Obstacle Training – NCC A, B & C Certificate Exam Questions and Answers Notes in English

1. Write the names of any four Obstacles :-

 Ans :-

 (i) Straight Balance                           (ii) High Jump

 (iii) Gate Vault                                 (iv) Double Stride Jump

 (v) Zig-Zag Balance                         (vi) Right Hand Vault

 (vii) Left Hand Vault                      (viii) Ramp

 (ix) Clear Jump                                  (x) Straight Balance

Q. 2) Optional Questions :-

 (i) What is the length and breadth of the Obstructive wall ?

   Ans :-  6 × 12 feet

(ii) Obstetrical constraints approximately from one obstacle to another What is the distance ?

 Ans :-  About 30 feet

(iii) What are the common obstacles in obstetrical training lives ?

 Ans :- 10 Obstacles

3. To give handicap training to NCC Cadets What is the purpose/benefit ?

   Ans :-

 (i) There is character development of the cadets.

 (ii) The capacity to bear suffering is developed in the cadets.

 (iii) Patience, tolerance and spirit of courage in the cadets Awakens.

(iv) Many human qualities are developed in the cadets.

 (v) To inculcate team spirit and leadership qualities in the cadets development takes place.

 (vi) The personality of the cadets is developed.

 (vii) The spirit of cooperation is developed in the cadets

 (viii) Cadets develop their mind and thoughts Openness ensues. 

4. Give an example of a natural Obstruction ?

 Ans :-

 (i) Lake                     (ii) River 

 (iii) Swamps            (iv) Soft Soil

 (v) Rocks                 (vi) Marshes

5. What is Men Obstacles ?

   Ans :-

 (i) Zig-Zag Balance                 (ii) High Wall

 (iii) 9 Fit Ditch                        (iv) Monkey Rope

 (v) Vertical Rope

6. What are the constraints in the Standard handicap curriculum ?

   Ans :-

 (i) Mine                                     (ii) Wire Obstacle

 (iii) OP ( Observer Post )       (iv) LP ( Leasing Post )

  (v) HHMT                               (vi) BOP ( Border Obsver Post )

 (vii) Ditch                               (viii) Petrolling ( Protective Petrol )

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