Health & Hygiene – NCC A, B & C Certificate Exam Questions and Answers Notes in English

 1. Fill in the blanks :-

 (i) Rabies is caused by the bite of _______  ?

 Ans :- Dog

 (ii) DTL _______ means ?

   Ans :-  Deep Trench Latrine

 (iii) RMO is ________ ?

 Ans :-  Regimental Medical Officer

 (iv) Heart beat of a healthy and normal person _____ per minute ?

   Ans :-  72 times

 (v) The blood test for AIDS is ________ ?

   Ans :-  HIV

2. Write the names of five waterborne diseases :-

   Ans :-

 (i) dysentery          (ii) Jaundice            (iii) Diarrhea

 (iv) Ulcers             (v) Allergy              (vi) Fever

 3. Write the full form of AIDS, its main Causes show cause ?

 Ans :-   AIDS – Acquired Immune Difficiency Syndrome

 reason :-

 (i) unprotected sex

 (ii) By taking HIV infected blood

 (iii) Taking HIV infected needles

 (iv) giving birth to an infant of an HIV – infected mother

 (v) shaving with an HIV infected blade

4. Which organ is affected by Kovid-19 ?

   Ans :-  Lungs

5. Write the measures to prevent Kovid-19 ?

   Ans :-

 (i) Keeping hands clean  ( Wash frequently )

 (ii) Avoid touching the face  ( nose, lips,eyelids )

 (iii) Take care of cleanliness  ( apply mask )

 (iv) Change clothes  ( wash hands ) after coming home from outside

 (v) Eat good food  ( rice, lentils, green vegetables, milk, Yogurt, meat, fruit etc. )

 6. Write the qualities of a good nurse ?

 Ans :-

 (i) The nature of the nurse should be kind

 (ii) Ability to work in harsh conditions needed

 (iii) Must have stamina

 (iv) Ability to work for long hours without breaks should be

 (v) Must have patience

 (vi) Must have good communication skills

 (vii) Nurse should be disciplined

7. How will you ensure the cleanliness of  the kitchen ?

   Ans :-

 (i) Wash the utensils with hot water

 (ii) Will keep the cooked food covered

 (iii) any disease of the person working in the kitchen shouldn’t be

 (iv) Put the remaining vegetable peels etc. in the dustbin. will put

 (v) Every month to the person working in the kitchen medical examination should be done

 (vi) Daily cleaning of the kitchen needed

 (vii) Will not allow water to accumulate around the kitchen

8. Match the pair :-

 (i) INJ.  Rabiees               (a) Polio

 (ii) INJ.  Tab                     (b) Rabiees

 (iii) INJ.  Hepatitis          (c) Typhoid

 (iv) INJ.  TT                     (d) Hepatitis B

 (v) INJ.  Polio                  (e) Tetnas

 Ans :-

 (i) —- (b)  ,  (ii) —- (c)  ,  (iii) — (d)  ,  (iv) —- (e)  ,  (v) — (a)

9. Write first aid for snake bite ?

   Ans :-

 (i) Increase the morale of the snake bite person

 (ii) Tie it tightly with a rope over the cut area

 (iii) Toxic blood by slitting the bitten area with a blade remove

 (iv) Take the person bitten by a snake & go to a private hospital immediately.

10. Fill in the blanks :-

 (i) Human body is made up of ________ bones ?

   Ans :- 206

 (ii) Human skull saves ________ ?

   Ans :-  brain

 (iii) Heart is located on ________ chest ?

   Ans :-  Left

 (iv) Nervous system is ________ and ________ organ ?

   Ans :-  Brain and Sushumna

11. What do you do to stop the outbreak of malaria ? Will you take preventive measures ?

   Ans :-

 (i) Will not allow water to accumulate around itself

 (ii) Will spray kerosene/DDT on frozen water

 (iii) Will take care of cleanliness

 (iv) Install nets in the windows

 (v) put a fish net while sleeping

 (vi) Odomash,All Out,Good Night Fast Card etc. will be used.

12. Write five methods of purification of  water ?

   Ans :-

 (i) Boiling —– Boiling

 (ii) Filtration by Purifier

 (iii) Chlorinisation by —– Chlorinisation

 (iv) Sedimentation by —– Sedimentation

 (v) Distillation by —– Distillation

13. Write about any six asanas of  Yogasana ?

 Ans :-

 (i) Surya Namaskar      (ii) respiration            (iii) Trikonasana

 (iv) Chakrasana            (v) Headstand             (vi) Sarvangasana

 14. What do you understand by first aid ?

 Ans :-  suffering from any accidental event or disease from the arrival of the person to the doctor or to the hospital First aid is the treatment given till now.

15. Write first aid for the bite of a mad dog ?  

 Ans :-

 (i) Tolia around the village to stop bleeding put

 (ii) To keep the bitten part raised slightly try

 (iii) Wash the injured area carefully with soap and water. clean up

 (iv) If there is an antibiotic cream, apply it on the injury

 (v) Apply a clean bandage to the wound

 (vi) Quickly take the victim to a private hospital

16. What is the type of bandage, write the name ?

   Ans :-

 (i) Roller Bandage            (ii) Craps Bandage      (iii) T Bandage

 (iv) suspensory bandage   (v) Field Strip              (vi) Spica Strip

 (vii) octagonal belt        (viii) Inverted screw bar

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