[2] Field Craft and Battle Craft / FC and BC / FC & BC – NCC A, B & C Certificate Exam Questions and Answers in English

31. What do you understand by Battle Process, What are its important things ?

 Ans :- All the actions of the commander and of the troops deployment at least through decrees and To hurry up is called Battle Process. This is a drill from getting the warning order till the deployment in the Forming Up Place ( FUP ). 

Important things about it:-

(i) Big news and urgent help to the commander meet so that the next course of action can be decided

(ii) to the Commander as his Junior and Senior Commander must be mixed

 (iii) The younger commander is closer to the higher commander and Head Quarters and Sub Units should be be divided into groups to issue orders and Deployment should be done without delay.

32. What do you understand by ORF ?

  Ans :-

O ( Objective ) : – The land which is required to be occupied is planned to

 R ( Route ) : – As far as the way of reaching the objective It is possible to have a cover and there should be less blockage

 F ( Fire Plan ) :- Supporting weapon mounted in this way Let them kill the attacking troops maximum damage and get fire support till objective Can I.

33. Main Parts Of Field Craft ?

Ans :-

  (i) Judging Distance                      (ii) Taking Cover  

(iii) Camouflage & Concealment  

(iv) Identifying and indicating the target  

 (v) Firing & Movement

(vi) Field Signals

34. How many types of fire orders are there ?

  Ans :- It is of 3 types –

  (i) Plan Order – Plan Order

 (ii) Fire Direction Order  

(iii) Fire Control Order  

35. What is the type of fire ?

  Ans :-  It is of four types –

  (i) Grouping Fire                  (ii) zeroing fire

 (iii) Application Fire             (iv) Classification Fire

36. What is Order of Fire Control Order ?

  Ans :-  

We remember it by the name of GRIT.

   (i) G ( Group ) – name of the firing group

  (ii) R ( Range ) – Range of firing

 (iii) I ( Indication Of Target ) – Indication of target

 (iv) T ( Type Of Fire ) – Firing Type

37. What are the types of Fire Control Order ?

  Ans :- It is of 4 types –

              (i) Full Fire Order                       (ii) Delayed Fire Order

            (iii) Opportunity Fire Order         (iv) Free Fire Order

38. What do you understand by Field Signal ?

  Ans :- During the war, various signs are often spoken in the field. instead of paying tax without making a sound or whistling in the speech of symbolic birds go. Shaking hands mostly in various ways Rifles are shown.

 It is of 3 types :-

 (i)  With Hand           (ii) With Weapons             (iii) With Whistle

39. What do you understand by Section Formation ?

Ans :-  Maximum firing on enemy forces during war to identify the direction of their firing and defending him complete on his section different types of control Knowing how to  create section formation Necessary . Days in almost all section formations 15 to 25 yards between the soldiers at the time of There should be a distance, along with this, the soldiers should  Not walking in a straight line but in a crooked line Must walk.

40. Explain the structure of Platoon Formation ?

  Ans :-

 (i) One Up Formation – Platoon is used in this formation one section forward and two Sections go back. This to move forward is perfect for.

 (ii) Two Up Formation – Two sections in this formation front and one section back This formation runs best for attack.

 (iii)Three Up Formation – In this structure all three sections go together Huh . this structure is big to invade is excellent. his firing power happens more.

41. What do you understand by Battle Process ?

 Answer :- There is a method of preparing for war. Under this An army commander makes a plan by doing Reiki, Issues orders and performs combat tasks Generates a list.

42. What do you understand by Battle Drill ?

 Answer :- Assigned to each soldier under Battle Drill The tendency to work is indicated.  time of war It is divided into 4 groups to maintain mobility. Is divided into :-

 Recce Group – Platoon Commander in this group And they have 1 runner work site tracking it happens .

 Order Group – Three sections in this group   Commander and Mortar Commander Rocket Launcher There are commanders and runners.

 Fighting Group – Platoon in this group   Remaining staff of Headquarters and all three sections are young.

 Transport Group – Military in this group transport related workers and young Huh .

43. What is the importance of Battle Drill ?

Ans :-

                 (i) Information Appreciation          (ii) Fire & Movement  

               (iii) Verbal Orders

44. What is the principle of Fire and Movement ?

Ans :-    

Principle of firing  –

 (i) One bullet, one jawan

 (ii) Aim at the head of the enemy

 (iii) Minimum interval between covering fire and attack

Principle of Movement –

 (i) walk in organized group

 (ii) build a proper structure

 (iii) While walking, keep only one foot on the ground at a time

45. Section battle drill is divided into how many parts ?

  Ans :-    It is divided into 4 parts –

 (i) to act when fired by the enemy

 (ii) Detecting and neutralizing the enemy

 (iii) to attack

 (iv) Reconstitution of the section

46. What do you understand by Field Defense ?

Ans :-  Its main purpose is to provide soldiers and weapons in this to organize the activity of the enemy and effectively end the attack or can be controlled.

 It is of two types :-

 (i) Quick Defense

 (ii) Deliberate Defense

46. What is patrolling ?

  Ans :- Walking or roaming on a light vehicle patrolling to monitor an area it is said .

47. What is the purpose of patrolling ?

  Ans :- The purpose of patrolling is information about the enemy. receiving and patrolling your army from the enemy To defend the unit. enemy in war Information about the number of soldiers, weapons, etc. has great importance and this information is patrolling is obtained by.

48. What are the three main stages of  Patrolling ?

  Ans :-

 (i) Preparation

 (ii) Conduct

49. What is Fire Control Order ?

Ans :-  To use the power of fire properly   Use of fire control orders is a must. Fire Control Order and Correct Fire order The responsibility rests with the Fire Unit Commander. But these orders were taught to all the soldiers. should be given so that :-

   (i) any casualty of the Fire Unit Commander The young man could work in his place.

  (ii) If there is a shortage of Group Commander, then it is only for the soldiers. You have to do duty.

 (iii) Targets to take advantage of the Fire Control Order correct statement of and taught to recognize them Must be of very high standard.

50. What is a fire unit ?

Ans :- Fire unit is an armed group which Fires on the orders of a commander. usually But there is a group of sections.

51. Who is the Fire Unit Commander ?

Ans :-  This is the commander who directs the fire to the fire unit. commands and controls his fire

 52. What is Field of Fire ?

  Ans :-  It is called the area on which in any direction To put out effective fire of any weapon.

53. What is Fire Direction Order ?

  Ans :- This is the order that the fire unit commander receives from the commander above him. In these orders, it is told that at what time, with which weapon and how much fire should be fired. The Section Commander gets the Fire Direction Order from his Platoon Commander.

54. What is a Fire Control Order ?

Ans :-  This is the order that a fire unit   commander to put out and control fire Gives to the fire unit.

55. What is Arc of Fire ?

  Ans :-  This is the area within which the target has to be the responsibility of wasting would be given to one unit Is . This area is visible from the left and right boundaries is done .

56. What are the charges of Fire Control Order ? 

  Ans :-

 (i) Fire is always intended to kill the enemy,to frighten him For

 (ii) Care should be taken to save the Ammunition

 (iii) Special care should be taken of fire discipline.

57. How to place Fire Control Order ?

  Ans :-

 (i) The order should be given clearly and in short words.

 (ii) the sound is loud enough to be easily heard

 (iii) should be given as a command

(iv) The order should be given intermittently so that the young man can To practice with meditation.

58. What is called Aamrukh ?

  Ans :-  The fake / imaginary line given The area of responsibility is divided into approximately 2 equal parts distributes.

 59. How to choose Aamrukh ?

Ans :- The object is chosen as the face which –

   (i) be away                            (ii) be famous and

 (iii) be forced to walk

60. How to find the target ?

  Ans :-

 (i) By choosing Aamrukh          (ii) by dividing it into small pieces

 (iii) by ground mark                  (iv) By degree ( Using Compass )

 (v) by hand

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