Personality Development and Leadership – 1 – NCC A, B, C Certificate Exam Questions and Answers Notes in English 2022-2023

1. Who is the leader ? ( 3 )

Answer :- A leader is a person who is more reliable than the general members of his group in the science of intelligence, in the discharge of responsibility.

2. How many types of leaders are there ? ( 5 )

Answer – Three types –

(i) Autocratic

(ii) Democratic

(iii) Laissezz Faire

3. What are the qualities of a good leader ? ( 10 )

Answer :-

(i) lead by your example

(ii) Leadership is about the people

(iii) focus on change

(iv) admitting mistakes

(v) Understand the value of listening

(vi) Developing Leadership Skills

(vii) Promoting diversity

(viii) work together to achieve more

(ix) concrete value

(x) use of technology


(i) Conduct              (ii) Courage

(iii) Decisiveness    (iv) Reliability

(v) Tolerance          (vi) Enthusiasm

(vii) truthful          (viii) integrity

(ix) decision maker  (x) initiative

4. Fill in the blanks :- ( 5 )

(i) Proclamation of principle is ……….. ?

Answer :- One-way communication

(ii) The ability to play in any field is ……….. ?

Answer :- Sports

(iii) Self development is ……….. factor which affects personality ?

Answer :- Physical

(iv) The three main elements of a strong relationship are ……….., intimacy and responsibility ?

Answer :- passion

(v) Dialogue word itself is ……… dialogue ?

Answer :- Non-verbal communication

5. Write 5 fundamental rights enjoyed by Indian citizens ? (5)

Answer :-

(i) Right to Freedom

(ii) Right to Equality

(iii) Right to Education

(iv) Right against exploitation

(v) Right to Secularism

(vi) Right to Constitutional Remedies

6. Write the full name of the following :- ( 5 )

(a) WTLO – Whole Time Lady Officers

(b) NGO – Non Governmental Organization

(c) ANO – Associate NCC Officer

(d) RTI – Right to Information

(e) YEP – Youth Exchange Program

7. Write 10 main life skills that help in the development of a person’s personality. ( 10 )

Answer :-

(i) Enlightenment

(ii) sympathy

(iii) Logical thinking

(iv) creative thinking

(v) stress control

(vi) Decisiveness

(vii) Interrelationship

(viii) Effective communication

(ix) Control of emotions

(x) Problem solving skills 

8. Write True or False :- (5)

(i) Tendency is a mental state that we see as we think ?

Answer :- Correct

(ii) Body image is a way in which we describe our physical condition ?

Answer :- Correct

(iii) The strong bond between two or more organizations is called internal personal relationship.

Answer :- Wrong

(iv) Physical attraction between two persons shows his impulse ?

Answer :- Correct

(v) Stability in contact is a barrier between the statements ?

Answer :- Wrong

9. What is the contribution of NCC in the development of personality ? (10)

Answer :-

(i) to respect the national flag

(ii) to obey the law and order of the country

(iii) Respecting all religion and culture

(iv) respecting the elderly and women

(v) Producing a good citizen is the main role of NCC

(vi) To serve the country with faith with unity and discipline

(vii) To inculcate the spirit of discipline in a person

(viii) To inculcate a sense of selfless service in every individual

10. Match the pair :- ( 5 )

(a) Leadership                 (i) Patriot

(b) Fundamental Right   (ii) Mahatma Gandhi

(c) Good Citizen            (iii) Right to Equality

(d) Father of the Nation  (iv) Defense of the Nation

(e) Fundamental Duty      (v) Credibility

Answer :- (a) – (v) , (b) – (iii)

(c) – ( i ) , (d) – (ii) , (e) – (iv)

11. How can citizenship be acquired ? Describe 4 ways :- (4)

Answer :-

(i) by birth

(ii) by inheritance or blood relation

(iii) through registration

(iv) by nationality

(v) through land expansion

(vi) from immigration

12. Fill in the blank :- ( 5 )

(a) Social etiquette teaches us to behave in ……… ?

– in society

(b) Shaking hands with palms down indicates ……… ?

– to fear

(c) ………… is the law of effect ?

– 21

(d) Friendship is a type of ………. ?

– Relation

(e) Conflict involving more than two parties is called ………….

– Internecine

13. What are the principles of effective leadership ? ( 5 )

Answer :-

(a) Decisiveness    (b) Dependency

(c) initiative           (d) integrity

(e) Judgment          (f) Justice

(g) Knowledge       (h) Loyalty

14. Write the full name of the following :- ( 10 )

(a) DM – District Magistrate

(b) NGO – Non Governmental Organization

(c) H & H – Health and Hygiene

(d) RTI – Right to Information

(e) YEP – Youth Exchange Program 

15. Write what do you understand by discipline ? ( 5 )

Answer :- To comply with the order issued by the right authority. It can be acquired by habit. Discipline should come from within and not out of fear of punishment.

Or /

Discipline means to obey a given order with will, without To take appropriate action against any order.

16. What is the principle of effective communication ? (6)

Answer :-

(i) Finding out your objectives

(ii) small dialogues at a time

(iii) Presenting a round picture

(iv) Expectation of objections

(v) Gaining credibility with your audience

17. Fill in the blank :- ( 5 )

(a) Always come for the interview at least …………. before …………. minutes ?

– 10 to 15 minutes

(b) CV means ………. ?

– Educational records and work experience ( Curriculum vitae )

(c) Another name for CV is ………. ?

– Resume

(d) Television is a waste of ……… ?

– of time

(e) Democratic style is a type of ……… ?

– Leadership

18. Write five duties of a citizen ? (5)

Answer :-

(i) Support and defend the Constitution

(ii) obeying the law

(iii) Participation in the local community

(iv) Respect all religions

(v) To protect the property of the country

(vi) To defend the country when needed

19. Write the way to develop leadership qualities :- (10)

Answer :-

(i) Knowing and capable of doing one’s job well

(ii) Knowing and improving one’s own abilities

(iii) Knowing his subordinates and their sense of well being

(iv) Presenting one’s ideal

(v) giving complete information to subordinates, explaining the work, redressing and completing the work

(vi) To develop the spirit of subordinates

(vii) Right and Social Construction

(viii) To develop accountability among subordinates

(ix) to subordinates according to their capacity

(x) To develop a sense of responsibility towards the work of subordinates

20. Name the delicate parts of the body ? ( 10 )

Answer :-

(i) ear

(ii) nose

(iii) Tongue

(iv) Heart

(v) Eyes

21. Select the correct answer :- ( 10 )

(i) What is it called to work even in the absence of someone ?

(a) decision

(b) initiative

(c) work

(d) none of these

Answer :- (b) Pahal

(ii) What is it called to perform one’s duty honestly with interest and enthusiasm ?

(a) Management

(b) Duty

(c) Initiative

(d) none of these

Answer :- (b) Duty

(iii) What are the main uses of leadership ?

(a) instilling confidence

(b) to encourage

(c) to encourage employees

(d) all of these

Answer :- (d) All of these

(iv) Compliance with the order by the right officer is called ?

(a) Discipline

(b) Duty

(c) work

(d) none of these

Answer :- (a) Discipline

(v) is asked to obey orders by his discretion ?

(a) Duty

(b) work

(c) Discipline

(d) none of these

Answer :- (c) Discipline

22. Write 5 qualities of an ideal citizen :-

Answer :-

(i) intelligence

(ii) self-restraint

(iii) Awareness

(iv) good health

(v) Security


(a) didactic

(b) honest

(c) inducer

(d) valid

(e) Environment friendly

23. What is the importance of personality development ? ( 5 )

Answer :-

(i) Personality Development, Increases Self Confidence in you

(ii) It gives you a distinct identity in the crowd

(iii) Personality development, helps you in building a strong personal relationship

(iv) Personality development helps in your career growth

(v) It brings humility in your nature

(vi) This brings a new improvement in your speaking skills i.e. Speaking Skills.

(vii) By this you can bring the required improvement in your body language.

(viii) It develops positive attitude in you.

(ix) Personality development awakens a sense of self-esteem in you

(x) It helps to eliminate the fear of your mind

24. Write True or False :- ( 5 )

(a) A good leader should be an initiative ?

– ( truth )

(b) Can strong leadership qualities be built up with practice ?

– ( truth )

(c) Shouldn’t a good leader flutter about his team ?

– ( false )

(d) A good leader does not pay attention to the mistakes of his colleague ?

– ( false )

(e) Sweaty palms is a symptom of stress ?

– ( truth ) 

25. What are the three factors, which help in motivating any person ? ( 3 )

Answer :-

(i) hobbies

(ii) target

(iii) state of existence

(iv) Ideal

26. Write any five facts of the knowledge of unity in diversity in India :-

Answer :-

(i) Geographical Integration

(ii) Political unity

(iii) Religious Unity

(iv) Cultural Integration

(v) Unity of Language

27. Fill in the blank :- ( 5 )

(a) The image represents the ………… of a human being ?

Answer :- Physically

(b) Attention reveals the person to ……… ?

Answer :- Mental form

(c) Differences are of ………… type ?

Answer :- 3

(d) Conflict involving more than two parties is called ………….

Answer :- Internacion

(e) One should always come for the interview at least …………. minutes before ?

Answer :- 10 to 15

28. Write the principles of time management ? ( 10 )

Answer :-

(i) Make good use of your time

(ii) keep the time daily

(iii) Identify long term goals

(iv) Make daily and weekly plans

(v) Organize your tasks

(vi) Work effectively and get it done

(vii) Keep in mind the time commitment

(viii) Manage your meetings etc.

(ix) Focus on best fruitful activities

(x) Take care of your health so that your time is not wasted due to illness etc.

29. What is the importance of time management ? ( 5 )

Answer :-

(i) It is the key to increasing productivity and staying organized

(ii) Time management is essential for people from all walks of life

(iii) It can help you to achieve your goal

(iv) Time management helps in taking better decisions

(v) It increases the motivation level

(vi) When you work on the technique of time management, the quality of work increases

(vii) Efficient time management helps in reducing your stress level

30. Write True or False :- ( 5 )

(a) A good leader does not treat everyone in his team equally ?

– ( False )

(b) Should one wear comfortable clothes for the interview ?

– ( truth )

(c) The person making direct eye contact means that the person is speaking correctly ?

– ( truth )

(d) Is not getting welfare on time a reason for stress ?

– ( truth )

(e) Helping someone without selfishness is a bad habit ?

– ( false )

31. What should a commander do to maintain good human order ? ( 5 )

Answer: – Such a system of soldiers, in which their mental and physical development can take place and can take action in the whole battlefield with full efficiency and mobility. that is the qualification of the human system commander, according to which

He manages the needs of his soldiers.

(a) appreciate the good work

(b) understand the feelings of the subordinate soldiers

(c) take genuine interest in the problems of others

(d) pay attention to the health of the soldiers

(e) make promotion with merit

(f) give rest to the soldiers after hard work

(g) Create a good environment with your behavior

32. What is the importance of value in a society ? ( 5 )

Answer :-

(a) Social ethics

(b) respect for each other

(c) obeying the law

(d) Avoiding violation of basic civil rights

(e) Maintaining proper etiquette in public places

(f) Positive perception

(g) maintaining cleanliness

(h) Understanding the attitude of the society

33. Fill in the blank :- ( 5 )

(a) Television wastes ………… ?

Answer :- Time

(b) Democratic style is a type of ………. ?

Answer :- Leadership

(c) Leaders are of ………… type ?

Answer :- 3

(d) The leader should have the spirit of ………. ?

Answer :- Team’s

(e) Loyalty is an essential part of ……… ?

Answer :- Sure victory

34. What do you understand by SWOT ? ( 5 )

Answer :-

S – Strength

W – Weakness

O – Opportunities

T – Threats

35. What do you understand by inspiration ? ( 2 )

Answer: Motivation is a theoretical construct used to explain behavior. It represents the reasons for people’s actions, desires and needs. Motivation can also be defined as the direction to behave.

36. Write True False :- ( 5 )

(a) A good leader trains his subordinates as a team ?

– ( Correct )

(b) The leader should be non-partisan ?

– ( Correct )

(c) There should be a sense of selfishness in the leader ?

– ( Wrong )

(d) A leader should have moral and physical courage ?

– ( Correct )

(e) The conduct of the leader should be of high order ?

– ( Correct )

37. What do you understand by inspiration and write its types ? ( 10 )

Answer :-Motivation is that inner power of a person which gives motivation to the person to work. Motivation can only be gauged from behavior.

Motivations are of the following types –

(a) Innate motivation

(b) earned motivation

38. Define personality. What is the main basis of personality development ? ( 5 )

Answer :-Personality includes mental characteristics, patterns of thought and emotion to act in a particular way.

Main basis of personality development

(i) Self awareness

(ii) sympathy

(iii) Critical Thinking

(iv) creative thinking

(v) problem solving skills

(vi) decision making

(vii) Interrelationship

(viii) Don’t get carried away by feelings

(ix) Inter-effective communication of emotions

(x) withstand stress

39. Choose the correct answer :- ( 5 )

(i) How do NCC develop the personality of a cadet to the fullest ?

(a) By developing team spirit

(b) By developing leadership qualities

(c) By developing the spirit of discipline

(d) all of these

Answer :- (iv) All of these

(ii) What are the types of leadership style ?

Answer :- Three types

(iii) If two or more people talk among themselves to achieve the same goal, then what is it called ?

Answer :- Group

(iv) What is the main foundation of corporate discipline ?

Answer :- Drill

(v) In which type of leadership do you take decisions in consultation with your subordinates ?

Answer :- In Democratic Leadership

40. Name five civil officers who can take help from the armed forces ? ( 5 )

Answer :-

(a) Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Police Commissioner

(b) Minister in charge of law and order

(c) Divisional Commissioner

(d) District Magistrate

(e) Civil Surgeon etc.

41. What is communication ? Explain the process of communication ? (10)

Answer :-

Communication is a method in which two or more persons exchange ideas and facts among themselves in such a way that each of them understands well the meaning and use of the subject.

process –

The process of exchanging information, ideas and things among themselves is called communication process.

42. Write True or False :- ( 5 )

(a) A good leader should have learning behavior ?

– ( Correct )

(b) Can strong leadership qualities be built up with practice ?

– ( Correct )

(c) A good leader should not care about his team ?

– ( Wrong )

(d) A good leader ignores the mistake committed by his junior ?

– ( Wrong )

(e) Is biting nails with teeth a good habit ?

– ( Wrong )

43. Explain democratic leadership ? (5)

Answer :- Also known as participatory or shared leadership, it is a method of directing groups or teams in which group components take an active role in decision-making processes. Despite being more effective in some situations than others, it can be implemented in any successful environment. In an environment where a democratic leadership style is used, everyone has the opportunity to participate. Ideas are freely exchanged, encouraging discussion and debate. The democratic leadership style is most effective.

44. What is the reason for the communication gap ? (5)

Answer :-

(i) In accurate Speed

(ii) Clear Voice

(iii) Bad Rhythm

45. Select the correct answer :- ( 5 )

(i) In order to win the hearts of his subordinates, which need of his is to be taken care of ?

Answer :- Welfare

(ii) What is understood as NCC Cadet in NCC activity ?

Answer :- Group

(iii) Who develops sportsmanship in NCC ?

Answer :- Team spirit

(iv) When any work is completed without order, what is it called ?

Answer :- Initiative

(v) What is it called to understand someone’s feelings without hurting them ?

Answer :- Tact 

46. ​​What do you understand by team, describe different types of teams ? (10)

Answer :-Two or more interdependent individuals who share responsibility for the results and who are considered by themselves and others to be an intact social unit in a larger social system are called a team.

 There are 4 types of team –

(i) Functional team

(ii) Problem Solving Team

(iii) Cross functional team

(iv) Self-Managed Team

47. Write the various qualities of a person of good character ? ( 10 )

Answer –

(i) They are honest in relationships

(ii) They compliment others when deserved

(iii) They call their parents regularly

(iv) They are polite

(v) They are kind to everyone

(vi) They are generous with their belongings

(vii) They remember their manners

(viii) They think of others

(ix) They go the extra mile

(x) They are kind to loved ones

(xi) They smile

(xii) They make the best out of every situation

(xiii) They make friends easily

(xiv) They don’t take things for granted

(xv) They are consistent

48. Write True False :- ( 5 )

(a) Scratching the neck shows the frustration of a person ?

– ( Correct )

(b) Making direct eye contact means the person is lying ?

– ( Wrong )

(c) Should one wear comfortable clothes for the interview ?

– ( Correct )

(d) CV ( CV – Curriculum vitae ) should not be your personal information ?

– ( Correct )

(e) Sweaty palms is a symptom of stress ?

– ( Correct )

49. Write any five points to keep the moral of the cadets high ? ( 10 )

Answer –

1. Reserve seats for them in various jobs

2. Determination of Bonus Marks in Various Competitive Examinations

3. Providing Scholarship to Meritorious Cadets

4. Promotion and Responsibility

5. Rewarding for Good Deeds

6. Conducting Welfare Programs for NCC Cadets

7. Organizing Sports Competition in the Camp

8. Organizing Cultural Events

9. Sending for Adventure

50. Define citizen? What are the duties of a good citizen ? ( 5 )

Answer :-A citizen is one who owes allegiance to the country and obeys the law of the land.

(i) To have love and allegiance to the country

(ii) obeying the law of the land

(iii) Respecting children, elders and women

(iv) To respect the national flag

(v) To help the country when it is in need

(vi) To protect the property of the country

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