NCC New Bharti Subjective Model Paper with Questions and Answers in English-1

NCC Bharti Exam Paper

Model Paper – 1

1. Write the full form of NCC :-

Answer :- National Cadet Corps

2. Why do you want to take NCC ?

Answer :-   

(i) we get a chance to servecountry

(ii) Army Recruitment Process Exempt Available

(iii) We are taught to live in discipline

(iv) Punctual Stay Taught Teached

(v) difficult circumstances faced taught

(vi) Army Basic Training Learning Gets

 3. What is the Objective of NCC ?

 Answer :- Unity and Discipline

 4. When was the NCC established ?

 Answer :- 16 July 1948

 5. Who was the first Director of NCC ?

 Answer :- Col. G. G. babur

 6. How many states and union territories are there in India ?

 Answer :- 28 State and 8 Territories   

7. two man-made disaster namewrite :-

Answer :-  

(i) war               (ii) bomb explosion  

(iii) accident     (iv) Terrorism   

(v) Racism                (vi) Corruption

8. Write the names of two natural disasters :-


(i) Flood              (ii) Drought        

(iii) Tsunami      (iv) Earthquake    

(v) Cyclone        (vi) Landslide

9. Write the name of India Army Chief :-

Answer :- General Manoj Pandey    

10. Full Form Write:-

(i)   RTI – Right To Information

(ii)  RBI – Reserve Bank Of India

(iii) CBI – Central Bureau Of Investigation

 11. India’s 5 Neighbors countries names :-

 Answer :-  

(i) China                  (ii) Pakistan        

(iii) Afghanistan     (iv) Nepal              

(v) Bhutan              (vi) Sri Lanka

(vii) Bangladesh   (viii) Myanmar

12.Write to 6 Fundamental Rights of India :-

 Answer :-

(i) Right to Freedom                  

(ii) Right to Equality  

 (iii) Secularism Right               

(iv) Education and Culture Right

(v) Constitutional Remedies Right

 (vi) Against exploitation right to voice raise right

 13. Jallianwala Bagh Murder When and Where Did happen ?

 Answer :- On 13 April 1919 in Amritsar

 14. Who was the first President of India ?

 Answer :- Dr Rajendra Prasad

 15. Space Go to First Indian Female Name Speak:-

 Answer :- Kalpana Chawla

16. Supreme Court Chief Justice Name Write :-

Answer :-  Nathulpanti Venkataraman   

 17. India Defence Minister Name Write :-

 Answer :- Shri Rajnath Singh   

 18. Who is the Chief of Defense Staff of India ?

 Answer :-  General Bipin Rawt

 19. Corona virus spread from which city of china ?

 Answer :- Wuhan

 20. How much is the number of Fundamental Rights in the Constitution ?

 Answer :- 6

 21. Which organ is affected by Corona ?

 Answer :- Lungs

 22. How much is the height of Ram temple in Ayodhya ?

 Answer :- 161 feet

 23. Write the name of the five religions of India :-

 Answer :-  

(i)  Hindu           (ii)  Muslim             

(iii)  Sikh           (iv)  Christian         

(v)  Buddhist     (vi)  Jain

 24. Which is the smallest bone in the human body ?

 Answer :- Stapes

 25. Who is the first Indian to go into space ?

 Answer :- Rakesh Sharma

 26. When is the Sports Day celebrated ?

 Answer :- 29August

27. who said “Do or die” Slogan .

 Answer :- Mahatma Gandhi

 28. Who gave the title of Mahatma Gandhi to Gandhiji ?

 Answer :- Swami Shradhanand

 29. What is such an element which is found in the liquid state ?

 Answer :-  Mercury

 30. Who built the Red Fort in Delhi ?

 Answer :- Shah Jahan

 31. Which city is called Paris of India ?

 Answer :- Jaipur

 32. India Quit movement when happened ?

 Answer :- In 1942

33. Which Sports was began in England ?

 Answer :- ‘Cricket’

 34. When is World Environment Day celebrated ?

 Answer :- 5June

 35. What is the world’s largest continent ?

 Answer :- Asia Continent

 36. What causes the day and night on earth ?

 Answer: – Due to the rotation speed

 37. Cancer disease due to what causes ?

 Answer :-

(i) tobacco, gutkha               

(ii) Smoke, pollution

(iii) by alcohol, cigarette over consumption

(iv) X-ray radiation 

(v) Excess intake of salt and sugar

(vi) By Contraception Pills Moreuse

 38. Who is the author of Ramcharitmanas ?

 Answer :- Goswami Tulsidas

 39. How many colors are there in the Indian National Flag ?

 Answer :- Three colors

 40. Who is the author of ‘National Anthem’ Festival ‘Gan’ ?

 Answer :- Rabindranath Tagore

 41. Where did Gautam Buddha get knowledge ?

 Answer :- In Bodh Gaya

 42. What is the name of the present Vice President of India ?

 Answer :- Venkaiah Naidu

 43. Maurya Ruler Emperor Ashoka’s capital Where was it ?

 Answer :- Pataliputra

 44. Full Form Write :-

 (i) WHO – World Health Organization

 (ii)   BSF – Border Security Force

 (iii)  NSG – National Security Guard

 (iv)     IIT – Indian Institute Of Technology

 (v)    HIV – Human Immuno Deficiency Virus

 45. Write the name of the state situated besides the Sea ?

 Answer :- 

(i) Gujarat         (ii) Maharashtra      

(iii) Goa           (iv) Karnataka            

(v) Kerala         (vi) Tamil Nadu

(vii) Andhra Pradesh

(viii) Odisha     (ix) WestBengal

 46. ​​What are the benefits of donating blood , Write 5 points ?

 Answer :-

(i) Blood donation  brings new energy in body

(ii) tis agreat donation.

(iii) It keeps the balance of amount of Iron

(iv) Blood donation keeps weight under control

(v) It reduces the risk of heart attack

(vi) It gives relief in problems related to liver

(vii) Blood donation can save someone’s life

 47. What is the main reason for having AIDS ?

 Answer :-

 (i) unprotected sex             

(ii) HIV infected by taking blood

(iii) HIV infected injected  

(iv) HIVinfectedfrom bladebeard

(v) HIV-infected by the mother by giving birth to an infant

 48. Write the Types of Pollution :-

 Answer :- 4 Types :- 

(i) air pollution            

(ii) water pollution

(iii) Noise Pollution      

(iv) Soil Pollution

 49. What will you do to keep your village city clean ?


(i) sanitation towards peopleaware

(ii) plantation

(iii) by imposing restrictions on open defecation

(iv) donating blood

(v) Rally against social evils

(vi) Forming Youth Organised Group

(vii) Natural Disasters Time Help Work

 50. What are the main Reason of Corruption :-

 Answer :-

(i) Unemployment          

(ii) Wealth-earning-craving

(iii) Hungerand poverty    

(iv) Lack of effective law

(v) Ethics decline

Best Of Luck 


Jai Hind

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