Health and Hygiene – NCC A, B, C Certificate Exam Questions and Answers Notes in English 2022-2023

1. What do you understand by first aid ? ( 3 )

Answer :- The medical treatment given to the person suffering from any accidental event or disease before the arrival of the doctor or taking him to the hospital is called first aid.

2. Fill in the blank :- ( 5 )

(a) Human body is made up of ……….. bones ?

Answer :- From 206 bones

(b) Human skull protects ……….

Answer :- brain

(c) The heart is situated on the ………… of the chest ?

Answer :- Left

(d) Nervous system is ………… and ……….

Answer :- Brain and Sushumna

3. How to ensure proper personal hygiene ? ( 5 M )

Answer :-

(i) physical hygiene

(ii) nutritious food

(iii) Exercise

(iv) Rest and Sleep

(v) Pleasant atmosphere

(vi) worry-free life

(vi) take bath twice a day

(vii) Keep a handkerchief over your mouth while sneezing or coughing

(viii) Daily cleaning of teeth

(ix) Washing the hair with soap or shampoo at least once a week

4. Name five water borne diseases. ( 5 )

Answer :-

(i) dysentery

(ii) Jaundice

(iii) Diarrhea

(iv) Ulcers

(v) Allergy

(vi) Fever

5. Fill in the blank :- (5)

(i) Rabies is caused by the bite of ………… ?

Answer :- Dog

(ii) DTL stands for ………… ?

Answer :- Deep Trench Latin

(iii) RMO is ………… ?

Answer :- Regimental Medical Officer

(iv) The heartbeat of a healthy and normal person is …………. Happens per minute ?

Answer :- 72 times

(v) A blood test is done for AIDS ?

Answer – HIV

6. Write Full Form :- ( 5 M )

(a) NGOs – Non Governmental Organization

(b) AIDs – Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome

(c) RBC – Red Blood Cells

(d) HBP – High Blood Pressure

(e) HB – Hemoglobin

7. How will you ensure personal hygiene in NCC camps ? (8)

Answer :-

(i) Keep the food neat and covered

(ii) will spray DDT

(iii) will not allow water logging

(iv) will arrange water for cleaning the bathing utensils

(v) will arrange pure water for drinking

(vi) will keep 4-5 socks

(vii) put a mosquito net while sleeping

(viii) Make proper arrangements for defecation so that dirt does not spread

8. Write True and False :- ( 5 )

(i) All use antiseptic for wound healing ?

Answer :- Correct

(ii) Chemical substances bleaching powder is used to destroy germs ?

Answer :- Correct

(iii) Food and drink do not do the work of spreading cholera ?

Answer :- Wrong

(iv) Smallpox is not spread by air ?

Answer :- Wrong

(v) Dengue is spread by mosquito ?

Answer :- Correct

9. What arrangements are necessary to maintain cleanliness in the camp ? ( 5 )

Answer :-

(i) Dirt should not be spread in the camp

(ii) The drinking water should be filtered thoroughly

(iii) Do not allow water logging around it

(iv) Throw the garbage which is there in the dustbin and do not spread the dirt

(v) Make proper arrangements for defecation

(vi) Do not allow water logging around the cooking area

(vii) Daily cleaning of the Leaving Area

(viii) Throw the leftover food at proper place

(ix) Follow the camp rules

(x) Do not allow any other cadet to spread filth

10. Fill in the blanks :- ( 5 )

(i) Beri-Beri disease is caused by the deficiency of ……….. ?

Answer :- Vitamin B

(ii) Diabetes is caused by the deterioration of ………. ?

Answer :- Pancreas

(iii) The main cause of anemia is the deficiency of ……….. ?

Answer :- Hemoglobin

(iv) Malaria is caused by ……….. mosquito bite ?

Answer :- Female Anopheles

(v) The symptom of cholera is ……….. ?

Answer :- Kai, diarrhea

11. What are the essential elements of good health, any five ? (5)

Answer :-

(i) taking bath daily

(ii) eating a balanced diet

(iii) getting up early in the morning

(iv) doing regular exercise

(v) getting 6 to 8 hours of sleep

12. How will you ensure the cleanliness of the kitchen ? ( 5 )

Answer :-

(i) Wash the utensils with hot water

(ii) Keep the cooked food covered

(iii) The person working in the kitchen should not have any disease

(iv) Throw the remaining vegetable peels etc. in the dustbin.

(v) By cleaning the kitchen thoroughly daily

(vi) Will not allow water to accumulate around the kitchen

13. Write the full form of AIDS? What is the reason for contact with this disease ? (6)

 Answer :- AIDS – Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome

 Cause –

(i) unprotected sex

(ii) By taking HIV infected blood

(iii) Taking HIV infected needles

(iv) producing an infant of an HIV-infected mother

(v) shaving with HIV infected blade

14. Fill in the blanks :- ( 5 )

(i) The symptoms of COVID-19 are ……….. ?

Answer :- Fever, cough and cold, problem in breathing etc.

(ii) The natural means of destroying germs is ……….. ?

Answer :- Clean air or sunlight

(iii) Plague is spread by fleas found on ………. ?

Answer :- Rats

(iv) The depth of the shortest trench for the toilet in the camp is ………..fits and the length ………..fits ?

Answer :- 2 feet and 6 feet

15. What is the remedy to prevent AIDS ? ( 5 )

Answer :-

(i) have safe sex, use contraception

(ii) Get that blood tested before taking blood

(iii) Always use a new syringe

(iv) Always use fresh blood for shaving

(v) Having good knowledge about HIV

16. What preventive measures will you take to stop the outbreak of malaria ? (8)

 Answer :-

(i) Will not allow water logging around you

(ii) will sprinkle DDT/Kerosene on the water

(iii) Will take care of cleanliness

(iv) Install nets in the windows

(v) put a mosquito net while sleeping

(vi) Use All Out, Good Night, Fast Card etc.

17. Write True or False :- ( 5 )

(a) Who should not have food with a person suffering from AIDS ?

– ( Wrong )

(b) Donating blood creates imbalance in the body ?

– (wrong)

(c) By donating blood the human body becomes weak ?

– (wrong)

(d) AIDS Day is celebrated every year on 1st December ?

– ( Correct )

(e) Touching a cancer patient causes cancer ?

– (wrong)

18. Write a note about Kovid-19 and its prevention ? ( 5 )

Answer :-

(i) wash hands frequently

(ii) Take care of cleanliness, apply mask

(iii) Change clothes after coming home from outside

(iv) Do not touch face and eyes frequently

(v) Maintain social distance

(vi) eat good food

(vii) strengthen the immune system

(viii) Make a habit of drinking lukewarm water

(ix) Drink turmeric milk once daily

(x) Keep a handkerchief over the mouth while sneezing and coughing

19. Describe how many methods are there to purify water ? ( 5 )

Answer :-

(i) Boiling

(ii) By Purifier / Filtration

(iii) By chlorination

(iv) Sedimentation

(v) Distillation

20. What should be done in case of snake bite (any five) ? ( 10 )

Answer :-

(i) keep calm

(ii) make the victim lie down comfortably

(iii) boost morale

(iv) if breathing fails artificial respiration is started

(v) Call Ambulance

(vi) take off anything constricting the area such as a ring or watch

(vii) Do not let the snake bite person sleep

21. Fill in the blank :- ( 6)

(a) Human body has ……….. bone ?

Answer :- 206 Bones

(b) Blood vessels are of ………….

Answer :- Three types

(c) A dog bite causes ……… a disease ?

Answer :- Rabies

(d) The length of the small intestine is ………… and the breadth is ………. ?

Answer :- Length 6 to 7 meters and width 35 mm

(e) Deficiency of Vitamin-B causes ………. Disease ?

Answer :- Beri-Beri

(f) Full name of WHO ………….

Answer :- World Health Organization

22. Describe the different types of bandages, any five ? (5)

Or / How many types of bandages are there, write the name ?

Answer :-

(i) Roller Bandage

(ii) Craps Bandage

(iii) Tea Bandage

(iv) Suspenseries Bandage

(v) Field strip

(vi) Spica strip

(vii) octagonal strip

(viii) inverted screw strip

23. Match the following :- (5)

(i) Mosquito    (a) Plague

(ii) Ticks         (b) Kala-azar

(iii) Moth        (c) Cholera

(iv) sand fly    (d) intermittent fever

(v) Fly             (e) Dengue

Answer :- (i) – (e) , (ii) – (d) ,

(iii) – (a) , (iv) – (iv) , (v) – (c)

24. What are the benefits of yoga to a person ? ( 5 M )

Answer :-

(a) physical fitness

(b) Improvement in communication system

(c) Improvement in the nervous system

(d) the body corrects deformities

(e) Improves respiratory system

25. Fill in the blanks :- ( 5 )

(a) Are ……….. latrines used during the camp ?

Answer :- DTL

(b) ……….. blood group is a universal donor ?

Answer :- ‘O’ blood group

(c) Conjunctivitis is a disease of ………. ?

Answer :- Infection Disease

(d) Rabies is caused by the bite of ………. ?

Answer :- Dog

(e) ………… is a water borne disease ?

Answer :- Jaundice

26. Write the different types of personal hygiene ? ( 5 M )

Or/ Write any five factors of personal cleanliness ? ( 10 )

Answer –

(a) sleep

(b) bath

(c) eating and drinking

(d) exercise

(e) Care and cleaning of skin, hair and teeth

27. How many types of fractures are there, which ones ? ( 5 M )

Answer: – There are six types of fractures –

(a) simple fracture

(b) Complex fracture

(c) joint fracture

(d) multiple fractures

(e) Chakdi fracture

(f) Raw fracture

28. Fill in the blank :- ( 5 )

(a) The number of bones in our body is ………… ?

– 206 bones

(b) Heart receives blood through ………. ?

– heart

(c) ………. The disease is caused through dog bite ?

– rabies

(d) Average requirement of sleep in 1 day is from ……….. to ……….. hours ? 

– 6 to 8 hours

(e) ……….. is the part of the body to excrete feces ?

– Liver, skin, kidney and lungs

29. How to do first aid in these situations ? ( 5 )

(a) Heat stroke :-

Answer :-

(i) pour cold water on the body

(ii) give salt water

(iii) lie in a shady place

(b) On snake bite :-

Answer :-

(i) Increase the morale of the snake bite person

(ii) tie tightly with a rope or lace over the bitten area

(iii) Remove the toxic blood by incision of the bitten area with blood.

(iv) Take the person bitten by a snake to a private hospital immediately.

(v) Do not let the snake bite person sleep

30. Name the blood groups ? ( 4 )

Answer :- A , B , AB & O 

31. Write True or False :- ( 5 )

(a) The muscles of the body are classified into three types ?

– ( Correct )

(b) Liver is the most important organ of blood circulation ?

– ( Wrong )

(c) Skin covers the outer surface of the body ?

– ( Correct )

(d) Nervous system is classified into 4 ways ?

– ( Wrong )

(e) Rabies is a very dangerous disease transmitted by a mad dog ?

– ( Correct )

32. Define cleanliness ? ( 5 )

Answer :- Cleanliness is a process by which our body, mind, clothes, around the house and workspace remain clean and pure. Cleanliness is very important for our mental and physical health. Cleanliness of our surroundings and environment is very important for our social and intellectual health.

33. Name any four institutions of the body ? ( 5 M )

Answer :-

(a) Skeletal system

(b) Respiratory System

(c) nervous system

(d) Circulatory System

34. Fill in the blank :- ( 5 )

(a) Mosquitoes spread ………… and ………. Diseases ?

Answer – Dengue and Malaria

(b) Polluted water causes ………… and ……… disease spread ?

Answer – Stomach disease, Jaundice, Cholera, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Typhoid fever

(c) ………… injection is given on snake bite ?

Answer – Anti snake venom injection

(d) Normal blood pressure is ………… ?

Answer – 120/80 mmhg ( millimeters of mercury )

(e) Deficiency of Vitamin B causes ………. Disease ?

Answer – Beri-Beri, Anemia

35. Write briefly about any 6 asanas of Yogasana ? (12)

Answer :-

(i) Surya Namaskar – This eliminates skin disease, the possibility of its occurrence is eliminated.

(ii) Shavasana – By doing this asana the mind becomes calm and the body gets energy.

(iii) Shirsasana – This posture reduces the protruding stomach and increases the digestive power.

(iv) Trikonasana – This posture creates tension in the hands, feet and parts of the body, due to which the person remains healthy.

(v) Sarvangasana – It provides strength to the liver and purifies the intestines, it also increases the height.

(vi) Chakrasana – By doing this asana, the stomach never comes out and reduces belly fat.

36. Match :- ( 5 )

disease          affected organs

(i) Pyria        (a) Aut

(ii) Cataract  (b) Masure

(iii) T. B.       (c) Teeth and gums

(iv) Scurvy    (d) Lung

(v) Typhoid   (e) Eye

Answer :- (i) – (c) , (ii) – (e) ,

(iii) — (d) , (iv) — (b) , (v) — (a)

37. Fill in the blank :- ( 5 )

(a) The total number of bones in human body is ………… ?

Answer – 206 bones

(b) A healthy human being requires ………… hours of sleep per day ?

Answer – 6 to 8 hours

(c) Vitamin ‘K’ helps in ………… ?

Answer –Binding

(d) There are ………… muscles in the body ?

Answer – 500-600 muscles

(e) The finger bar is of ………….. inch ?

Answer – 3/4″ X 4 1/2″

38. What is the purpose of dressing / bandaging ? ( 5 )

Ans :- Dressing is done on injury to stop bleeding and to prevent infection. If care is not taken in this, then the problem increases. Tightening the bandage stops the blood supply to the lower part of the body.

39. What do you understand by personal hygiene ? Enumerate the basic factors that make a person healthy ? ( 10 )

Answer :- Personal hygiene refers to the lifestyle that results in a healthy and clean environment for example- bathing daily, wearing clean and hygienic clothes, making hair, getting a regular haircut, shaving, brushing teeth, and cutting nails.

Basic Factors –

(a) sleep

(b) bath

(c) eating and drinking

(d) exercise

(e) Care and cleaning of skin, hair and teeth

40. What are the different sources of water supply ? What are the methods of purification of water ? ( 10 )

Or/ What is the source of water? How is water purified ? ( 10 M )

Answer :-

(i) Surface water resources

(ii) Groundwater

(iii) Storm water resources

(iv) salt water

(v) Ice cap processing

Ways to purify water –

(i) to boil

(ii) Sedimentation

(iii) Filtration

(iv) Chlorination

(v) UV filter

41. Write a note on first aid to be administered during electric shock ? ( 5 )

Answer :-

(i) If the victim has fallen away from the electric shock and is unconscious, calm him by taking artificial respiration and immediately take him to a doctor for treatment.

(ii) If the victim is not in a position to free himself from the electric wires, try to isolate him with a dry stick. First of all turn off the main line, then get rid of it, if there is a burn, then take it to a private hospital as soon as possible.

42. Fill in the blanks :- ( 5 M )

(a) Drinking contaminated water causes ………… diseases ?

Answer :- Jaundice

(b) Human body consists of ……….. bones ?

Answer :- 206 bones

(c) The normal temperature of human body is ………… ?

Answer :- 98.4 F

(d) A healthy body requires …………. hours of sleep ?

Answer :- 6 to 8 hours

(e) ……….. The disease is caused by dog ​​bite ?

Answer :- Rabies

43. What is the main component of personal hygiene ? ( 5 M )

Answer :- For personal cleanliness and health, it is very important to pay attention to pure water, clean air, balanced diet as well as physical cleanliness regularly. In the external cleanliness of the body, it is necessary to pay special attention to the regular cleaning of skin, hair, nails, mouth, gums, teeth, tongue, eyes, ears, nose etc.

44. What is first aid? What equipment or items are in a first aid kit ? ( 5 M )

Answer :- The medical treatment given to the person suffering from any accidental event or disease before reaching the doctor or taking him to the hospital is called first aid.

Your first aid kit should be clean and water proof

(a) cotton or a clean cloth to stop the bleeding or to clean the wound

(b) antibiotic cream to be applied on the injury

(c) Bandage, adhesive bandage and sticking plaster

(d) Safety pins for tying the bandage

(e) Pain medicines

45. How will you keep the camp area clean during the camp ? (5)

Answer :-

(i) Daily cleaning of the unit line

(ii) Good condition of toilet, bath, Kutch

(iii) Good condition of cook house, dining hall and cleanliness

(iv) Washing point should be in good condition and cleanliness

(v) Do not store water at deep places in the campsite

(vi) Waste food thrown in the back of drying

(vii) Waste hymns thrown in the waste disposal

46. ​​Write the characteristics of yoga ? ( 5 M )

Answer :-

importance of yoga –

(i) in achieving the right balance and harmony

(ii) encourages self-healing

(ii) Removes toxins from the body and negative thoughts from the mind

(iv) Increases personal power

(v) Improves self-awareness

(vi) Helps with alertness, attention and concentration, which are especially important for children

Or /

The practice of yoga establishes the unity of body and mind, thought and action, self-control and perfection, and harmony between man and nature. It is a seamless approach to health and wellness. Yoga is not just exercise, but a feeling of finding oneself with the world and nature.

47. Fill in the blank :- ( 5 )

(a) ………… and ………… diseases spread by polluted water ?

– Dysentery, jaundice, cholera, ulcer, diarrhea

(b) Vitamin K helps in ………. ?

– In blood clotting and binding

(c) Can the ………… and ………… asanas be done immediately after meals ?

– Bhramari Pranayama and Vajrasana

48. How can the infection spread by chicken pox be prevented ? ( 5 )

Answer :-

(i) Use only paracetamol for fever and pain

(ii) To reduce itching, take medicine on the advice of a doctor.

(iii) Use of antibiotics for any other type of infection

(iv) Take a bath with some baking powder mixed in cold water

(v) Keep the room as cool as possible and wear cotton clothes

(vi) Apply antibiotic cream on the boils and pimples

49. Write about first aid for wound ? ( 5 )

Answer :- Use hydrogen peroxide or iodine to clean the wound. Use betadine. Clean the wound properly. After that apply antiseptic cream. To prevent any kind of infection, change the bandage along with changing the medicine. Do not wet the wound or else there may be a risk of infection.

50. Define ‘Hygiene’ and ‘Sanitation’ ? ( 5 )

Answer :-

Hygiene means the way of being healthy. It is important not only for physical but also for mental health, because it directly affects your mind.

Sanitation is a process by which our body, mind, clothes, home, surroundings and workspace remain clean and pure. Cleanliness of our surroundings and environment is very important for social and intellectual health.

51. Fill in the blank :- ( 10 )

(a) International Yoga Day is celebrated every year on ……… ?

Answer :- On 21st June

(b) India made 2 Anti Covid Vaccine is ………..

Answer :- Co-vaccine and Coveshield

(c) The process of heating the milk to a certain temperature, by which the bacteria It is devoid of ………….

Answer :- At 62 degree Celsius

(d) A healthy man needs …………. hours of sleep every day ?

Answer :- 6 to 8 hours

(e) The full form of AIDS is ………. ?

Answer :- Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome 

52. Write the names of 4 asanas of yoga ? ( 4 )

Answer :-

(i) Surya Namaskar

(ii) cremation

(iii) Shirshasana

(iv) Trikonasana

(v) Sarvangasana

(vi) Chakrasana

53. Fill in the blank :- ( 7)

(a) Diabetes is controlled by ………… vaccine ?

Answer :-

(b) ………… vaccine is given on snake bite ?

Answer :- Anti snake venom injection

(c) Normal body temperature is up to ………… ?

Answer :- 98.6 F

(d) Anemia is caused by the deficiency of ………… in the body ?

Answer :- Oxygen

(e) Beri-beri disease is caused by the deficiency of vitamin ………. ?

Answer :- ‘B’

(f) Cholera is spread by …………. and ………. ?

Answer: – By contaminated water and contaminated food

(g) Deficiency of Vitamin A causes ………..

Answer :- Night blindness

54. Write True and False :- ( 7)

(a) There are five types of fractures ?

– ( wrong )

(b) Flies are the carriers of typhoid disease ?

– ( wrong )

(c) Mouth-to-mouth artificial breathing is provided ?

– ( Correct )

(d) Venereal Disease occurs only on establishing physical relationship in the persons suffering from this disease ?

– ( Correct )

(e) Jaundice is also caused by drinking bad water ?

– ( Correct )

(f) Is TV a contagious disease ?

– ( wrong )

(g) There are total 208 bones in the human body ?

– ( wrong )

55. How to write first aid in open injury ? ( 10 M )

Answer :-

(i) clean the wound with spirit

(ii) Use antiseptic lotions like Betadine etc.

(iii) Bleeding stops the blood flow. Protects the wound from further injury.

Items used in this –

(i) Antiseptic lotions, creams and powders

(ii) cotton

(iii) Gauge

(iv) slab

(v) Band-edge

(vi) Scissors

56. Fill in the blank :- ( 5 M )

(a) A disease called plague is caused by ………..

– rat

(b) A disease called malaria is caused by the female ………… ?

 – Mosquito

(c) Viral fever is a ………… a disease ?

– spread (infection)

(d) Rabies is caused by the bite of ………… ?

– dog’s

(v) The sterilization of water takes place by mixing ………… of powder ?

– bleaching powder

57. Name the main organs of the urinary system ? ( 5 )

Answer :-

(i) the Kidneys

(ii) Ureters

(iii) Urinary bladder

(iv) Urethra

58. What are long bones ? ( 3 )

Answer :-

(i) femur

(ii) leg bone

(iii) hand bone

(iv) forearm bone

59. Write a short note on prevention of tactile disease ? (5)

Answer :-

(i) complete isolation of the patient

(ii) No direct personal contact between the patients and the staff concerned will help in preventing the spread of the disease

(iii) Early diagnosis will help prevent the spread

(iv) Proper disposal of all faecal urine of the patient

(v) Attendant to take all preventive measures

60. Which organ is affected by Kovid-19 ? ( 1 )

Answer :- Lungs

61. Write the qualities of a good nurse ? ( 5 )

Answer :-

(i) The nature of the nurse should be kind

(ii) Must have the ability to work in extreme conditions

(iii) Must have stamina

(iv) Should be able to work for long hours without breaks

(v) Must have patience

(vi) Must have good communication skills

(vii) Nurse should be disciplined

62. Match the pair :- ( 5 )

(i) INJ. Rabies       (a) Polio

(ii) INJ. Tab           (b) Rabies

(iii) INJ. Hepatitis  (c) Typhoid

(iv) INJ. TT            (d) Hepatitis B

(v) INJ. Polio          (e) Tetnas

Answer :- (i) – (b) , (ii) – (c) ,

(iii) — (d) , (iv) — (e) , (v) — (a)

63. Write first aid for the bite of a mad dog ? ( 5 )

Answer :-

(i) To stop bleeding, put a towel around the village

(ii) Try to keep the bitten part raised slightly

(iii) Clean the injured area carefully with soap and water

(iv) If there is antibiotic cream then apply it on the injury

(v) Put a clean bandage on the wound

(vi) Quickly take the victim to a private hospital

64. What do you understand by wound Write the types of first aid given for different wounds ? (10)

Answer :- The breakdown of the continuity of the skin or muscle membrane of the body due to any injury etc. is called wound. Wounds can be classified as follows –

(i) incision wound

(ii) piercing wound

(iii) gnawing wound

(iv) fissured wound

(v) bullet wound

(vi) bomb wound

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