Field Craft and Battle Craft-2 – NCC A, B, C Certificate Exam Questions and Answers Notes in English 2022-2023 ( FC and BC )

41. Explain the Advantages and Disadvantages of Section Formation Drill ? ( 5 )

Answer :-

Advantages –

(i) Mobility easy

(ii) Flexibility easy

(iii) saving time

(iv) easy control commands

(v) Facilitation in completing the task

(vi) more fire power

Disadvantages –

(i) Lack of surprise

(ii) Difficult to adapt to the times

(iii) Decrease in attack plan

(iv) Air Hazard

42. What are the targets of Ambush ? ( 5 )

Answer :-

(i) Vehicles carrying Ammunition

(ii) Cars carrying ration to the next position

(iii) Road or Pool Protection Party

(iv) signal line or repair party

(v) One Way Patrol Party

(vi) Parties going to Water Point

(vii) Parties referred to LP or OP

43. Ambush is used for what purpose ? ( 3 )

Answer :-

(i) To cause maximum damage to enemy soldiers and vehicles

(ii) To get the necessary news

(iii) To harass or intimidate the enemy in such a way that he makes the whole army to reply on the ground for his defense.

44. What do you understand by cover ? ( 3 )

Answer :- Such figures or places where the enemy’s eyes and his fire can be avoided and fire can be easily thrown on the enemy.

45. State the characteristics of a good cover ? ( 3 )

Answer :-

(i) Where the enemy can be secretly monitored and fire can be fired at him

(ii) From where enemy surveillance and fire can be avoided

(iii) from where it can be carried forward easily

(iv) Where it can be kept in a comfortable position for a long time.

46. ​​What is chemophage ? ( 2 )

Answer :- This is the art of hiding by the use of artificial objects ( Man Made ).

47. What is concealment ? ( 2 )

Answer :- This is the art of hiding from the sight and firing of the enemy with the help of natural scenes and figures. The main purpose of concealment in battle is to attack suddenly or to defend oneself.

48. What are the things to keep in mind while doing camouflage and concealment ? ( 5 )

Answer :-

(i) shape

(ii) photo

(iii) mutual distance

(iv) movement

(v) brightness position

(vi) contrast

(vii) sound, noise etc.

49. What is field craft ? ( 5 )

Answer :- Field craft is the art by which we learn to make proper use of the available role at the time of war. With the use of this art, soldiers can deftly defend themselves and attack the enemy effectively. Through field craft, we learn to make full use of all the natural and man-made structures located on the ground and inflict maximum damage on the enemy.

50. What are the main objectives of field craft ? ( 5 )

Answer :- It has 5 main purposes, which is also known as 5F –

(i) find

(ii) Follow

(iii) Fool

(iv) Fix

(v) Fire 

51. What is the importance of fieldcraft ?  ( 5 )

Answer :- If you are proficient in field craft in painting, then only you will be able to move towards the target on the ground and eliminate the enemy.  This art makes you so adept that you will be able to overcome the enemy in any type of land, field, forest, mountain, valley, snow, river, desert etc. Battle to master the battlefield structure and fieldcraft of soldiers.  has a decisive influence on the outcome.

52. What is patrolling ?  ( 3 )

Answer :- Patrolling is the monitoring of an area by walking or roaming on a light vehicle.

53. What is the purpose of patrolling ?  ( 3 )

Answer :- The purpose of patrolling is to get information about the enemy and to protect one’s military unit from enemy patrolling.  At the time of war, information about the number of enemy soldiers, weapons, etc. is of great importance and this information is obtained by patrolling.

54. How to find the target ?  ( 5 )

Answer :-

(i) By choosing Aamrukh

(ii) by dividing it into small pieces

(iii) by ground mark

(iv) By degree ( Using Compass )

(v) by hand

55. What are the factors affecting the section formation ?  ( 3 )

Answer :-

(i) Ground

(ii) Section work

(iii) Requirement of Section Commander’s Control ( Command & Control )

(iv) Need to fire more and more in less time ( Quick Fire Power )

56. How many types of fire orders are there ?  ( 3 )

Answer :- It is of 2 types –

(i) Fire Direction Order

(ii) Fire Control Order  

57. What is the type of fire ?  ( 5 )

Answer :- It is of four types –

(i) Grouping Fire

(ii) Zeroing fire

(iii) Application Fire

(iv) Classification Fire

58. What do you understand by Field Signal ?  ( 5 )

Answer :- During the time of war, instead of giving various signals in the field, instead of speaking, they are done without making any sound or by whistling in the speech of signal birds, mostly by shaking hands in different ways by showing rifles.

It is of 3 types –

(i) With Hand

(ii) With Weapons

(iii) With Whistle

59. Explain the structure of Platoon Formation ?  ( 5 )

Answer :-

(i) One Up Formation – In this formation one section of the platoon moves forward and two sections move backward.  This formation is perfect for moving forward.

(ii) Two Up Formation – In this formation, two sections move forward and one section moves backward, this formation is best for attack.

(iii) Three Up Formation – In this structure all the three sections go together.  This structure is perfect for making big attacks.  It has more firing power.

60. What do you understand by Battle Process ?  ( 3 )

Answer :- There is a method of preparing for war.  Under this, an army commander makes plans, issues orders and prepares a list of combat related tasks.

61. What do you understand by Battle Drill ?  ( 5 )

Answer :- Under the battle drill, the nature of the task assigned to each soldier is told.  To maintain mobility during war, it is divided into 4 groups –

Reiki Group – In this group there is a Platoon Commander and 1 Runner, their job is to do the Reiki of the place.

Order Group – This group consists of three sections Commander and Mortar Commander, Rocket Launcher Commander and Runner.

Fighting Group – This group consists of the remaining personnel of the Platoon Headquarters and the soldiers of all three sections.

Transport Group – This group consists of personnel and soldiers related to military transport.

62. What is the importance of Battle Drill ?  ( 3 )

Answer :-

(i) Information Appreciation

(ii) Fire & Movement

(iii) Verbal Orders

63. What is the principle of fire and movement ?  ( 5 )

Answer :-

Principle of firing –

(i) One Bullet, One Enemy

(ii) Aim at the head of the enemy

(iii) Minimum interval between covering fire and attack

Movement Theory –

(i) walk in organized group

(ii) build a proper structure

(iii) While walking, keep only one foot on the ground at a time

64. Into how many parts is the section battle drill divided ?  ( 5 )

Answer :- It is divided into 4 parts –

(i) to act when fired by the enemy

(ii) to attack

(iii) Detecting and neutralizing the enemy

(iv) Reconstitution of the section

65. What do you understand by field defense ?  ( 5 )

Answer :- Its main purpose is to organize soldiers and weapons in such a way that the enemy’s activity and attack can be effectively eliminated or controlled.

It is of two types :-

(i) Quick Defense

(ii) Deliberate Defense

66. Who is called Aamrukh ?  ( 2 )

Answer :- The fake / imaginary line that divides the area of ​​​​the given responsibility into approximately 2 equal parts.

67. Tell me how to choose Aamrukh ?  ( 3 )

Answer :-

Such thing is chosen as the face which –

(i) be far

(ii) be famous

(iii) be forced to walk

68. What are the three main stages of patrolling ?  ( 3 )

Answer :-

(i) Preparation

(ii) Conduct

(iii) Debriefing

69. What is Fire Control Order ?  ( 5 )

Answer :- For proper use of the power of fire, it is necessary to use the fire control order.  It is the responsibility of the Fire Unit Commander to issue fire control orders and correct fire orders.  But these orders should be taught to all the soldiers so that :-

(i) On the casualty of the Fire Unit Commander, any jawan may serve in his place.

(ii) If there is a shortage of Group Commander, then the jawans will have to do this duty.

(iii) To take advantage of the Fire Control Order, the correct description of targets and the training to identify them should be of a very high standard.

70. What is a fire Unit ?  ( 2 )

Answer :  Fire unit is an armed group that fires on the orders of a commander.  There is usually a group of sections.

71. Who is the Fire Unit Commander ?  ( 2 )

Answer :- This is the commander who gives orders to fire to the fire unit and controls its fire.

72. What is Fire Direction Order ?  ( 3 )

Answer :- This is the order that the fire unit commander receives from the commander above him.  In these orders, it is told that at what time, with which weapon and how much fire should be fired.  The Section Commander gets the Fire Direction Order from his Platoon Commander.

73. What is a Fire Control Order ?  ( 2 )

Answer :- It is the order which a fire unit commander gives to the fire unit to get the fire started and to control it.

74. What is arc of fire ?  ( 2 )

Answer :- This is the area within which the responsibility of destroying the target is given to a unit.  This area is indicated by the left and right boundaries.

75. What are the charges of Fire Control Order ?  ( 2 )

Answer :-

(i) Fire always to kill the enemy, to frighten him

(ii) Care should be taken to save the ammunition

(iii) Special care should be taken of fire discipline.

76. How to give Fire Control Order ?  ( 3 )

Answer :-

(i) The order should be given clearly and in short words.

(ii) the sound is loud enough to be easily heard

(iii) should be given as a command

(iv) Hukum should be given intermittently so that the jawans can follow it along with attention.

77. What do you understand by Battle Process, what are its important things ?  ( 5 )

Answer :- All the actions of the commander and the deployment of troops at least through spades and quickly is called battle procedure. This is a drill from getting the warning order till the deployment in the Forming Up Place ( FUP ).

Its essentials –

(i) The commander gets the big news and the necessary help quickly so that he can decide the next course of action

(ii) The commander must be in sync with his junior and senior commander

(iii) The younger commander should be close to the commander above and the head quarters and sub-units should be divided into such groups that the issuance of orders and the conduct of deployment can be done without delay.

78. What do you understand by ORF ?  ( 3 )

Answer :-

O ( Objective ) :- The land required to be occupied

R ( Route ) :- The way to reach the objective should be covered as far as possible and the obstruction should be less.

F ( Fire Plan ) :- Supporting weapons should be installed in such a way that they can get maximum damage and objective fire support to the attacking troops.

79. What is Field of Fire ?  ( 2 )

Answer :- The area is called that on which effective fire of any weapon can be fired in any direction.

80. What do you understand by Saxon Formation ?  ( 5 )

Answer :- It is very important to have the knowledge of making different types of section formations in order to have maximum fire on enemy forces at the time of war, to identify the direction of their firing and to keep complete control over their section while defending them.  During the day, there should be a distance of 15 to 25 yards between the soldiers, along with this, the soldiers should not walk in a straight line but walk in a zigzag line.

81. What is the main principle of camouflage and concealment ?  ( 5 )

Answer :-

(i) Changing the appearance of uniforms, weapons and vehicles by erasing the luster and outlines

(ii) Using shadow

(iii) avoiding the horizon line

(iv) walking slowly

(v) matching the color of the surrounding land

(vi) not to act unnecessarily

(vii) Do not let your shadow fall in the water

(viii) To keep on changing the items of conciliation according to the time and circumstances

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