NCC New Bharti Subjective Model Paper with Questions and Answers in English-15

1. ‘Hook’ is related to which sport ?

 a. boxing              b. Wrestling

 c. kabaddi             d. Hockey

Answer :-   a. boxing              

 2. Jallianwala Vala Bagh Ki Violent Incident When :-

 a. 1919                 b. 1923

 c. 1921                 d. 1924

Answer :-    a. 1919                 

3. Which age group is significantly affected by the worldwidedrug crisis ? 

a. 35-40 years                   b. 20-24 years

 c. 45-50 years                   d. 60-64 years

Answer :-   d. 60-64 years

 4. Arjuna award in which fieldis given ?

 a. scientists                     b. actor

 c. poets                           d. players

Answer :-    d. players

 5. Where is ‘Satyameva Jayate’ taken from ?

 a. Mandukya Upanishad              b. Rigveda

 c. Natyashastra                            d. Samveda

Answer :-   a. Mandukya Upanishad              

 6. Who is the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces ?

 a. Chief Justice of Supreme Court         b. Speaker of Lok sabha

 c. President of India                               d. None of the above

Answer :-   c. President of India                               

7. What is the fourth state of matter ?

 a. Solid                     b. liquid

 c. gas                        d. plasma

Answer :-  d. plasma

 8. ‘World Health Day’ is celebrated on :-

 a. April 7               b. May 7

 c. April 1               d. May 1

Answer :-  a. April 7               

 9.Independent Indias First woman Governor Who was ?

 a. Vijayalaxmi Pandit              b. Sheela Dixit

 c. Sarojini Naidu                      d. None of these

Answer :-  c. Sarojini Naidu                      

 10. Bhakra Nangal dam On which riveris it located ?

 a. Indus                  b. Narmada

 c. Satluj                 d. Yamuna

Answer :-   c. Satluj                 

 11. Is it necessary to vote ?

 a. Ages                      b. Thumb

 c. identity card          d. Education

Answer :-    a. Ages                      

 12. IMA Indian Military Academy is located at ?

 a. Khadagwasla               b. Hyderabad

 c. Bangalore                    d. Dehradun

Answer :-  d. Dehradun

 13. Who was the first education minister of independent India ?

 a. Molana Abul Kalam Azad              b. Dr. Rajendra Prasad

 c. Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel               d. none of these

Answer :-  a. Molana Abul Kalam Azad              

 14. When did the India China War happen ?

 a. 1965                      b. 1962

 c. 1972                      d. 1999

Answer :-  b. 1962

 15.India Gate is located in which city ?

 a. Delhi                      b. Bombay

 c. Chennai                 d. Kolkata

Answer :-   a. Delhi                      

 16. Current Session 2020-21 Olympics Games Organized Where Happened ?

 a. Beijing                  b. Tokyo

 c. Brazil                    d. Moscow

Answer :-  b. Tokyo

 17. Which state has the highest literacy rate in India ?

 a. Kerala                    b. Tamil Nadu

 c. Punjab                   d. Haryana

Answer :-  a. Kerala                    

 18. What is the name of the first Indian to go to space ?

 a. Rakesh Sharma                 b. Naresh Sharma

 c. Ravi Sharma                     d. Rahul Sharma

Answer :-   a. Rakesh Sharma                 

 19. Which line divides India and China ?

 a. mac-mohan line                   b. china line

 c. Durand Line                        d. parallel

Answer :-   a. mac-mohan line                   

 20.Victoria Memorial Where Located ?

 a. Lucknow                        b. Kanpur

 c. Kolkata                           d. Goa

Answer :-   c. Kolkata                           

 21.Kashmir is the main city of the valley ?

 a. Pathankot                     b. Srinagar

 c. Kupwara                      d. none of these

Answer :-   b. Srinagar

 22. Which country is called the ‘country of the sun’ at midnight ?

 a. Japan                      b. Norwe

 c. Switzerland            d. none of these

Answer :-  b. Norwe

 23. Where is Chilka Lake located ?

 a. Odisha                            b. A state in Eastern India

 c. Madhya Pradesh            d. none of these

Answer :-  a. Odisha                            

 24. Bihu is the ‘traditional dance’ of which state ?

 a. A state in Eastern India                  b. Punjab

 c. Assam                                             d. none of these

Answer :-   c. Assam                                             

 25. …….. contributed to the abolition of sati practice unprecedented ?

 a. Vivekananda                      b. Raja Ram Mohan Roy

 c. Dayanand Saraswati          d. Annie Besant

Answer :-  b. Raja Ram Mohan Roy

 26. Is there an effort to encourage the sport of ……………. in the Indian  

       Super League in India ?

 a. Hockey                   b. Cricket

 c. kabaddi                  d. Football

Answer :-  d. Football

 27. ……… was the first woman of India to climb Mount Everest ?

 a. ptusha                               b. karnamamalleswari

 c. Bachendri Pal                  d. Fatima Bibi

Answer :-    c. Bachendri Pal                  

 28.Pollution Control Od-Even Policy Experimental Tore 1 January to 

      15 January 2016 From …………Implemented in ?

 a. A state in Eastern Indian             b. Jharkhand

 c. Delhi                                            d. none of these

Answer :-   c. Delhi                                            

 29. When was the ‘Battle of Madras’ ?

 a. 1556                    b. 1612

 c. 1746                    d. 1757

Answer :-   c. 1746                    

 30. Sri Venkateswara Swami Wildlife Sanctuary located in ……………. ?

 a. Odisha                        b. Karnataka

 c. Andra Pradesh            d. Kerala

Answer :-   c. Andra Pradesh            

 31. Who can dissolve the Rajya Sabha ?

 a. President                     b. Governor

 c. Vice President            d. none

Answer :-  d. none

 32. Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Madan Mohan Malviya were given

       the highest civilian honor of India in 2015 ?

 a. Bharat Ratna                    b. Padma Vibhushan

 c. Padma Bhushan               d. none of these

Answer :-   a. Bharat Ratna                    

 33. Major Dhyanchand National Stadium is located in ……………….. ?

 a. Delhi                      b. Lucknow

 c. Jaipur                     d. Jodhpur

Answer :-   a. Delhi                      

 34. Which of the following is the ‘Newspaper’ of India ?

 a. Till date                      b. support time

 c. Dainik Bhaskar          d. Times of India

Answer :-  d. Times of India

 35. In which year did the Arjuna Award begin ?

 a. 1952                    b. 1961

 c. 1965                    d. none of these

Answer :-  b. 1961

 36. What is the total number of  Union Territories in India ?

 a. 7                       b. 9

 c. 8                       d. 5

Answer :-   c. 8                       

 37. Who was the makers of the Indian Constitution ?

 a. Pandit Damodar Mishra           b. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

 c. Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar            d. Sarojini Naidu

Answer :-   c. Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar           

 38. Which river of India is called as the river of salt ?

 a. Godavari                     b. looney

 c. Dark woman               d. none of these

Answer :-   b. looney

 39. Who has written a book named Raghuvansh ?

 a. Tulsidas                 b. Kalidas

 c. surdas                    d. Valmiki

Answer :-  b. Kalidas

 40. On Panchsheel Agreement which two countries signed ?

 a. Indo-China                           b. Indo-Pak

 c. India-Sri Lanka                    d. none of these

Answer :-  b. Kalidas

 41. Which city is called the ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’ ?

 a. Cochin                  b. Bangalore

 c. Bombay                d. Pune

Answer :-   a. Cochin                  

 42. Which of the following Indian citizens has been awarded the Nobel

        Peace Prize 2014 ?

 a. Mother Teresa                 b. Kailash Satyarthi

 c. Sachin Tendulkar            d. none of these

Answer :-  b. Kailash Satyarthi

 43. In the year 2022 Winter Olympics Competition Where will be ?

 a. New York                    b. Beijing

 c. Paris                             d. none of these

Answer :-   b. Beijing

 44. 19th 2022 Asian Games Where Will Be Played ?

 a. baskets                  b. New Delhi

 c. Jakarta                   d. hangzhou

Answer :-  d. hangzhou

 45. Manika Batra is related to which sport ?

 a. Wrestling                      b. Table tennis

 c. badminton                    d. lawn tennis

Answer :-  b. Table tennis

 46. ​​What is the maximum gap between two sessions of Parliament ?

 a. 6 months                         b. 3 months

 c. 4 months                         d. 1 Month

Answer :-   a. 6 months                         

47. In Fatehpur, Sikri, the worship of the Khana was constructed.

 a. Aurangzeb                         b. shahjahan

 c. Jahangir                             d. Akbar

Answer :-  d. Akbar

 48. When is the Science Day celebrated ?

 a. 28 February                     b. 25 January

 c. 12 January                       d. 26 March

Answer :-  a. 28 February                     

 49.Who was the first lady air martial ?

 a. Durba Banerjee                      b. Padmavati Bandopadhyay

 c. Subroto Mukherjee                d. Geeta Thakur

Answer :- b. Padmavati Bandopadhyay

 50. From which country does India have the longest border ?

 a. Bangladesh                    b. China

 c. Pakistan                         d. Nepal

Answer :-  a. Bangladesh                    

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