National Integration – NCC A, B & C Certificate Exam Questions and Answers Notes in English

1. What is the role of NCC cadets in nation building ?


 (i) Maintaining National Integration

 (ii) poverty alleviation

 (iii) Road construction

 (iv) Higher Education

 (v) Discouraging corruption and evils

 (vi) To help the backward class people

 (vii) Human Resource Development

2. Write the names of five religions of India :-

 Ans:-  (i) Hindu            (ii) Muslim           (iii) Sikh             

                (iv) Christian        (v) Buddhist         (vi) Jain

               (vii) Parsi

3. What are the problems and major Challenges of national integration ?

Ans:-      (i) Casteism                           (ii) Linguistic bigotry

               (iii) Communalism                  (iv) Regionalism

                (v) Social Discrimination

               (vi) Economic inequality

              (vii) gender discrimination

4. Write True / False :-

 (i) The origin of river Godavari is in Maharashtra ?

  Ans:-  ( Correct )

(ii) Raipur is the capital of Chhattisgarh ?

  Ans:-  ( Correct )

 (iii) Guru Nanak was the last Guru of Sikhism ?

Ans:-  ( Wrong )

(iv) Kolar gold field is in Madhya Pradesh ?

  Ans:-  ( Wrong ) In Karnataka

 (v) What is the name of poplar bird ?

  Ans:-  ( Incorrect ) Lake , Island

5. Fill in the blank :-

 (i) The folk dance of Andhra Pradesh is ________ ?

  Ans:-  Kunchipudi

 (ii) The place of worship of Buddhist is ________ ?

  Ans:-  Vihar

 (iii) Din-e-Ilahi religion was founded by ________.

Ans:-  Akbar

 (iv) The capital of Kerala is ________ ?

  Ans:-  Thiruvananthapuram

(v) Indian Constitution was adopted in ________ ?

Ans:-   26th November 1949

6.  What are the measures to achieve national unity ?

  Ans:-    (i) Education                    (ii) economic development

                   (iii) Cultural integration    (iv) National Language

                    (v) Social Integration        (vi) Political integration

                  (vii) Propagation of secularis

7. Fill in the blank :-

 (i) National bird is ________.

  Ans:-  Peacock

 (ii) National animal is ________.

  Ans:-  Tiger

 (iii) The national emblem is ________.

  Ans:-  Ashoka Pillar

 (iv) The national language is ________.

  Ans:-  Hindi

 (v) The national flag is ________.

  Ans:-  Tricolor

8. Write True or False :-

(i) Namami Gange is sailing in the Ganges river.

  Ans:-  ( Wrong )

 (ii) The orange color of the national flag signifies strength and courage.

  Ans:-  ( Correct )

(iii) Khujuraho is located in the state of Karnataka.

  Ans:-  ( Incorrect ) in Madhya Pradesh

(iv) Mahavir Chakra is the best gallantry Medal 🏅 in India ?

Ans:-  ( Incorrect ) Param Vir Chakra

 (v) Param Vir Chakra is a part of Kargil ?

Ans:-  ( Correct )

9. Match the Following :-

  (i) Seven Sisters                (a) Loknayak

 (ii) Gulmarg                       (b) Karnataka State

 (iii) Mahavir                       (c) Vaishali

 (iv) Kolar gold mine          (d) Jammu and Kashmir

  (v) Jayaprakash                 (e) Meghalaya


   (i) ——– (e)          ,.        (ii) ——– (d)

 (iii) ——– (c)          ,.       (iv) ——– (b)

  (v) ——– (a)

10. 5 who come in awareness of national integration Write down problems –


  (i) Casteism                           (ii) Linguistic bigotry

 (iii) Communalism                (iv) Regionalism

  (v) Social Inequality             (vi) Economic inequality

 11. Four Union Territories of India Enter Name :-


    (i) Andaman and Nicobar Deep Group

   (ii) Chandigarh

  (iii) Dadra Nagar Haveli and Daman Diu

  (iv) Delhi

   (v) Jammu and Kashmir

  (vi) Ladakh

 (vii) Puducherry

(viii) Lakshadweep

12. Suggest measures to stop dowry System ?


   (i) Educate your daughters

  (ii) encourage them to make good career

 (iii) Teach them to be independent and responsible

 (iv) Treat them equally

  (v) Discourage the givers and takers of dowry

 (vi) Strongly oppose dowry

 (vii) to the giver and taker of dowry from its ill-effects inform

13. What is the need of national unity in India ?

  Ans:-  The need for national unity is due to these reasons:-

   (i) Helps to maintain harmony, law and order, dignity and self-respect

  (ii) Promotion of culture and religious development

 (iii) Contribution to the growth of the nation

 (iv) To increase the welfare of the people

14. What do you understand by National Integration ?


   (i) India is a group of Various religions,Castes, sects and Cultures 

  (ii) The number of languages, customs, Religions and castes in india I will meet, probably not in any country in the World

 (iii) Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Parsi, Jain, Buddhist etc. live in our country

 (iv) Despite so much diversity, our country is a nation. Yes, there is a power

  (v) The residents here are inspired by the feeling of nationalism

15. Country’s ( North, East, West, South and Central ) Name the major river from each region of ?


In the north – Jhelum, Chinar, Ravi, Sutlej and Beas

 In the east – Mahanadi, Godavari, Krishna, Kaveri, Paner

 In the west – Narmada, Tapti, Sabarmati and Luni

 In the South – Bhusi, Krishna, Shipra and Tapti

 In the middle – Yamuna, Ghagra, Gandak, Gomti and Ganga

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