Drill – NCC A, B, C Certificate Exam Questions and Answers Notes in English

Q. 1) What is a drill ?

Ans :-  Any action is justified. The action to be done in a manner is called drill.

Q. 2) What is the purpose of the drill ?

  Ans :-

 (i) Turn out and fixing bearings

 (ii) Developing team spirit

 (iii) To inculcate the spirit of leadership

 (iv) To develop the spirit of discipline

  (v) Patriotism and mingling among the cadets develop tax efficiency

Q. 3)  Fill in the blank :

 (i) The number of steps in a minute in a fast pace is ____ it occurs .

  Ans :-  120 steps/minute

 (ii) The number of steps in 1 minute in slow motion ____ it occurs .

Ans :-   70 steps/minute

 (iii) The number of cadets for the President’s honor ____ it occurs.

  Ans :-   150 cadets

 (iv) Drill started from _______ year.

  Ans :-   in 1666 

(v) While marching, the command of the word turned back is ______ feet is given on.

Ans :- On the left foot

 (vi)  _____to the President and _____ to the Chief Minister is authorized.

  Ans :-   National Salute and General  Salute

Q. 4) What are the features of Word of Command ?

  Ans :-  

  (i) Speak loudly and clearly

 (ii) Speak in a simple and loud voice

(iii) speak quickly

(iv) there is some difference between the words of the two parts

Q. 5) What is the difference between rank and file ?

  Ans :-

 Rank – Cadets sit side by side in a straight line stand up.

 File – In this, the cadets cover from the front in a straight line. They stand behind each other.

Q. 6) What do you understand by line break ?

Ans :-  On receipt of this order turn right and line Break it  Salute is not given on this order, The cadets live in the ground itself. This is not the end of the parade. There is a pause state.

Q. 7)  What do you understand by immersion ?

  Ans :-  On this command, turn right salute ( if any If you are an officer ) after a short pause at a brisk pace Get off the ground.It’s the end of the parade is order.

 8. Fill in the blank :-

 (i) National Salute is applicable on _______.

  Ans :-  President, Governor and Flag

 (ii) _______ guards stand at the quarter guard.

Ans :-  8

 (iii) General salute given to ______ and above rank goes .

  Ans :-  Major

 (iv) _______ steps have to be followed in the review sequence.

  Ans :-  14 Steps

 (v) Command post is divided into ______ and _____ parts

  Ans :-  Warning and Action

 (vi) In a back turn, it is turned from the ______  side.

  Ans :-  Right side

(vii) The left palm in the resting position Occurs in ______.

  Ans :-  Below

 (viii) Command of the right salute during high speed ______ occurs on the foot.

  Ans :-  On left foot

 (ix) The distance between the two ankles at rest it occurs .

  Ans :-  12 inch / 30 cm

9. Write True or False :-

 (i) The distance between the ankles in the careful position is 30 inches it happens .

Ans :-  Wrong   ( Heels are adjacent )

 (ii) Seeing the cadet 100 meters in front during the drill needed .

  Ans :-  Correct

 (iii) Word of command is given in resting position.

  Ans :-  Wrong  ( in careful position )

 (iv) There are three types of drills.

  Ans :-  Wrong  ( 2 types )

 (v) Butt salute is given to JCO.

  Ans :-  Correct

10. Which dignitaries were given the  national salute goes to ?

  Ans :-  President and Governor

 11. What is the command word for dressing ?

  Ans :-  Saj

12. Write True/False :-

 (i) Right direction of rifle magazine in Bhumi Shastra is right.

Ans :-  Correct

 (ii) The angle between the two feet in careful is 30 degrees it happens .

  Ans :-  Correct

 (iii) 12 inches step forward is taken on the right side.

Ans :-  Correct

 (iv) Move the upper part of the waist while at rest can.

  Ans :- Wrong  ( in comfortable position )

 (v) The right spectator looks to the left at the order of the sentence

  Ans :-  Correct

 (vi) When there are less than 6 cadets, the squad is given a single rank. You can do the form-up.

  Ans :-  Correct

 (vii) The right salute is commanded on the right foot.

  Ans :-  Wrong  ( on left leg )

 (viii) The order to break the line means that the parade is over has gone .

Ans :-  Wrong  ( short break )

 (ix) Weighing the rifle when on parade with a rifle brought in arms.

  Ans :-  Correct

 (x) Rest is ordered when The squad should be in a resting state.

  Ans :-  Correct

13. Optional Questions :-

 (i) Where did the drill start ?

  Ans :- Ans :-  From Germany

(ii) The action of running near line is done :-

  Ans :-  After inspection and before march past

 (iii) How many steps does SW move in 1 minute :-

  Ans :-   110 steps

 (iv) To what degree is it turned in the action of turning back ?

  Ans :-  180 degree

 (v) To fall again after a short break Order of command is given for ?

  Ans :-  Line break

 (vi) In slow walking, the speed of the step is /min.

  Ans :-  70 Steps/Minute

14. How many types of salute are there ?

Ans :-  3 types

 (i) Front

 (ii) to the left

 (iii) to the right

 15. What is the type of word of command and Who all ?

  Ans :- Two types :-

                  (i) Excicutive             (ii) Cautionary

16. How many inches does the foot come out in walking slowly :-

  Ans :-  30 inches

 17. What is the distance between 2 cadets in fast speed.

Ans :-  45 inches

 18. On which foot the thumb is given in the word of command-

  Ans :-  On left foot

 19. Things to keep in mind for the drill :-

  Ans :-

 (i) The uniform is neat, lacquered and ironed should be

 (ii) Shirt and pants are properly stitched and buttoned

 (iii) The uniform should neither be too loose nor too tight

 (iv) Shoes should be well polished and strapped

 (v) The belt in the pants should be properly tied

 (vi) Hair should be short and neatly cut

 (vii) Beard should be properly cut

 (viii) The cap should be properly fitted on the head

 20. What is the type of drill ?

  Ans :-  Two types :-

 (i) Open Drill :- It is done during fighting

 (ii) Close Drill :- It at a fixed place and is done for teaching.

 21. But Salute  is applicable to whom ?

  Ans :-  From Nayak Subedar to Captain Sahab ( 1 Star to 3 Star )

22. Write five bad habits of drill :-

  Ans :-

 (i) dragging feet                 (ii) Movement of fingers in the boot

 (iii) Collision of EDO       (iv) kneeling

 (v) lip shrinkage                (vi) eye rotation

 (vii) growing hair            (viii) growing beard

23. Write True or False :-

 (i) Right direction of rifle magazine in Bhumi Shastra is it right ?

  Ans :-  Correct

 (ii) The angle between the two legs in careful is 30 degrees It happens ?

  Ans :-  Correct

 (iii) 12 inches of step forward is taken on the right side Is ?

Ans :-  Correct

 (iv) Move the upper part of the waist while at rest can ?

  Ans :-  Wrong  ( in the relaxed position )

 (v) The right spectator looks to the left at the behest of the sentence ?

  Ans :-  Correct

 (vi) Single rank to the squad when there are less than 6 cadets Can I do the form-off?

  Ans :-  Correct

 (vii) Rest is ordered when Squad resting position ?

  Ans :-  Correct

 (viii) The right salute is ordered on the right foot Is ?

Ans :- Wrong   ( On left foot )

 (ix) The order to break the line means that the parade is over has gone ?

  Ans :-  Wrong  (short break)

 (x) Weighing the rifle when it comes to the parade with a rifle brought into the scriptures ?

  Ans :-  Correct

24. What is Squad Drill ?

Ans :-  When there is a test normally, then 3 people Make a squad and go for the test, give him It’s called Squad Drill.

 25. In which position does the movement work above the waist ?

  Ans :-    In a comfortable position

 26. The step is _______ inch in a fast speed ?

  Ans :-  30 inches

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