Military History – NCC A, B & C Certificate Exam Questions and Answers Notes in English

1. Name the five Param Vir Chakra Winners.

 Ans :- 

    (i) Major Hosiyar Singh

   (ii) Subedar Joginder Singh

  (iii) Lt. Arun Khetpal

  (iv) Subedar Bana Singh

   (v) Abdul Hameed

  (vi) Albert Ekka

 (vii) Yogendra Singh Yadav

2. Write the names of two Field Marshals of the Indian Army. 

  Ans :-    (i) Sam Manekshaw             (ii) K. M. Cariappa

3. Optional Questions :-

 (i) When is International Yoga Day  Celebrated ?

  Ans :-    21 June

 (ii) Who was first given the post of Field Marshal Was ?

  Ans :-     General S. F. J. manekshaw

 (iii) Who was first awarded with Param Vir Chakra Was ?

Ans :-    Major Somnath Sharma

 (iv) Who was the chief general of  Aurangzeb ?

  Ans :-  Raja Jaswant Singh

(v) In which year the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki was dropped ?

Ans :-   In 1945

4. Fill in the blanks :-

 (i) Third battle of Panipat was fought in _______.

  Ans :-    In 1761

 (ii) National Defense Academy is in _______.

  Ans :-    Khadakwasla  ( in Pune )

(iii) Indian Military Academy is in _______.

  Ans :-    In Dehradun

 (iv) For the first time, India ________ a nuclear device exploded in A.D.

Ans :-    Army Base Pokharan  ( 18th May 1974 )

 (v) Army Day is celebrated on _______.

  Ans :-  On 15th January

 (vi) World War II ended in _______.

  Ans :-    In 1945

 (vii) Gun powder in battle for the first time in India ______ was used by.

  Ans :-    By Baber

(viii) ________ during the Indo-Pak war in 1971 He was the head of the Indian Army.

  Ans :-   Sam Manekshaw

 (ix) The present Chief of Indian Army is _______.

Ans :-   General Manoj Mukund Naravane

(x) _______ between India and Pakistan in 1965 The agreement was signed.

  Ans :-   Tashkent 

5. Write the names of 5 neighboring Countries of India ?

Ans :-   (i) Nepal           (ii) Bangladesh          (iii) Sri Lanka

                  (iv) Bhutan         (v) China                    (vi) Pakistan

                 (vii) Myanmar

6. Brief description of the 1971 war between Indo-Pak Describe ?

  Ans :-   ( Remember by making notes yourself )

7. Brief note regarding the Kargil War of 1999 write ?

Ans :-   ( Remember by making notes yourself )

8. 10 on Biography of Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw Write a line ?

  Ans :-  ( Remember by making notes yourself )

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