NCC A Certificate Exam 2022-2023 Model Paper with Question and Answer in English-4

A Certificate Junior Division/Wing

Model Paper – 4

Regimental No ……………………………….  

Rank ……………………………….

Name …………………………………………….

Group No. & Name of the School …………………………………………………

Time : 3 Hours                                                       

Total Marks : 385

Direction :- It is compulsory to answer all the questions and answer is to be marked    on the question paper itself.

Drill Paper-1 ( 30/385 Marks )

 1. Fill in the blanks :-

 (a) When turned back, a _____ degree is turned.

 Answer – 180°

 (b) On the order of walking fast, _____ foot moves forward.

 Answer – Left / Left

 (c) A turn of _____ degree is made on the order of a right turn.

Answer – – 90°

 (d) _____ steps have to be followed in the review sequence.

 Answer – 14 Steps

 (e) Salute is of _____ type.

 Answer – 3 types

  2. Word of command is completed in two parts respectively –

 (a) Cautionary and Executive     (b) Executive and Demonstrative

 (c) Personally and Spain             (d) Executive and Spain

 Answer – (a) Cautionary and Executive

 3. In the careful position, the angle is formed in both the ankles :-

    (I) 35 degree          (ii) 45 degree

  (iii) 30 degree         (iv) 40 degree

 Answer – (iii) 30 degree

 4. In which position does the body move above the waist?

     (I) careful      (ii) rest       (iii) at ease       (iv) armpits

 Answer – (iii) comfortably

 5. Order of command is given for falling again after a short break :-

    (i) immersion          (ii) line break

  (iii) at rest                 (iv) at rest

 Answer – (ii) Line break

 6. What is the purpose of the drill?

    (I) Losing weight                                               (ii) Learning Hindi

  (iii) Wearing smarts and correcting turnout          (iv) Table learning

 Answer – (iii) Wearing Smartness and Correction of Turnout

 7. The length of the step in a fast speed is :-

    (I) 40 inches           (ii) 30 inches

  (iii) 35 inches           (iv) none of these

 Answer – (ii) 30 inches

 8. Which line does not move in open line running?

    (I) front line           (ii) middle line

  (iii) Back line           (iv) None of these

 Answer – (ii) Middle line

 9. Word of command is completed in two parts respectively –

 (a) Cautionary and Executive      (b) Executive and Demonstrative

 (c) Personally and Spain             (d) Executive and Spain

 Answer – (a) Cautionary and Executive

 10. Write True or False :-

 (a) The distance between the two ankles at rest is 12″ –  ( Correct )

 (b) 180 degrees to the left on the order of a left turn –  ( Wrong )

 (c) In careful the right foot is mixed with the left foot –  ( right )

 (d) There are five backwards movements in fast running –  ( Wrong )

 (e) In careful position both the paws are 30 degree from each other –  ( Correct )

Weapon Training ( 40/385 Marks )

 11. Fill in the blank :-

 (a) The dog of SLR is _____ mm.

 Answer – 7.62 mm

 (b) The dog of .22 deluxe rifle is _____.

 Answer – .22

(c) The effective range of .22 Delux Rifle is _____.

 Answer :- 25 yards

 (d) The normal rate of fire of a .22 rifle is _____ rounds per minute.

 Answer – 5 rounds per minute

 (e) The length of .22 Delux Rifle is _______ inches.

 Answer :- 43 inches

 12. The place to keep weapons of a unit is called :-

      (I) Magazine                          (ii) Quotation

    (iii) Quarter Master Store         (iv) Quarter Guard

 Answer – (ii) Kotta

 13. Use for grouping and zeroing :-

      (i) figure 11 target                 (ii) figure 12 target

    (iii) Figure 1′ × 1′ target           (iv) 6″ target

 Answer – (iii) Figure 1′ × 1′ Target

 14. What are the essential things for a healthy system?

 (a) site alignment and level ground      (b) level ground

 (c) site alignment and site picture        (d) site alignment and range

 Answer – (c) Site alignment and site picture

15. What is the principle of good firing?

      (I) Good grip, good trigger clamp and good range

     (ii) Good range, good grip and good trigger clamp

    (iii) Good position, good weather and good weather

    (iv) Good grip, good grip and good trigger clamp

 Answer – (iv) Good grip, good grip and good trigger clamp

 16. The length of a deluxe rifle is :-

    (I) 41 inches           (ii) 43 inches

  (iii) 42 inches           (iv) 45 inches

 Answer – (ii) 43 inches

 17. How is the firing of NCC cadets done?

    (I) Grouping, Snap Shooting and Wild Fire

   (ii) Application, Grouping and Snap Shooting

  (iii) Application, Grouping and Skate

  (iv) Skate, Wildfire and Grouping

 Answer – (ii) Application, Grouping and Snap Shooting

18. The full form of POA in WT is –

 (a) Point Of Aim                (b) Point Of Action

 (c) Place Of Action            (d) Place Of Aim

 Answer – (a) Point Of Aim 

 19. After firing the fire cleans the barrel by adding hot water for at

       least _______ days.

    (I) 1 day                 (ii) 3 days

  (iii) 7 days                (iv) none of these

 Answer – (iii) 7 days 

 20. Dog represents round :-

     (i) Cross Section Area             (ii) Diameter

   (iii) circumference                    (iv) radius

 Answer – (ii) Diameter

21. Firing divides the party into three groups.

   (i) Firing details, Weapon cleaning details, Butt party

  (ii) Waiting details, Weapon cleaning details, Target repair

 (iii) Firing Details, Waiting Details and Ammunition Collection Details

 (iv) Firing details, Weapon cleaning details, Butt party

 Answer – (iii) Firing details, Waiting details and Ammunition collection details

 22. Write True or False :-

 (a) 20 rounds are filled in the magazine of INSAS rifle.

 Answer – Correct

 (b) A .22 rifle weighs 6 pounds 3 oz.

 Answer – Wrong (6 lb 2 oz)

 (c) The firing position of a .22 rifle is 4.

 Answer – Wrong ( 3 Positions )

 (d) The effective range of INSAS rifle is 500 meters.

 Answer – Wrong ( 400 m )

 (e) The effective range of a .22 rifle is 100 meters.

 Answer – Wrong ( 25 yards )

The NCC ( 05/385 Marks )

 23. In which year was the National Cadet Corps established?

 (a) 1947            (b) 1948

 (c) 1950            (d) 1962

 Answer – (b) 1948

24. Heads of State Directorates are –

 (a) DG                               (b) ADG

 (c) Group Commander       (d) Chief Minister

 Answer – (b) ADG

25. How many directorates of NCC are there in India?

    (i) 15              (ii) 16

  (iii) 17             (iv) 18

 Answer – (iii) 17

26. For centuries we have raised it from our _____.

 (a) Kajal           (b) Blood

 (c) milk             (d) air

 Answer – (b) Blood

27. Who was the first Director of National Cadet Corps?

 (a) Col. G. G. Baibur                   (b) General Rajendra Singh

 (c) General SHFG Maneksha      (d) General Cariappa

 Answer – (a) Col. G. G. Baibur

National Integration ( 30/200 Marks )

 28. Fill in the blanks :-

 (a) The famous Pushkar Fair is the main fair of _____ province.

 Answer – Rajasthan

 (b) Sun temple is located in _____ state.

  Answer – Odisha

 (c) Gautam Buddha did penance in _____.

 Answer – Bodh Gaya (in Bihar)

 (d) Bihu dance is related to _____ state.

 Answer – From Assam

 (e) Sikhism is the main scripture of _____.

 Answer – Guru Granth Sahib 

29. The Iron Man of India was :-

 (a) Mahatma Gandhi          (b) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

 (c) Jawaharlal Nehru          (d) Rajendra Prasad

 Answer – (b) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

 31. Mundan ceremony is celebrated by people of which of the following religion –

 (a) Islam                    (b) Sikhism

 (c) Hinduism             (d) Christianity

 Answer – (c) Hinduism

 32. Jallianwala Bagh is located at :-

 (a) Jalandhar    (b) Bodh Gaya    (c) Amritsar   (d) Chandigarh

 Answer – (c) Amritsar

 33. Celebrate on 5th September :-

 (a) Gandhi Jayanti              (b) Children’s Day

 (c) Republic Day                (d) Teachers Day

 Answer – (d) Teachers Day

 34. In which state Onam festival is celebrated?

 (a) Kerala                  (b) Karnataka

 (c) Punjab                  (d) Assam

 Answer – (a) Kerala

 35. In which state is the Bihu festival celebrated?

 (a) Assam                  (b) Punjab

 (c) Gujarat                 (d) Telangana

 Answer – (a) Assam

 36. World Yoga Day is celebrated on :-

 (a) 22nd June             (b) 21st June

 (c) 20th June             (d) 23rd June

 Answer – (b) 21st June

37. Saare Jahan Se Achcha is written by whom?

 (a) Mohammad Iqbal                                   (b) Subhas Chandra Bose

 (c) Bankim Chandra Chatterjee           (d) Rabindranath Tagore

 Answer – (a) Mohammad Iqbal

 38. Which of the following is a Hindu scripture :-

 (a) Veda            (b) Guru Granth Sahib

 (c) Purana         (d) Bible

 Answer – (a) Vedas

 39. Write the full form of the following :-

 (a)     TSC – Army Camp

 (b) CATC – Combined Annual Training Camp

 (c) BHIM – Bharat Interface for Money

 (d) RAM – Random Access Memory

 (e) ALC – Advance Leadership Camp

Leadership ( 50/200 Marks )

 40. What is Time Management?

 (a) Time Management is the skill which helps in getting the right value of time

 (b) the way the clock is set

 (c) Method of setting alarm

 (d) Reading Time Magazine

 Ans – (a) Time Management is the skill which helps in getting the right value of time

 41. Two or more people together achieve a common thing, it is called?

 (a) dialash                 (b) group

 (c) Interaction           (d) Project

 Answer :- (b) Group

 42. The leader should have the ability to take _______ immediately.

 (a) Decision      (b) Leaving the circumstance

 (c) to run           (d) to panic

 Answer – (a) Judgment

 43. The types of leadership are :-

 (a) Autocratic            (b) Democratic

 (c) Leisure Fair          (d) All of these

 Answer – (d) All of these

 44. The leader’s mind should always be _______.

 (a) aware                   (b) minister

 (c) the pretender        (d) the businessman

 Answer – (a) aware

 45. The qualities of a leader are :-

 (a) Consciousness, Right conduct        (b) Courage, Decisiveness

 (c) Reliability, Tolerance                     (d) All of these

 Answer – (d) All of these

 46. ​​The NCC cadet who provides first aid etc. in the Civil Defense Service is called :-

    (I) Communication Service      (ii) Fire Fighting Service

  (iii) Accident Service                 (iv) Supply Service

 Answer :- (iv) Supply Service

 47. The leader should be among the following :-

 (a) tactful          (b) lying

 (c) Rich man     (e) Administrative

 Answer – (a) Behavioral

 48. Promotes Adult Education under National Plan

 (a) Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan                  (b) Saakshar Bharat

 (c) UNESCO                              (d) All of these

 Answer – (a) Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan

 49. NCC cadet works for civil defense service, he disseminates

       information and eats, clothes etc. arranges, it is called.

    (i) Information Service              (ii) Fire Fighting Party

  (iii) Welfare Service                  (iv) Supply Service

 Answer :- (iv) Supply Service

 50. ALC says :-

 (a) Advance Leadership Course           (b) Advance Leadership Camp

 (c) Adventure Leadership Camp          (d) Adventure Learning Camp

 Answer – (b) Advance Leadership Camp

 51. YEP says :-

 (a) Youth Exchange Program      (b) AIIMS Export Program

 (c) Youth Expedition Program    (d) Yes Expedition Program

 Answer – (a) Youth Exchange Program

 52. ANO is said to be :-

    (I) Authorized NCC Officer     (ii) Autoed NCC Officer

  (iii) Associate NCC Officer       (iv) None of these

 Answer :- (iii) Associate NCC Officer

 53. GCI says :-

 (a) Girls Cadet Instructor            (b) Gliding Cadet Instructor

 (c) Guide Cadet Instructor          (d) None of these

 Answer – (a) Girls Cadet Instructor

 54. Who is called COC?

 (a)Chief Organization Committee        (b) Central Operated Camps

 (c) Centrally Organized Camp             (d) Central Welfare Society

 Answer – (c) Centrally Organized Camp

 55. CWS says :-

 (a) Central Working System       (b) Cadets Working System

 (c) Cadets Welfare Society         (d) Central Welfare Society

 Answer – (c) Cadets Welfare Society

 56. The problem/objection of national integration among these is not :-

     (i) Communal        (ii) Regional

   (iii) Democratic       (iv) Casteism

 Answer :- (iii) Democratic

 57. National integration is :-

 (a) positive thoughts           (b) negative thoughts

 (c) indifferent thoughts       (d) none of these

 answer –  (a) positive thoughts

 58. You give me blood, I will give you freedom, who gave the famous slogan ?

 (a) Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose (b) Mahatma Gandhi

 (c) Jawaharlal Nehru                   (d) Bal Gangadhar Tilak

 answer –  (a) Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

 59. Citizens are known as :-

 (a) The one who has the right to freedom    (b) The one who lives in the city

 (c) who has social and political rights          (d) who has the right to survive

 Answer –  (c) who has social and political rights

Disaster Management – ( 20/200 ) Marks

 60. Match the correct pair :-

    (i) Continuous bomb blast        (a) Terrorist attack

   (ii) Cyclone                              (b) Ecological

  (iii) Earthquake                         (c) Earth related

  (iv) Global warming                  (d) Wind related

 Answer :- (I) – (a) , (ii) – (d) , (iii) – (c) , (iv) – (b)

 61. Among these natural disaster is :-

 (a) demolition            (b) collapse of the house

 (c) Road accident      (d) Gas cylinder burst

 Answer :- (a) Abhilancha

62. Who is the head of disaster management at the district level?

 (a) Bidio                            (b) District Magistrate

 (c) City Magistrate             (d) Chief Minister

 – (b) Collectorate

 63. Man-made disaster is :-

     (i) Land sliding      (ii) Cyclone     (iii) ship accident    (iv) storm

 Answer :- (iii) Ship accident

 64. What is the cause of road accident?

    (I) Not following traffic rules                       (ii) Driving at high speed

  (iii) Driving under the influence of alcohol    (iv) All of these

 answer –  (iv) All of these

 65. Match the correct pair :-

    (I) Land sliding       (a) Earth related

   (ii) Cyclone             (b) Water related

  (iii) ship accident      (c) wind related

  (iv) flood                  (d) accident

 Answer :- (i) – (a) , (ii) – (c) , (iii) – (d) , (iv) – (b)

 66.. What is “HAM”?

    (I) Television            (ii) Radio

  (iii) Telephone         (iv) Walkie-talkie

 Answer :- (ii) Radio

 67. Fire Fighting Party has _____ party?

 (a) 2                  (b) 3

 (c) 4                  (d) 6

 Answer :- (c) 4

 68. Fire fighting party is :-

 (a) fire extinguisher            (b) safety of life and property

 (c) safety                            (d) damaging

 Answer :- (a) Fire Extinguisher

 69. T means :-

 (a) no parking            (b) way out

 (c) One way way       (d) Bus stop

 Answer:- (b) Way out

Social Services ( 30/200 Marks )

 70. Blood is donated :-

 (a) animals                                          (b) sick people

 (c) health by adult men and women     (d) by patients

 Answer :- (c) Health by adult men and women

 71. HIV is called :-

 (a) Human intelligence Deficiency Virus    (b) Human Integral Deficiency Virus

 (c) Human Immuno Deficiency Virus         (d) Human Immuno Devessified Virus

 Answer :- (c) Human Immuno Deficiency Virus

 72. AIDS does not spread out of these :-

 (a) needle and syringe        (b) exchange of blood

 (c) shaking hands               (d) unprotected sex

 Answer :- (c) By shaking hands

 73. The activity of social service is :-

    (I) Blood Donation     (ii) Education    (iii) Traffic Control    (iv) All of these

 Answer :- (i) Blood Donation

74. What do you understand by NGO?

 (a) Not far away                                  (b) Northern gate of Olympics

 (c) Non Governmental Organization    (d) Non Governor Office

 Answer :- (c) Non Governmental Organization

 75. Blood group is :-

 (a) A,B,AB & O                 (b) B,D,Bd & O

 (c) A,D,AA & O                (d) A,B,C & O

 Answer :- (a) A,B,AB & O

 76. Women and Development Program and Child Development Program is :-

 (a) government related       (b) non government related

 (c) none of these                (d) all of these

 Answer :- (b) Non-Government related

 77. The Prime Minister’s Employment Scheme is :-

    (i) Government Organization   (ii) Non-Government Organization

  (iii) Private entity                      (iv) None of these

 Answer :- (i) Government Institution

 78. Cancer is due to :-

 (a) using gutka                            (b) using cigarette

 (c) atmospheric experiment         (d) all of these

 Answer :- (d) All of these

 79. Name the social services performed by NCC cadets?

 Answer :- (i) Blood donation      (ii) Plantation

                (iii) Adult Education    (iv) Cleanliness Campaign

                 (v) Awareness rally     (vi) Road construction

       Health and Hygiene ( 25/200 Marks )

 80. Match the correct pair :-

     (i) INJ Rabipur               (a) Polio

    (ii) INJ TAB                   (b) Rabiees

   (iii) INJ Hepatitis B          (c) Typhoid

   (iv) INJ TT                      (d) Hepatitis B

    (v) Oral Polio                  (e) Tetnas

 Answer :- (i) – (b) , (ii) – (c) , (iii) – (d) , (iv) – (e) , (v) – (a)

 81. Human body has bones?

 (a) 160     (b) 260       (c) 206      (d) 300

 – (c) 206

 82. How will you do first aid in case of heatstroke?

     (i) Keep the patient in a cool place and give saline water

    (ii) pour water on him and take him to the hospital

   (iii) will speak to run

   (iv) Both A and B

 Answer :- (iv) Both A and B

 83. The longest bone of the body is :-

     (i) Femur               (ii) Tibia

   (iii) tarsal                 (iv) upper jaw

 Answer :- (i) Femur

 84. The cause of plague is :-

 (a) Rat-flea                        (b) Mosquito

 (c) Vitamin B deficiency    (d) Vitamin A deficiency

 Answer :- (a) Rat-flea 

85. In how many parts Surya Namaskar is completed?

 (a) 6                  (b) 8

 (c) 10                (d) 12

 Answer :- (d) 12

 86. Mosquito bite is caused by :-

 (a) Dengue and Jaundice    (b) Jaundice and Kala-azar

 (c) Dengue and Cholera     (d) Malaria and Dengue

 Answer :- (d) Malaria and Dengue

 87. The diseases caused by water are :-

 (a) diarrhea       (b) diarrhea       (c) cholera              (d) all of these

 Answer :- (d) All of these

 88. Method of keeping cleanliness in the camp :-

 (a) food should be clean and covered

(b) water should be for bathing, drinking and cleaning utensils

 (c) Spraying of DDT and no water logging

(d) All of these

 Answer :- (d) All of these

 89. Surface water is polluted by :-

    (I) by bathing animals      (ii) by the filth of the factories yesterday

  (iii) Laundry                     (iv) All of these

 Answer :- (iv) All of these

 90. Diseases caused by animals are :-

 (a) Rabies                  (b) Plague

 (c) Anthrax                (d) All of these

 Answer :- (d) All of these

Adventure Training ( 20/200 ) Marks

 91. In the trekking camp :-

 (a) have to climb a rock      (b) have to ride a bicycle

 (c) have to walk                 (d) go by helicopter

 Answer :- (c) Have to walk

 92. The objectives of adventure training are :-

    (I) To create awareness towards adventure activities     (ii) To instill confidence

  (iii) To develop leadership qualities                                 (iv) All of these

 Answer :- (iv) All of these

  93. Adventure training includes :-

 (a) Mountain Expedition             (b) Para Jump

 (c) water rafting                          (d) all of these

 Answer :- (d) All of these

 94. Institutions for mountaineering are :-

 (a) HMI Darjeeling (WB)           (b) MAS Manali (HP)

 (c) NMI Uttarkashi (UK)            (d) All of these

 Answer :- (d) All of these

 95. Name the adventure training to be given to NCC cadets :-

 Answer :- (i) Tracking                  (ii) Mountaineering

                (iii) Rock Climbing      (iv) Para Jumping

                 (v) Para Sailing            (vi) Slithering

               (vii) Water Rafting       (viii) Cycle/Motorcycle Expedition

 96. Para jumping is :-

 (a) Delhi           (b) Madras

 (c) Madurai       (d) Agra

 Answer :- (d) Agra

 97. Himalayan Mountaineering Institute is located at :-

 (a) Agra                     (b) Srinagar

 (c) Uttarkashi            (d) Darjeeling

 Answer :- (d) Darjeeling

 98. Parasailing is :-

 (a) Running                (b) Athletics

 (c) Aerial Sports        (d) Jumping

 Answer :- (c) Aerial Sports

 99. Adventure game is not among these :-

     (I) Tracking                      (ii) Shooting

   (iii) Cycle Expedition      (iv) Rock Climbing

 Answer :- (ii) Shooting

Environment Awareness & Conservation ( 15/200 Marks )

 100. The types of pollution are :-

 (a) water pollution              (b) air pollution

 (c) soil pollution                (d) all of these

 Answer :- (d) All of these

 101. World Environment Day is celebrated every year :-

 (a) 5th June       (b) 22nd April       (c) 15th August      (d) 2nd October

 Answer :- (a) On 5th June

 102. Air pollution is due to :-

 (a) smoke                           (b) carbon dioxide

 (c) nuclear explosion          (d) all of these

 Answer :- (d) All of these

 103. Measures to stop land pollution are :-

 (a) Heaping of waste          (b) Sanitary land filling

 (c) incineration                   (d) all of these

 Answer :- (d) All of these

 104. Wildlife Protection Act was implemented in India :-

 (a) 1970             (b) 1971

 (c) 1972            (d) 1973

 Answer :- (c) In 1972

 105. Measures to stop water pollution :-

 (a) boiling                 (b) filtering

 (c) Chlorination         (d) All of these

 Answer :- (d) All of these

 106. Plays a major role in the ecological balance of the earth :-

 (a) Animals       (b) Jungle

 (c) Oxygen        (d) Carbon dioxide

 Answer :- (b) Jungle

 107. The cause of unbalanced gas in the atmosphere and global warming is :-

    (I) Erosion of forests        (ii) Biological factors

  (iii) life                             (iv) none of these

 Answer:- (i) Erosion of forests

Obstacle Training ( 05/200 Marks )

 108. What is the height of a high wall ?

 (a) 8 feet           (b) 7 feet

 (c) 6 feet           (d) 5 feet

 Answer :- (c) 6 feet

 109. What are the common obstacles in optical training ?

 (a) ten                (b) eleven

 (c) fifteen         (d) eighteen

 Answer :- (a) Ten

 110. What is the distance from one optical to the other optical to the normal ?

  (a) 25 feet        (b) 30 feet        (c) 25 m        (d) 30 m

 Answer :- (b) 30 feet

 111. The height of the ramp is :-

 (a) 4 feet     (b) 6 feet     (c) 8 feet    (d) 10 feet

 Answer :- (a) 4 feet

 112. What is the first obstacle that has to be crossed in the optical course ?

 (a) zig-zag balance    (b) straight beam

 (c) Double Ditch        (d) Ramp

 Answer :- (b) Straight beam

Paper-IV Specialized Subjects ( 115/385 Marks )

Map Reading ( 55/115 Marks )

 113. GPS is called :-

 (a) Good Planning Surveillance     (b) Grid Position System

 (c) Global Parking System             (d) Global Positioning System

 Answer :- (d) Global Positioning System 

 114. What is the full form of compass ?

 (a) Lid Prismatic Compass MK-III A     (b) Liquid Prismatic Compass MK-III A

 (c) Land Prismatic Compass MK-III A   (d) Load Prismatic Compass MK-III A

 Answer – (b) Liquid Prismatic Compass MK-III A

115. Read the description given below :-

    (I) Exact representation of texture by man and nature

   (ii) Showing the whole part of the earth’s surface

  (iii) Showing on top of paper in a fixed scale

  (iv) Showing the topography

  The above description is called :-

  (a) Sketch (b) Dyeing (c) Map (d) GPS

 Answer :- (c) Map

 116. The vertical line above the map which runs from west to east :-

 (a) Westing line         (b) Narding line

 (c) Easting line          (d) Southing line

 Answer :- (c) Easting Line

 117. On top of the map the natural formations are shown in fixed measure :-

 (a) communication sign       (b) custom sign

 (c) control symbol             (d) call symbol

 Answer: – (b) custom symbol

 118. The way to find the north direction is :-

    (i) the position of the sun               (ii) the clock

  (iii) with the help of pole star         (iv) with the help of compass

   (v) With the help of GPS               (vi) With the help of map

 (vii) with the help of sea                (viii) with the help of graveyard

 (a) 1 to 4                       (b) 3 to 8

 (c) all of the above       (d) none of these

 Answer :- (a) 1 to 4

 119. The types of answer are :-

(a) True North, Grid North, Majestic North

(b) True North, Grid North, Maronetic North

(c) True North, Grid North, Magnetic North

(d) None of these

 Answer :- (c) True North, Grid North, Magnetic North

 120. Name the 6 main parts of compass :-

  Ans :- (i) Tongue  (ii) Tongue Notch  (iii) Arrowhead   (iv) Louvre line             

           (v) Dial       (vi) Glass window (vii) Thumb Ring (viii) Prism

          (ix) Needle   (x) Glass protector (xi) Prism Hair     (xii) Hairline

121. The distance above the map is measured by :-

 (a) compass               (b) service protector

 (c) rifle side               (d) scale

 Answer :- (b) Through service protector

 122. Make a sign symbol:-

 (a) Church –

 (b) Temple –

 (c) Fort –

 (d) date palm tree

 (e) Cemetery –

 123. In which direction is 270 degrees ?

 (a) South-East           (b) North-West

 (c) East             (d) West

 Answer :- (d) West

124. The means of reading degree is :-

   (i) by hand, by sight, by sight protector of the rifle

  (ii) by hand, by site

 (iii) Sight Protector of Rifle

 (iv) None of these

 Answer: – (i) By binocular, by hand, by site, by site protector of rifle

 125. Back Bearing of 135 degree is :-

 (a) 315 degree    (b) 125 degree     (c) 135 degree    (d) 145 degree

 Answer :- (a) 315 degree

Field Craft and Battle Craft ( 20/115 Marks )

 126. Why do things appear ?

 (a) Sylhet, Surface, Spacing, Movement, Sign, Light, Flashlight

 (b) Sep, Shadow, Sylhet, Surface, Sign, Spacing, Movement

 (c) space, sap, shadow, sylhet, sign, spacing, movement

 (d) Space, Brightness, Light, Flashlight, Source, Surface

 Ans :- (b) Sep, Shadow, Sylhet, Surface, Sign, Spacing, Movement

127. Section formation is :-

 (a) Four types            (b) Five types

 (c) Six types              (d) Seven types

 Answer :- (c) Six types

 128. The movement from one place to another while covering each

         other with fire during movement in open fields is called :-

 (a) attack                   (b) ambush

 (c) Fire and move      (d) Defense

 Answer :- (c) Fire and Move

 129. A soldier cannot see the front area from his position, he is called :-

 (a) fire position          (b) dead ground

 (c) Rengeish mark     (d) Optical

 Answer :- (b) Dead Ground

 130. Distance is more visible than real :-

    (i) Low light, the presence of the sun in front of the beholder, when iiiiiiiiviewed from top to bottom

   (ii) Bad weather, over confidence, standing unprepared

  (iii) When looking up from the bottom, when standing unprepared

  (iv) none of these

 Answer: – (i) Less light, the presence of the sun in front of the beholder, uuuu               when viewed from top to bottom

 131. What are the types of Fire Control Order?

 (a) 2                  (b) 4

 (c) 6                  (d) 8

 Answer :- (b) 4

 132. The number of jawans in an infantry section is :-

 (a) 6                  (b) 8

 (c) 10                (d) 12

 Answer :- (c) 10

Armed Forces ( 35/115 Marks )

 133. SM adornment is called :-

 (a) Seva Medal          (b) Courage Medal

 (c) Sena Medal          (d) Peace Medal

 Answer :- (c) Sena Medal

 134. The Supreme Commander of the Indian Army is :-

 (a) Defense Minister          (b) Prime Minister

 (c) President                       (d) Chief of the Army Staff

 Answer :- (c) President

 135. The training of commissioned women in the army is :-

    (i) IMA at Dehradun        (ii) NDA at Khadakwasla

  (iii) OTA Chennai             (iv) OTA Gaya

 Answer :- (iii) OTA in Chennai

136. The rank of Chief of the Army Staff is :-

 (a) Colonel                (b) Brigadier

 (c) Major General      (d) General

 Answer :- (d) General

 137. IMA is located at :-

 (a) Delhi           (b) Dehradun

 (c) Gaya            (d) Khadakwasla

 Answer :- (b) Dehradun

 138. Educational qualification required for admission in NDA :-

 (a) 10+2            (b) BA/BSC

 (c) 10th             (d) MA/MSC

 Answer :- (a) 10+2

 139. Repair, recovery, repair of electric and means of communication of uuu   vehicles in military service Responsibility is :-

   (I) Army Supply Corps Service         (ii) Engineer Service

 (iii) Army Ordnance Service Service  (iv) EME Service

 Answer :- (iv) EME Service

 140. DSC means :-

    (I) Defense System Co-ordinates     (ii) Defense Security Corps

  (iii) Drill Support Company              (iv) None Of the Above

 Answer :- (ii) Defense Security Corps

 141. A group is commanded by ____ officers.

     (I) Brigadier                            (ii) Major General

   (iii) Lieutenant General             (iv) Colonel

 Answer :- (I) Brigadier 

 142. From when did the First World War take place?

 (a) 1850 to 1900                  (b) 1914 to 1918

 (b) 1967 to 1980                (d) 1915 to 1920

 Answer :- (b) 1914 to 1918

 143. What is Earth?

 (a) Missile                 (b) Tank

 (c) Bomb                   (d) Mine

 Answer :- (a) Missile

144. Which states of India are bordered by Pakistan?

  Answer – Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat

 145. In the 1971 war, General Maneksha was :-

   (I) Army Chief                                       (ii) Western Army Commander

 (iii) Director General Military Operations      (iv) Defense Secretary

 Answer :- (i) Army Chief

 146. After which war Bangladesh was separated?

     (I) War of 1965               (ii) War of 1971

   (iii) War of 1991              (iv) None of these

 Answer :- (ii) War of 1971

 147. Write full name :-

    (I) ASC – Army Supply Corps

   (ii) RVC – Remount & Veterinary Corps

  (iii) AOC – Army Ordinance Corps

  (iv) AMC – Army Medical Corps

Communication ( 05/115 Marks )

148. “HF” is called :-

   (I) Half Frequency           (ii) High Frequency

 (iii) High Fallout                (iv) Half Fallout

 Answer :- (ii) High Frequency

 149. On which principle does radio telephony work :-

   (i) Bravity & Accuracy              (ii) Security

  (iii) Speed ​​                                 (iv) All of the Above

 Answer :- (iv) All of the Above

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