (a) 

             (iv) ——– (b)   ,   (v) ——– (c)

 Q. 2) Name the four adventure activities done  in NCC write ?

  Ans :-

 (i) Trekking                         (ii) Mountaineering

 (iii) Rock-climbing             (iv) Para Sailing

 (v) Slithering                      (vi) Cycle & Motor Cycle Expedition

 (vii) Para Jumps               (viii) Water Rafting

 Q. 3) Write the names of four slithering devices :-

  Ans :-

 (i) Rope                                        (ii) Gloves

 (iii) Screw Carabiner                   (iv) Auto Lock Carabiner

 (v) Full Body Harness                 (vi) Jhumar

 (vii) Figure Of Eight                 (viii) Single Pulley

 Q. 4) What are the items required for trekking ?

  Ans :-

 (i) Ambulance                 (ii) Water Camper/Glass

 (iii) Route Chart             (iv) Mega Phone

 (v) Red Flag                   (vi) Banner

 (vii) City

 Q. 5) What is the purpose of adventure activities in NCC ?

  Ans :-

 (i) Courage and sense of camaraderie in the cadets to develop

 (ii) To develop leadership qualities

 (iii) To inculcate confidence in adventure training

 (iv) To develop team spirit among the cadets

 (v) Cadets have the ability to take risks to achieve their goals to develop

 (vi) To develop the spirit of discipline in the cadets

 6. The two used for rock climbing Write about types of ropes ?

  Ans :-

                 (i) Dynamic Rope             (ii) Static Rope

 Q. 7) What are the factors while planning adventure activities? What are the things to be kept in mind ?

  Ans :-

 (i) Collect campaign information

 (ii) Solve financial constraints

 (iii) choose the place of stay

 (iv) Determine the number of cadets

 (v) Select eligible cadets

 (vi) Keep in touch with the standards of cadeto

 (vii) Keep in touch with civil and military officials

 (viii) Reasonable solutions to problems encountered in earlier missions Find it 

 Q. 8) What do you plan during the cycle journey and expect ?

Ans :-

 (i) First to make Root March Chart

 (ii) Cycle Riders must be Medically Fit

 (iii) Correctness of the Cycle and its Spare Parts Condition should be

 (iv) Road Formation according to the number of people Take care of

 (v) Space for rest and refreshments in between Ensuring it

 (vi) Taking permission in writing from the administration

 (vii) All the resources falling in the middle like Battalions of NCC, NSS, Police Station etc. to inform.

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