Environment Awareness & Conservation – NCC A, B & C Certificate Exam Questions and Answers Notes in English

1. What is pollution ?

 Ans :- Air, water, soil etc. contaminated with unwanted matter to be directly opposite to living beings impact and ecosystem inflicts damage.

2. Write the types of pollution :-

 Ans :-

   4 types :-

  (i) Air pollution                    (ii) water pollution

(iii) Noise pollution               (iv) Soil pollution

3. What are the benefits of forests to us ?

 Ans :-

 (i) We get pure oxygen from forests

 (ii) Forests protect the forest

 (iii) Forests provide industrial raw materials

 (iv) We get food and herbs from forests

 (v) get wood for fuel

 (vi) Forests provide livelihood to innumerable persons

4. What is Green House Effect ?

 Ans :-

 (i) It is a natural process

 (ii) the temperature present in the atmosphere of the planet or satellite Helps to become more neglected.

 (iii) If there was no green house effect, then life on earth does not happen .

 (iv) To protect its effect, more and more trees It is necessary to apply more quantity.

5. Role of NCC in Conservation of Natural Resources What is ?

 Ans :-

   (i) By running environmental awareness campaign

  (ii) By undertaking tree plantation drive

 (iii) By conserving water and proper disposal of waste

 (iv) For your neighbourhood, friends,family members as a guiding force

 (v) To make people aware about this serious problem by doing

6. Write True or False :-

(i) Bandipur Wild Sanctuary is located in the state of Tamil Nadu.

 Ans :-  Wrong ( in Karnataka )

 (ii) Dabhol power project is in the state of Assam ?

 Ans :-  Wrong ( in Maharashtra )

 (iii) Ozone hole causes global warming It happens ?

Ans :-  Correct

 (iv) Almaty Dam is located in U.P. ?

   Ans :-  Wrong ( in Karnataka )                 

(v) Kiran Bedi is a famous environmentalist ?

   Ans :-  Correct 

7. What do you understand by Rain Water Harvesting ?

 Ans :-  Harvesting rain water through a particular medium. The process of doing rain water harvesting is called Is . Water scarcity becomes a crisis around the world is going. The reason for this is that the water level of the earth you have to keep going down. for it rain water that gets into the ocean, its storage and It is necessary to recharge so that the ground water Resources could be enriched.

8. What are the effects of environmental degradation ?

   Ans :-

 (i) Impact on Agriculturem          (ii) Effect on Green House

 (iii) extinction of plants              (iv) Exacerbation of skin diseases

 (v) Increase in disasters

 (vi) lack of oxygen

 (vii) Effects on health of human beings and animals

 (viii) water contamination of rivers

 9. Extinction of some plant and animal Species What is the main reason for :-

   Ans :-

 (i) Climate change

 (ii) over-exploitation

 (iii) Soil erosion

 (iv) Man-made disaster

 (v) poaching for personal gain

 (vi) Continuous increase in population

 (vii) unnecessary pollution

10. Write short note on the following :-

   Ans :-

 (a) Environment :- including flora, fauna, human race All living beings and their related physical environment is called.

There are two types of environment :-

 (i) physical environment              (ii) Biological Environment

(b) Ozone layer :- Ozone layer from the earth’s surface at an altitude of 20-30 km in the stratospheric region of the atmosphere the atmosphere is very thin In terms of volume of about 10 PPM is the ozone layer is the protector. sun’s ultraviolet prevents rays from reaching the earth.

(c) Green house effect :- It is a natural process by which any planet or balance the satellite’s atmosphere is done It has the following functions:-

 (i) Prevents skin diseases

 (ii) balances the earth’s atmosphere

 (iii) Life on earth due to green house effect possible

(d) Waste Management :- In the work of resource recycling / waste collection of materials Is . This word refers to the material from human activities made and therefore done so that his healthy its on the environment or aesthetics less impact. this resource happens also to remove :- Solid, liquid, gas, radioactive substances.

(e) Conservation of Energy :- To do some work, such to follow the law or procedure that less energy to get the job done Well, this is called conservation of energy.

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