NCC A Certificate Exam 2022-2023 Model Paper with Questions and Answers in English-1

A Certificate Junior Division/Wing

                   Model Paper – 1                                

Regimental No ……………………………….  

Rank ……………………………….

Name …………………………………………….

Group No. & Name of the School …………………………………………………

Time : 3 Hours                                                       

Total Marks : 385

Direction :- It is compulsory to answer all the questions and answer is to be marked    on the question paper itself.


1. The correct answer is :-

 (a) What is the purpose of the Drill ?

   i.  Weight loss         ii.  Bearing and turn out

  iii.  To learn Hindi   iv.  To learn math table

  Ans:- ii.  Bearing and turn out

(b) Word of command of right turn during marching Given on which foot ?

     i. on the left foot     iii. On the right foot

   iii. On both legs         iv. None of these

  Ans:-   i. On the left foot

(c) Heel spacing from the heel of the feet in the relaxation position It happens :-

          i.  10 in       ii.  12 inches

        iii.  14 in      iv.16 in.

  Ans:-  ii. 12 inches

(d) What are the types of word of Command :-

         i.  4          ii.  3

       iii.  2         iv.  1

  Ans:-  iii.  2

(e) When near line command is given :-

      i.  Before general salute

     ii.  Before immersion

    iii.  After inspection or before march past

    iv.  After salute session

  Ans:-  iii. After inspection or before march past       


2. Choose the correct answer

(a) Which target used for grouping and Zeroing is done :-

     i.  Figure 11 target         ii.  Figure 12 target—–

   iii.  Figure 1 × 1 target    iv.  6 “Target

  Ans:-  iii. Figure 1 × 1 target

 (b) What is the weight of .22 rifle : –

   i.  6 pounds 2 degrees   ii.  6 pounds 6 degrees

 iii.  6 lbs 2 degrees          iv.  5 pounds 6 degrees

  Ans:-  i.  6 lbs 2 degrees

(c) .22 Delux rifle length is : –

          i.  41 in         ii.  45 inch

        iii.  43 in        iv.  42 inches

  Ans:-  iii. 43 inches

(d) The place of placing of arms is called :-

      i.  Quarter guard      ii.  Koth

    iii.  Clothing Store    iv.  QM Store

  Ans:-  ii. Koth

 (e) How many rounds in the magazine of INSAS rifle: –

          i.  10 rounds           ii.  20 rounds

        iii.  30 rounds          iv.  40 rounds

  Ans:- ii.  20 rounds

(f) Length of SLR rifle is: –

     i.  28 in.          ii.  30 inches          iii.  25 inches           iv.  None of these

  Ans:- iv.  None of these

(g) HAT means: –

      i.  Holding, Aiming and Trigger Operation

     ii.  Hearing, Aiming and Trigger Operation

    iii.  Heaving, Aiming and Trigger Operation

    iv.  None of these

  Ans:- i.  Holding, Aiming and Trigger Operation

 (h) Which groups of fire are made on the range: –

       i.  Firing Group and Target Group

      ii.  Target Group and Range Group

      iii.  Butt Group and Firing Group

      iv.  Range Group and Sight Group

  Ans:- iii.  Butt Group and Firing Group 

(i) INSAS Rifle weighs with empty magazine is :-

        i.  4.1 Kg           ii.  4.5 Kg

      iii.  3.6 Kg          iv.  3.5 Kg

  Ans:- iii.  3.6 Kg

 (j) Delux rifle has a Qutra: –

         i.  0.22 in.              ii.  0.22 m

       iii.  0.22 mm           iv.  0.22 cm

  Ans:- i.  0.22 inch

 (k) Write the purpose of firing NCC cadets: –


  • To overcome the fear of firing cadets
  • Giving information about firing principles
  • Use of country’s army when needed


 3. Write True and False: –

   i.  Aids are spread by joining hands –    (False)

  ii.  Malaria is a communicable disease –    (wrong)

 iii.  Bathing daily is a bad habit –    (wrong)

 iv.  Cancer is a deadly disease –    (correct)

  v.  72 to 80 times the heart of a healthy manBeats –    (right)

 vi.  Vitamin D gives us milk, butter, poultry, protein and fish Meets with –  (incorrect)

 4. Match Correct: –

   i.  Natural disaster                a.  Swine flu

  ii.  Man-made disaster          b.  1945

 iii.  Hiroshima                        c.  Medical aid

 iv.  N1 H1                              d.  The fire

  v.  Disaster Management      e.  Flooding


  • (i) ——– (e)
  • (ii) ——– (d)
  • (iii) ——– (b)
  • (iv) ——– (a)
  • (v) ——– (c)

 5. Choose the correct answer: –

 (a) Where is Vrindavan Garden located?

           i.  Jammu                 ii.  Delhi

         iii.  Mysore               iv.  Srinagar

  Ans:- iii.  Mysore

(b) Kaziranga National Park is famous for which animal is :-

          i.  Tiger               ii.  Lion

        iii.  Elephant         iv.  hippopotamus

  Ans:- iv.  hippopotamus

(c) The Father of the Nation is known as: –

          i.  Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru             ii.  Mahatma Gandhi

        iii.  Bal Gangadhar Tilak                  iv.  Subhash Chandra Bose

  Ans:- ii.  Mahatma Gandhi

(d) First President of India: –

          i.  Atal Bihari Bajpai                ii.  Dr. Rajendra Prasad

        iii.  APJ Abdul Kalam               iv. Pranab Mukherjee

  Ans:- ii.  Dr. Rajendra Prasad

(e) Where did the Jallianwala Bagh massacre take place: –

          i.  Delhi                     ii.  Jalandhar

        iii.  Amritsar               iv.  Chandigarh

  Ans:- iii.  Amritsar

(f) Number 14 is observed: –

         i.  Gandhi Jayanti                 ii.  teacher’s Day

       iii.  Independence Day          iv.  Children’s day

  Ans:- iv.  Children’s day

(g) World Yoga Day is celebrated: –

          i.  22 June                ii.  21 June

        iii.  29 June               iv.  26 June

  Ans:- ii.  21 June

(h) Celebrated on 2 October: –

          i.  Gandhi Jayanti                 ii.  teacher’s Day

        iii.  Children’s Day                iv.  The Republic Day

  Ans:- i.  Gandhi Jayanti

(i) Mundan ceremony is: –

       i.  Assam festival                        ii.  Festival of punjab

     iii.  Gujarati women’s apparel      iv.  Hinduism customs

  Ans:- iv.  Hinduism customs

(j) How many union territories are there in India: –

         i.  10               ii.  7

       iii.  9                iv.  11

  Ans:- iii.  9

(k) How many states are there in India: –

           i.  20               ii.  27

         iii.  30              iv.  28

  Ans:- iv.  28

(l) The smallest state of India is: –

         i.  Punjab               ii.  Sikkim

       iii.  Goa                   iv.  Tripura

  Ans:- iii.  Goa

(m) In social work, we do: –

           i.  Blood donation             ii.  education

         iii.  Traffic Controls           iv.  None of these

  Ans:- i.  Blood donation

(n) When was the Act made against the dowry system: –

          i.  1964           ii.1960

        iii.  1961          iv.  1963

  Ans:- iii.  1961

(o) Pradhan Mantri Rozgar Yojana is: –

           i.  Governmental Organization

          ii.  Non-governmental organization

         iii.  Personal organization

         iv.  None of these

  Ans:- i. Governmental Organization

(p) When the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao scheme was launched: –

          i.  22 January 2015          ii.  10 January 2016

        iii.  15 May 2016              iv.  20 July 2016

  Ans:- i. 22 January 2015

(q) Problem means: –

        i.  Try to run out of trouble

       ii.  Key Point Finding

      iii.  Finding unique solutions

      iv.  None of these

  Ans:- iii.  Finding unique solutions

(r) CBI stands for: –

        i.  Central Bureau of Investigation

       ii.  Crime Bureau of Investigation

      iii.  Central Board of Investigation

      iv.  None of these

  Ans:- i. Central Bureau of Investigation

(s) Source of water is: –

          i.  Rain water                    ii.  Surface water

        iii.  Underwater water        iv.  all of which

  Ans:- iv. all of which

(t) The method of purification of water is: –

         i.  Filtration                 ii.  Boiling

       iii.  Cholodrination       iv.  all of which

  Ans:- iv. all of which

(u) Among these, First Aid Equipment is: –

          i.  Bandage                     ii.  Spirit

        iii.  Crepe Bandage         iv.  all of which

  Ans:- iv. all of which

(v) In Burn case, Head Enjury is given%: –

            i.  10%              ii.  9%

          iii.  11%             iv.  12%

  Ans:- ii. 9%

 (w) Fever gauge is called: –

            i.  Stethoscope               ii.  Thermometer

          iii.  Glucometer               iv.  All of these fractures

  Ans:- ii. Thermometer

(x) What are the types of fracture: –

           i.  2            ii.  4

         iii.  6           iv.  5

  Ans:- i. 2

(y) Trekking comes to the camp: –

            i.  By Helicopter           ii.  By cycle

          iii.  BY Foot                   iv.  By vehicle

  Ans:- iii.  BY Foot

(z) Where is Mount Everest located: –

           i. China            ii.  India

         iii.  Nepal          iv.  Bhutan

  Ans:- iii.  Nepal

(aa) Meerabai is related to which game: –

             i.  Football                 ii.  Hockey

           iii.  Weight lifting       iv.  Basketball

  Ans:- iii.  Weight lifting

(ab) Who is the first woman to climb Mount Everest: –

             i.  Junco Tabia               ii.  Sushma Kaur

           iii.  Kalpana Chawla       iv.  Sania Mirza

  Ans:- i.  Junco Tabia

(ac) When was the first Arjuna Award given: –

             i.  1951           ii.  1961

           iii.  1962          iv.  1963

  Ans:- ii.  1961

(ad) Who is the first Indian woman to go to space: –

            i.  Kalpana Chawla           ii. Saina Nehwal

          iii.  Sania Mirza                 iv.  Sushma Kaushik

  Ans:- i.  Kalpana Chawla

(ae) The national game of India is: –

             i.  Football                ii.  Hockey

           iii.  Swimming           iv.  Basketball

  Ans:- ii.  Hockey

(af) Which of the following is not Adventure Sports: –

          i.  Trekking                               ii.  Shooting

        iii.  Cycling expenditures           iv.  Rock climbing

  Ans:- ii.  Shooting

(ag) Which of the following items used on trekking Goes :-

            i.  Bicycles             ii.  roller skates

          iii.  Rifle                  iv.  Rock sac

  Ans:- iv.  Rock sac

6. Write Full Name: –

  • GCI – Girl’s Cadet Instructor
  • ANO – Associate NCC Officer
  • CATC – Combined Annual Training Camp
  • ATC – Annual Training Camp
  • DG NCC – Director General National Cadet Corps

 7. Write the name of the Commanding Officer of your battalion:


8. Write the effects of social media in daily life ?


  • It is a very fast communication medium.
  • It collects the information in one place.
  • Social media for all sections such as educated or It is for both the uneducated.
  • Easily share photos, videos, information, documentaries, etc. can be shared.

9. What do you understand by GST ? Write in detail :-

  Ans:- GST means Goods and Service Tax. In Hindi we call it Goods and Services Tax. know. as its name suggests That this is also a type of tax. Things that and on consumption of services. Now whatever goods you buy or service you provide Will do, on them you will have a tax named GST.  Will have to fill It is on sale of goods across the country All types of central and state level applied to the tax. means that All taxes already applicable as soon as GST is implemented Abolished and replaced by the uniform is the same in the whole country. As it will be

 10. What do you understand by cleanliness campaign ? Its Write in detail about :-

  Ans:- Swachh Bharat Abhiyan started by the Government of India It is a national level campaign. Whose Purpose Cleaning of streets, roads etc. Have to keep it clean. This campaign of Mahatma Gandhi Birthday started on 2nd October 2014 Gaya . Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi liberated the country got it done but his dream of clean India was fulfilled Not done . Government on 2nd October 2019 150th anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi 1.96 lakh crore cost in rural India Constructed 1.2 crore toilets from The goal is to achieve a defecation free India.

11. The drug de-addiction campaign run by the Bihar government write about ?

  Ans:- Bihar to implement liquor ban on 1st April 2016 The state government launched a drug de-addiction campaign decided to . Bihar government itself 39 intoxicated Decided to open Mukti Kendra. in which Alcoholics will be counseled and their Will be treated . All 38 districts of Bihar 150 trained doctors for counseling in will be deployed. Nalanda government in Patna 95 beds in medical college and all districts 10-bed drug de-addiction center at K Sadar Hospital is installed. Doctors at these centers are alcoholics free of cost to the family members especially women Will do counselling.

 12. What is Ayushman Bharat Scheme ? Write in detail :-

  Ans:- Purpose of Ayushman Bharat Yojana Program 2018 To make whole India disease free by the year 2019 to be taken on the path of development. 50 by Health benefits to crore poor families Was . Medical college of ₹ 5 lakh is to be given. 1 Finance Minister presenting the budget in February 2018 Shri Arun Jaitley ji had given this information. The Central Government Cabinet on 21 March 2018 Its approved.

 13. What do you understand by First Aid-

  Ans:- Suffering from an accident related to a man’s disease. Before the person reaches the doctor or Medical treatment given before going to hospital First Aid is called.

Method :-

  • First take the patient to a safe place And lie down in a comfortable position.
  • Take artificial breaths when there is difficulty in breathing.
  • Take measures to stop the bleeding.

 14. What do you understand about AIDS, what are the measures to prevent it is :-

  Ans:- The full name of AIDS is – Acquired Imiuno Difficiency Syndrome and this disease is caused by HIV Virus, this human being Weaken the body’s resistance

Prevention Measures: – 

  • Use restriction while having sex
  • Always use a new syringe
  • Receive tested blood only


 15. Choose True False: –

    (a) INSAS rifle in a section is eight – (Incorrect)

    (b) There are eight types of section formation – (Incorrect)

    (c) Indo-Pak war took place in 1962 – (False)

    (d) Kargil war took place in 1999 – (Correct)

    (e) There was a war with China in 1972 – (False)

    (f) India’s first Defense Minister Baldev Singh was – (Correct)

   (g) There are seven jawans in a section – (Incorrect) 

 16. Match

      i.  Arrow Head                   a.  Attention Position

     ii.  LMG                              b.  Section formation

     iii.  20 Rounds                     c.  1

     iv.  30 Degree                      d.  INSAS Rifle

     v.  Yugoslavia                      e.  0.22 inch Rifle


  • i ——– b
  • ii ——– c
  • iii ——– d
  • iv ——– a
  • v ——– e

17. Fill in the blanks

 (a) Name of India’s new navigation of gray date satellite is ________.

 (b) The name of the pass in India and China border is __________.

 (c) When did India’s first surgical strike action by the army did _______.

 (d) The name of the President of North Korea is ____________.

 (e) The name of India’s COAS is _____________.

 (f) Which is the third wonder out of the seven wonders of the world is______.

 (g) Name of the President of Pakistan is ____________.

 (h) Name of the Defense Minister of India is ______________.

 (i) What type of section formation is _________?


(a) IRNSS-1

(b) Nathula La Pass           

(c) 29 September 2016

(d) Kim Jong-Un   

(e) General Manoj Mukund Nervane

(f) Temple Of Artemis

(g) Arif Alvi

(h) Sri Rajnath Singh

(i) 6

18. Write Full Name: –

  • JCO – Junior Commissioned Officer
  • CTO – Care Taker Officer
  • MMG – Medium Machine Gun
  • MH – Military Hospital
  • LMG – Light Machine Gun
  • INSAS – Indian Small Arms System

19. Choose the correct answer: –

    a.  The main of Armed Forces is: –

            i.  Defense Minister          ii.  Prime Minister

          iii.  President                      iv.  COAS

  Ans:- iii.  President

b.  The total command headquarters in the army is: –

             i.  5               ii.  6

           iii.  7              iv.  8

  Ans:- iii.  7

c.  The rank of Deputy Chief of Army Staff is: –

             i.  General                  ii.  Lt.  General

           iii.  Major General       iv.  Air chief marshal

  Ans:- ii.  Lt.  General

d.  SM stands for: –

            i.  Sena Medal           ii.  Seva medal

          iii.  Sahas Medal         iv.  Shakti Medal

  Ans:- i.  Sena medal

e.  Where is NDA: –

     i.  Chennai          ii.  Gaya          iii.  Dehradun         iv.  Khadgwasla

  Ans:- iv.  Khadgwasla

f.  GPS means: –

           i.  Grid Planning and Survival

          ii.  Global Positioning System

         iii.  Global Parking System

         iv.  Grid Positioning System grid

  Ans:- ii.  Global Positioning System

g.  The angle between Grid North and the Magnetic North: –

           i.  Grid convergence

          ii.  Magnetic Variatior

         iii.  Variation

         iv.  None Of the above

  Ans:- iv.  None Of the above   

h.  There are two types of Prismatic Compass: –

         i.  Dry and Liquid             ii.  Fire and forget

       iii.  Solid and Gel               iv.  None of the above

  Ans:- i.  Dry and Liquid

I. The vertical lines above the map whose order is from right to left The right one is: –

          i.  Westing Line             ii.  Easting line

         ii.  Northing Line           iv.  Southing Line

  Ans:- ii.  Easting line

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