Communication – NCC A, B, C Certificate Exam Questions and Answers Notes in English

1. What is communication ?

Ans :- Communication is the process by which information is exchanged between people through speech, writing and sign system or general behavior ?

2. What is communication? Explain the process of communication ?

Ans :- Communication is a method in which two or more persons exchange ideas, facts among themselves in such a way that each of them understands well the meaning of the subject and its use.

Process:- The process of exchanging information, ideas and things among themselves is called communication process.

Purpose :- Its main purpose is to exchange data and information.

3. What is the principle of effective communication ?

  Ans :-

    (i) Communication is a two way process

   (ii) the message should be as short as possible

  (iii) Communication should be clear and in short time

  (iv) the communication sent is entirely to the recipient must be understood

   (v) Secure communication with care and confidentiality Doing

 4. There are two types of communication, name it ?

  Ans :- Radio and Line Communication

 5. What are the main elements of communication process ?

  Ans :-

   (i) communication source

  (ii) Message

 (iii) media of communication and

 (iv) recipient

 6. Write the principles of R.T Procedure :-

  Ans :- Remember it from BASS :-

                  B – Brevity                  A – Accuracy

                  S – Security                  S – Speed

7. What is the reason for the communication gap ?

Ans :-  (i) Inaccurate Speed                 (ii) Bad Rhythm

                 (iii) Clear Voice

 8. How can we reduce the communication gap ?

  Ans :-  (i) By using Global Language

                  (ii) Keeping the pitch right

                 (iii) Keeping the volume correct

                 (iv) keeping the speed right

                  (v) By keeping the co-ordination correct between originator, Medium and Receiver

                 (vi) Detecting and rectifying the fault

                (vii) Keeping Good Liaison

9. Write the names of 3 instruments of Radio Communication ?

  Ans :-   (i) Motorola            (ii) Radio Set           (iii) R.T Set

10. What are the main types of information required in any organization system ?

  is required Four types

11. Which of the following is the new development of information technology ?  Don’t have a tool ?

(i) Computer          (ii) Internet          (iii) Email          (iv) Telephone

Ans :- (iv) Telephone

 12. What is a call called and how many types are there ?

  Ans :- When one station calls another station It is said that one station has replaced another station Called :-

    There are three types of calls –

    (i) Single Con – Control for one station

   (ii) Multiple calls – from control to two stations

  (iii) Net Group Call – Control to All Stations

13. Latest Media Methods of Communication in Indian Army write about ?

  Ans :- (i) Telex                        (ii) Fax           (iii) E-mail

                (iv) Video Conferencing (v) Computer (vi) Troposcatter

               (vii) Modem                  (viii) Internet     (ix) Satellite

                 (x) Cellphone                (xi) Fiber Optic Communication

  14. Name the equipment of radio communication in the army ?

Ans :-    (i) Motorola                          (ii) Radio Set

                   (iii) GPS                                 (iv) Starve

                    (v) Telephone                        (vi) RT Set

                  (vii) Video Conferencing      (viii) Avan

15. What is the importance of communication in the battle field ?

Ans :- Communicating between the commanders and the armed forces stationed on the border, giving information about the movements of enemy forces, indicating changes in the activities of war, paying special attention to inaccessible areas and icy places, giving orders, receiving correct wrong information about the enemy. To prepare the soldiers for further activities Improve the infrastructure in the battle field Make secure and effective communication meticulously and confidentially Supply Rajasthan providing information about wounded and martyred soldiers

 16. Radio communication is done in two ways _____ and _____.

Ans :- Net Radio and Radio Relay

17. What is the meaning of B in BASS in Principles of R. T procedure ?

Ans :- Bravity (brevity)

18. Cell phone also known as _______ phone know?

  Ans :- Mobile phone

19. How many networks of about 100 countries in the Internet systems connected ?

  Ans :- 31000 countries

 20. How many channels are there in Motorola Set and in Walkie – Talkie ?

Ans :- 16

 21. Write the advantages and disadvantages of net radio system ?

Ans :- Advantages :-

(i) It is quite economical              (ii) It can be easily rearranged

(iii) It is physically safe               (iv) It is contacted quickly

Disadvantages :-

  (i) It requires S. O. p. and security code is necessary

 (ii) cipher code is necessary to avoid enemy interception

(iii) it takes more time

(iv) security information is required for this

22. Write the advantages and disadvantages of line communication?

  Ans :- Advantages :-

  (i) It is almost safe

 (ii) It is reliable and free from electrical disturbances

Disadvantages :-

 (i) It requires highpad staff and material

(ii) It takes more time to make

23. Write the advantages and disadvantages of radio relay?

  Ans :- Advantages :-

 (i) It is weak at the terminal itself

(ii) It can be set up quickly

Disadvantages :-

 (i) It does not work in moving state

(ii) Is costlier than net radio

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