NCC Exam Full Forms for A, B & C Certificate Exam 2022

All NCC Exam Full Forms

NCC – National Cadet Corps

WT – Weapon Training

RL – Rocket launcher

MR – Map Reading

HE – Horizontal Equivalent

VI  – Vertical Interval

GR – Grid Refrence

SC – Saurya Chakra

KC – Kriti Chakra

OP – Observer Post

LP – Leasning Post

RT – Radio Telephony

WT – Weapon Training

VS – Visual Signalling

PO – Post Office

PS – Police Station

NGO – Non Government Organization

IAY   – Indira Awas Yojana

HIV – Human Immune Deficiency Viruses

NEC – National Electric Code

SLR – Self Loading Rifle

MMG – Medium Machine Gun

LMG – Light Machine Gun

AGL – Automatic Granade Launcher

MOR – Mortar

AOC – Army Ordinance Corps

AMC – Army Medical Corps

AEC – Army Education Corps

SMC – Sten Machine Carbine

UAC – In Armed Combat

RDX – Research Development Explosive

YEP – Youth Exchange Programme

HOD – Holding Opening/Opticatch Device

CWS – Cadets Wellfare Society

NIC – National Integration Camp

GSB – Gropu Support Battalion

MGO – Multi Granade Launcher

HHT – Hard Hunting Team

COS – Chief of the Staff

ROP – Road Opening Party

BOP – Border Observer Post

ADP – Area Dominate Petrol

MGL – Multy Granade Launcher

POP – Plaster Of Paris / Passing Out Parade

CMP – Core Of Military Police

SSC – Social Service Camp

SSC – Short Service Commission

ALC – Advance Leadership Camp

PTC – Para Troupers Camp

IDC – Independence Day Camp

RDC – Republic Day Camp

TSC – Thak Sainik Camp

HTC – Heaking Tracking Camp

SSB – Service Selection Board

SSB – Sastra Sima Bal

IMA – Indian Military Academy

OTA – Officer Training Academy

CDS – Combined Defence Service

ACC – Army Credit Corps

RRT – Rappid Response Team

SDS – Signal Dispatch Service

NCO – Non Commissioned Officer

JCO – Junior Commissioned Officer

ANO – Associate NCC Officer

CTO – Care Taker Officer

RAF – Rappid Action Force

QRT – Quick Reaction Team

HAM – High & Might

ATM – Automatic Tailor Machine

RVC – Remount & Veterinary Corps

ADA – Air Defence Academy

SCO – Signal Communication Officer

INS – Indian Naval Ship

GPS – Global Positioning System

FUP – Furning Up Place

SOP – Standard Operating Procedure

MCP – Mobile Check Post

GCI – Girl’s Cadet Instructor

TPT – Training Practice Tracer

RMO – Regemental Medical Officer

MPI – Mean Point Of Impact

AAD – Army Air Defence

TRB – Three Round Brust

EME – Electrical & Mechanical Engineers

DSC – Defence Security Corps

COC – Centrally Organised Camp

RCC – Rock Climbing Camp

DSR – Dragunov Sniper Rifle

NDMA – National Disaster Management Authority

NIDM – National Institute Of Disaster Management

GRAD – Group Range Add Discription

GRIT – Group Range Indication Of Target Type Of Fire

HHTI – Hand Held Thermal Imager

COAS – Chief Of the Army Staff

ATGM – Anty Tank Guided Misail

UPSC – Union Public Service Commission

UBGL – Under Barrel Granade Launcher

BFNA – Battle Field Nursing Assistant

ROFT – Raccee Order Firing Transport

INSAS – Indian Small Arm System

AISTC – All India Summer Training Camp

NAREGA – National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

FC & BC – Field Craft & Battle Craft

INMARSAT – Indian Marytime Satellite 

BFSR – Battle Field Surveillance Radar 

BSW – Battalion Support Weapon

CSC – Common Service Center

NPR – National Population Register

ABS – Antylock Banking System

ABM – Anty Blastic Missiles

AFSPA – Armed Forces Special Powers Act

ALH – Advanced Light Helicopter

ASAT – Anti-Satellite Weapon

SLV – Satellite Launch Vehicle

BMDS – Ballistic Missile Defence System

GNSS – Global Navigation Satellite System

LCA – Light Combat Aircraft

PSLV – Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle

DIA – Defence Intelligence Agency

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