NCC B Certificate exam 2022-2023 Model Paper with Question and Answer in English-2

NCC  B Certificate Exam

Model Paper – 2

Questions With Answer


1. Fill in the blanks: –

(a) National Salute is applicable to ________.

(b) _________ guards stand at quarter guard.

(c) General salute to rank above ________ are given .

(d) ________ steps have to be taken in the review sequence.

(e) The command term is divided into ______ and ________ parts.

Answer :- 

(a) Tiranga, President and Governor                         (b) 08

(c) Major General                                                      (d) 14

(e) Warning and Action

2. Write True or False : –

(a) Distance between Ancle in the Attention position is 30 inches it occurs –

(b) During the drill, the cadet should be seen in front 100 mtrs  –

(c) Word of command is given in resting state –

(d) There are three types of drill –

(e) But Salute is given to JCO –

Answer : – (a) False          (b) right           (c) False

                  (d) False          (e) correct

3. Where did the drill begin: –

  Answer : – ii.  Germany

4. Action is taken for walking near line: –

      i.  Before general salute

     ii. Before immersion

    iii.  After inspection and before march past

    iv.  After salute

 Answer : – 

   iii.  After inspection and before march past

5. How many steps move SW in one minute :-

     i.  116 ii.  110

   iii.  120 iv.  112

 Answer : – ii.  110

6. In which case does the body move above the waist is :-

            i.  Careful ii.  rest

          iii.  Easy iv.  Armpit weapon

  Answer : – iii.  easy

7. What is the purpose of the drill: –

           i.  reduce weight

          ii.  Learn hindi

         iii.  Bearing, Smartness and Turn Out

         iv.  Learn to multiply

 Answer : – 

            iii.  Bearing, Smartness and Turn Out

8. How many degrees are folded backward action: –

            i.  360 degrees ii.  90 degrees

          iii.  270 degrees iv.  180 degrees

 Answer : – iv.  180 degrees

 9. After a short break, to follow again

     The order command is given: –

            i.  Immersion ii.  Line break

          iii.  Easy iv.  rest

  Answer : – ii.  Line break

10. The principle of drill is: –

     i.  Quick 

    ii.  Stability

   iii.  Working together

   iv.  All three are correct

 Answer : – iv.  All three are correct

11. Drill is a bad habit: –

            i.  Talk to each other

           ii.  Shaking fingers inside boot

          iii.  Crawl on the ground

          iv.  all of which

   Answer : – iv.  all of which

12. Speed ​​of step in slow motion is per minute : –

              i.  60 steps ii.  80 steps

            iii.  70 steps iv.90 steps

 Answer : – iii.  70 steps


13. Fill in the blanks: –

  (a) .22 rifle has ________ Kutar.

  (b) .22 rifle is made of _________ country.

  (c) Usually deluxe .22 yardsThe rifle is shot.

  (d) 7.62 mm SLR weighs ________.

  (e) A charger has _________ rounds.

 Answer : – (a) .22                  (b) Yugoslavia

                   (c) 25                   (d) 5.1 Kg

                   (e) 5

14. Write True or False: –

 (a) .22 inch rifle has an effective range of 30 meters.

 (b) 20 rounds are filled in the magazine of INSAS rifle.

 (c) .22 rifle has a firing position of 4.

 (d) The effective range of 7.62 mm SLR is 400 meters.

 (e) The firing party is divided into three groups.

 Answer : – (a) False                  (b) right                  (c) False

                   (d) False                  (e) correct

15. The full name of POA in WT is: –

       i.  Point of action        ii.  Point of aim

     iii.  Place of Action       iv.  Place of aim

 Answer : – ii.  Point of aim

 16. Maintains a good firer: –

    i.  Good grip, good aim, good trigger operation

   ii.  Good runner, good football player

  iii.  Good drill, good discipline, good at kho-kho

  iv.  all of which

 Answer : –  i.  Good grip, good aim, good trigger operation

17. 2 things are necessary for a fit scholar: –

      i.  Site element and ground level      ii.  Site element and site picture

    iii.  Ground level and strong grip       iv.  Range and Site Element

 Answer : – ii.  Site element and site picture

18. Match the pair : –

     (a) 0.22 inch rifle           (i) 4.4 Kg

     (b) INSAS                     (ii) 6 types

     (c) SLR                         (iii) Carbine Machine Gun

     (d) LMG                       (iv) 1700 mtrs

     (e) CMG                        (v) 500 mtrs

     (f) RL                           (vi) 3.6 Kg

 Answer :-  (a) ——– (iv)   ,   (b) ——– (vi)   ,   (c) ——– (i)

                   (d) ——– (v)    ,   (e) ——– (iii)   ,   (f) ——– (ii)

19. Explain various methods of firing: –

 Answer : – (i) Laying Position                  (ii) Kneeling Position

                 (iii) Sitting Position                 (iv) Standing Position

 20. What positions are on the firing range ?

 Answer : –   (i) Firing Officer          (ii) Firing JCO         (iii) But JCO

                   (iv) But NCO                 (v) Adm NCO          (vi) Armorar

                   (vi) Amination NCO   (vii) Nursing Assistant

Part – III :    THE NCC ( 05 MARKS )

 21. The full name of SUO is: –

         (i) Supervision Under Officer        (ii) Senior Under Officer

       (iii) Sena Under Officer                  (iv) Samaj Under Officer

 Answer : – (ii) Senior Under Officer

 22. Who was the first director of the National Cadet Corps ?

      (i) Col.  J.G Baibur               (ii) Gen.  S.H.F.J Manekshaw

    (iii) General Kariappa            (iv) General Rajendra Singh

 Answer : – (i) Col.  J.G Baibur

23. Where is Bihar and Jharkhand NCC Directorate ?

           (i) Gaya            (ii) Ranchi

         (iii) Patna          (iv) Muzaffarpur

 Answer : – (iii) Patna


 24. Match the pair: –

       (a) Gujarat               (i) Imphal

       (b) Manipur            (ii) Kohima

       (c) Odisha              (iii) Raipur

       (d) Nagaland          (iv) Gandhi Nagar

       (e) Chhattisgarh      (v) Bhubaneswar

  Answer : –

              (a) ——– (iv)       ,       (b) ——– (i)       ,       (c) ——– (v)

              (d) ——– (ii)        ,       (e) ——– (iii)

25. Fill in the blanks: –

      (a) Nation bird is _________.

      (b) National animal is __________.

      (c) The national symbol is __________.

      (d) The national language is _________.

      (e) National flag is ________.

  Answer : – (a) Peacock              (b) tiger              (c) Ashoka Pillar

                   (d) Hindi                   (e) Tricolor

 26. Write True or False : –

 (a) Youth are the heads of the country.

 (b) Defense Minister would be the supreme commander of the security

       forces Is.

 (c) The specialty of discipline is the flag of NCC.

 (d) The iron man of India was Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

(e) Onam is celebrated in Kerala.

 Answer : –

             (a) False             (b) False             (c) False

             (d) True              (e) correct

 27. What is the contribution of youth in our nation building ?

 Answer : – 

             (i) Poverty alleviation            (ii) Road construction

           (iii) Higher education              (iv) Human Resource Development

            (v) National Integration

28. Write the name of five religions of India: –

 Answer : – 

           (i) Hindu               (ii) Muslim           (iii) Sikh

         (iv) Christian           (v) Buddhist         (vi) Jain

29. Each of the country ( North East West South and Central ) Write the

      name of the major river of the area: –

 Answer: –

   In the north – Jhelum, Chinar, Ravi, Sutlej and Vyas

     In the East – Mahanadi, Godavari, Krishna, Kaveri and Panar

   In the west – Narmada, Tapti, Savarmati and Luni

  In the South – Husk, Krishna, Shipra and Tapti

 In the middle – Yamuna, Ghagra, Gandak, Gomti and Ganga


30. Match the pair: –

(a) Leadership                      (i) Patriot

(b) Fundamental Rights      (ii) Mahatma Gandhi

(c) Good citizen                 (iii) Right to equality

(d) Father of the nation      (iv) Defense of the country

(e) Fundamental Duties       (v) Credibility

  Answer : – 

              (a) ——– (v)       ,       (b) ——– (iii)       ,       (c) ——– (i)

              (d) ——– (ii)       ,       (e) ——– (iv)

31. Write Full Form: –

       (a) P.V.C —— PVC

       (b) A.C ——– Ashoka Chakra

       (c) S.C ——– Shaurya Chakra

       (d) V.R.C —– Vir Chakra

       (e) M.V.C —- Mahavir Chakra

       (f) S.M ——- Army Medal

       (g) C.O ——- Commanding Officer

       (h) B.H.M — Battalion Havildar Major

        (i) C.H.M — Company Havildar Major

        (j) J.C.O —- Junior Commission Officer

32. Write True or False: –

(a) The mind of the leader must always be awake –

(b) Advance Leadership is called ALC –

(c) You give me blood, I will give you freedom Bal Gangadhar Tilak was –

(d) Jana-gana mana adhinayak jai ha is the national song –

(e) Jai-Jai Jai-Jai Jai-Jai is the national anthem –

  Answer : – 

              (a) True              (b) right              (c) False

              (d) False             (e) correct

33. Write leadership qualities: –

 Answer : – 

           (i) Honesty            (ii) loyalty            (iii) Dexterity

         (iv) Initiative           (v) tolerance         (vi) Decisive

        (vii) Resolution     (viii) courage           (ix) circumspect image

          (x) fairness            (xi) Sincere           (xii) Maturity

       (xiii) confidence     (xiv) aware             (xv) knowledgeable

34. Write ways to improve personality : –

 Answer : –

 (i) To know your work well and able Happen

(ii) Knowledge of their abilities and improvement in them

(iii) Get to know your subordinates

(iv) Model submission

 (v) Development of team spirit in the subordinates.

(vi) Right and social construction

(vii) in the act itself Developing a sense of responsibility

35. What is the role of NCC in character Development ?

 Answer : – 

 (i) To build a good citizen of NCC Role is

(ii) Pledge with unity and discipline andServe your country with devotion

(iii) A sense of discipline inside a personto beget

(iv) A sense of selfless service within every    person to beget

36. What do you understand by morale ?

 Answer : – 

 Morale is a moral who is a human Arises from mental strength.

          (i) Good food and drink level         (ii) Good accommodation

        (iii) Health and medical facilities

        (iv) Religious place

         (v) Good entertainment


 37. Write the names of fire fighting agents: –

 Answer : – 

  (i) Fire Fighting Party – It extinguishes the fire.

(ii) Fire Picketing Party – Outsiders Prevents from entering

(iii) Fire Solvage Party – This burnt itemPulls out

(iv) Reserve Party – Any party of the three Help when needed Does.

38. Maintaining essential services during  disaster, Write about the role

      of NCC Cadets in.

 Answer : – 

           (i) Early warning                  (ii) Providing shelter during disaster

         (iii) To reach the victim in a safe place

         (iv) giving first aid

          (v) To boost morale

         (vi) Giving safety and security

        (vii) Providing telephone facility

       (viii) Distribution of food and medicine

39. What are natural and man-made disasters?

 Answer :-

     Natural disaster          Man-made disaster

  (i) Earthquake              (i) War

 (ii) cyclone                   (ii) bombing

(iii) floods                    (iii) terrorism

(iv) Tsunami                (iv) Casteism

 (v) Sukha                     (v) Riot


40. Match the pair : –

 (a) Para jumping                          (i) Darjeeling

 (b) Mountaineering Institute       (ii) Mosquito

 (c) Blood group                          (iii) A, B, AB & O

 (d) Dengue                                  (iv) June 5

 (e) Environment Day                   (v) Agra

  (f) Dowry system                       (vi) Gutkha

 (g) AIDS                                    (vii) No parking

 (h) Cancer                                 (viii) Unprotected Sex

  (i) H.A.M                                   (ix) 1962

  (j) T                                             (x) radio

Answer :-   (a) ——– (v)   ,   (b) ——– (i)   ,   (c) ——– (iii)

                  (d) ——– (ii)   ,   (e) ——– (iv)  ,   (f) ——— (ix)

                  (g) ——– (viii) ,  (h) ——– (vi)  ,   (i) ——– (x)

                   (j) ——– (vii)

41. What is the main cause of AIDS ?

 Answer : – 

    (i) Unprotected Sex

   (ii) Taking HIV infected blood

  (iii) By giving birth to an infant by an HIV infected mother

  (iv) Drinking HIV infected mother’s milk

   (v) Taking HIV infected needles

42. What do you understand by family planning ?

 Answer: – 

The way our country has a population of India It is growing extremely painful : –

 (i) Wide publicity of family planning programto be done .

(ii) Family to differentiate between the ages of children Adoption of

      planning materials.

(iii) Ban on child marriage and daughter-in-law marriag Be applied.

(iv) Parents who give birth to more children Be discouraged

43. NCC cadet cleaning and cleaning in your village or cities What

      social services can we provide for cleanliness ?

 Answer : – 

      (i) Plantation                             (ii) Dowry prevention campaign

    (iii) Blood donation                    (iv) Literacy campaign

     (v) set example by cleaning   

    (vi) Making people aware of cleanliness

   (vii) Rally against social evils

  (viii) Restriction on open defecation

    (ix) By providing medical facility


 44. Match the pair : –

  (a) Injection Rabiees         (i) Polio

  (b) Injection Tab               (ii) Rabiees

  (c) Injection Hepatitis      (iii) Typhoid

  (d) Injection TT                (iv) Hepatitis B

   (e) Oral Polio                    (v) Tetnas

 Answer :-    (a) ——– (ii)   ,   (b) ——– (iii)   ,   (c) ——– (iv)

                     (d) ——– (v)   ,   (e) ——– (i)

 45. Fill in the blanks : –

 (a) Human body is made up of ______ bones.

 (b) Human skull saves ________.

 (c) Heart is situated on ________ chest.

 (d) The nervous system is ___ and ___ organ.

 Answer : –    (a) 206              (b) brain

                      (c) left               (d) Brain and spinal cord

46. ​​How will you ensure the cleanliness of the kitchen ?

Answer: – 

  (i) Wash the vessel with hot water.

 (ii) Somehow the person working in the kitchen Must not be sick

(iii) The cooked food will be covered

(iv) Dustbin of leftover vegetable peels etc. Will put in

 (v) The person working in the kitchen every month Must have a medical


(vi) By thoroughly cleaning the kitchen daily

(vii) No accumulation of water around the kitchen Will give

47. Write the names of the type of bandages :-

 Answer : – 

 8 types of —

     (i) Roller bandage          (ii) craps bandage         (iii) Tea Bandage

   (iv) Suspense Bandage     (v) field bandage          (vi) Spica bandage

  (vii) octal bandage          (viii) Inverted screw strip

48. Match the pair : –

 (a) Tracking Camp                      (i) Jumping

 (b) Mountaineering                    (ii) Delhi

 (c) Para sailing                          (iii) YEP

 (d) RDC                                     (iv) Darjeeling

 (e) Youth Exchange  Program    (v) Walking

Answer : –    (a) ——– (v)  ,   (b) ——– (iv)  ,   (c) ——– (i)

                    (d) ——– (ii)   ,   (e) ——– (iii)

49. What items are required for tracking ?

 Answer : –   (i) Ambulance                 (ii) Water Camper / Glass 

                   (iii) Root March Chart     (iv) Mega Phone

                    (v) red flag                      (vi) banner

                  (vii) city

50. What is the purpose of adventure training ?

 Answer :- 

  (i) The spirit of courage and class in the cadet development

 (ii) create awareness towards adventure do

(iii) towards adventure training in Cadets Build confidence

(iv) Risk to achieve the target in Cadets Pick up

 (v) Developing leadership qualities in Cadets


51. Write the type of pollution : –

 Answer : –    (i) Air pollution         (ii) water pollution

                    (iii) noise pollution     (iv) soil pollution

52. How do rainwater harvesting and its Are the benefits ?

 Answer: – 

  (i) Suppressed to store rain water Turning the place into a pool

 (ii) After that the dam is made on three sides.

(iii) The tank is kept open from one side

(iv) Filtering the collected water Is used

 (v) In bathing and irrigating animals Is used


53. What is the length and width of the Obstical wall ?

       (i) 4 × 6 Feet                    (ii) 6 × 12 Feet

     (iii) 8 × 10 Feet                 (iv) 6 × 6 Feet

  Answer : –  (ii) 6 × 12 Feet

54. Obstacle constraints around one Obstacle to another What is the

      distance of : –

      (i) about 35 feet                  (ii) about 25 feet

    (iii) about 30 feet                 (iv) about 22 feet

 Answer : –   (iii) About 30 feet

55. How many obstacles are commonly encountered in optical training

       Stays ?

       (i) 8                      (ii) 9

     (iii) 10                   (iv) 11

 Answer : –  (iii) 10


56. Fill in the blanks: –

 (a) The name of the Chief of Army Staff is _______.

 (b) The name of our Defense Minister is ________.

 (c) The command headquarters in the Indian Army is ________.

 (d) The highest rank of the Indian Army is          ________.

 (e) ________ is the head of the Indian Air Force.

 (f) ________ is the supreme commander of all armed forces.

(g) Army headquarters is located at ________.

(h) Indian Military Academy is located at ________.

 Answer : – 

           (a) General Manoj Mukund Narwane    (b) Shri Rajnath Singh

           (c) 07                                                      (d) General

           (e) Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhadoria         (f) President

           (g) Delhi                                                 (h) Dehradun

 57. Write Full Form: –

      (a) ASC – Army Service Corps

      (b) AMC – Army Medical Corps

      (c) AOC – Army Ordinance Corps

      (d) AEC – Army Education Corps

      (e) EME – Electricals & Mechanical Engineer

 58. Wrote the names of the five supporting arms.

 Answer : –  (i) ASC     (ii) AMC     (iii) AOC     (iv) AEC     (v) EME


59. Write the name of five parts of the compass.

 Answer : –  (i) Tongue Notch    (ii) glass window   (iii) lead

                  (iv) hair line              (v) October line     (vi) thumb ring

                 (vii) prism               (viii) Prism Case      (ix) dial

                   (x) Arrow head       (xi) Eye hole         (xii) Glass protractor

60. Make traditional sign / weapon sign : –

      (a) temple 

      (b) Idgah  

      (c) Fort  

      (d) Church  

      (e) electric wire  

       (f) Mosque  

       (g) LMG  

       (h) MMG  

        (i) HMG  

        (j) 51 inch motor  

 61. What are the benefits of reading a map ?

  Answer :-

  (i) Knowing your position

 (ii) To know the position and distance of the enemy

(iii) Geographic without moving to any object Status Tracking

(iv) To get information about any area

 (v) front and back degrees of any place to find out

62. Write different types of North : –

 Answer :- (i) True North     (ii) Magnetic North         (iii) Grid North

63. Why do things appear ?

Answer :-   6 S and 1 M are not used correctly Things appear : –

                  (i) Shadow       (ii) Surface      (iii) Shine

                (iv) Spacing       (v) Shape         (vi) Silhout

      &     (i) Movement

64. Write any five ways of measuring distance ?

 Answer : – (i) Method of unit              (ii) Visible mode

                 (iii) Breaking method         (iv) Average method of Section

                  (v) Range method              (vi) having method

65. When is more visible than real and less than real is ?

Answer :-        More than the real :-

  (i) When the viewer is looking from top to bottom

 (ii) Sunlight is in front of the beholder

(iii) Dead ground in front of the beholder

                         Less than real :-

  (i) When the viewer is looking from the bottom up

 (ii) Behind the viewer is the light of the sun

(iii) The ground buried in front of the beholder

(iv) low light

66. What are the benefits of FC and BC ?

Answer :- 

To achieve success in the fight, it is important to know about FC, by hiding your movement from the enemy, reaching close to the enemy, according to the area, your body and equipment should be similarly camouflaged and camouflaged in every area.  Before Chandi one thing should be kept in mind; 

According to the area like : –

  (i) Taking care of the sand in the local area

 (ii) Snow in the area of ​​snow

(iii) In areas where there is dense forest, grass or green leaves are used.

  Benefits from BC : –

   (i) Statement of ground marks            (ii) Field Signal

 (iii) Platoon Formation etc.


67. Fill in the blanks : –

(a) The fire resistance of 7.62 mm SLR is ________.

(b) 7.62 mm SLR length with bayonet ______ it occurs .

(c) 7.62 mm SLR weighs ________.

(d) The effective range of 7.62 mm SLR is ________.

(e) Round ________ in 7.62 mm SLR magazine Are filled.

Answer : – 

   (a) 1000 meters          (b) 1397 mm        (c) 5.1 Kg

   (d) 300 yards              (e) 20 rounds

68. Wrote five cleaning materials of .22 inch rifle.

Answer : –    (i) Chindi     (ii) pul-through     (iii) rod

                    (iv) Oil           (v) body brush      (vi) hot water

69. Name Of the five weapons used in the infantry.

  Answer : –  (i) 5.56 mm INSAS Rifle   (ii) CMG               (iii) MMG

                    (iv) LMG                              (v) 9 mm Pistol     (vi) RL

                   (vii) DSR                            (viii) 13 mm Mini Filiar

70. Write the names of the five Paramveer Chakra winners.

 Answer : – 

   (i) Major Hoshiar Singh     (ii) Subedar Joginder Singh

 (iii) Lt. Arun Khetpal          (iv) Subedar Vana Singh

  (v) Abdul Hameed             (vi) Yogendra Singh Yadav

(vii) Albert Ekka

71. Write 10 lines on the biography of Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw.

 Answer : – 

 Manekshaw was born on 3 April 1914 in Amritsar.Was born in a Parsi family.  They Indian Military 40 selected for the first batch of the Academy (1932) Was one of the students. Enlisted in Indian Army in 1934 Happened.  Manekshaw was the President of the Indian Army.Under whose leadership India took place in 1971 Conquered the Indo-Pakistan war, As a result of which Bangladesh was born In 1969, he was made the Chief of the Army and Awarded Field Marshal in 1973 Gone . His illustrious career British Indian Army And for 4 decades, during which There were also 5 wars.  Government of India in 1972 Honored with Padma Vibhushan.  his death Wellington on 27 June 2008 at 12:30 pm Occurred in the ICU of the military hospital.

72. What is a call and how many types are there ?

Answer : –

When one station calls to another station, it is said It is said that one station calls another station.

It is of three types –

  (i) Single Call   (  from control to a station  )

 (ii) Multiple Call    (  from control to two stations  )

(iii) Net Group Call  (  for all stations from control  )

73. What is the importance of communication in a war zone ?

Answer : –

In war zone without any type of communication Did not win the battle smoothly Can go because a troop in the war zone Needs help from another troop This is possible only when the two divisions are connected to each other Be in communication.

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