NCC A Certificate Exam 2022-2023 Model Paper with Question and Answer in English-2

A Certificate Junior Division/Wing

Model Paper – 2                                

Regimental No ……………………………….  

Rank ……………………………….

Name …………………………………………….

Group No. & Name of the School …………………………………………………

Time : 3 Hours                                                       

Total Marks : 350

Direction :- It is compulsory to answer all the questions and answer is to be marked    on the question paper itself.

Paper-1 : Drill ( 35 Marks )

 1. Where did the drill start ?

   (a) India          (b) Germany

   (c) Africa         (d) Japan

 – (b) Germany

2. What is the action of running near line ?

 (a) Before General Salute

 (b) before immersion

 (c) after inspection and before march past

 (d) after the salute

 – (c) after inspection and before march past

 3. Word of command is completed in two parts respectively –

 (a) Cautionary and Executive

 (b) Executive and Demonstrative

 (c) Personally and Spain

 (d) Executive and Spain

 – (a) Cautionary and Executive

4. To what degree does the turning back act ?

 (a) 360 degree          (b) 90 degree

 (c) 270 degree          (d) 180 degree

 – (d) 180 degrees

5. Bad habit of drill is –

 (a) talking to each other

 (b) moving fingers inside the boot

 (c) walking by rubbing the boot on the ground

 (d) all of these

  – (d) all of these

 6. Who is given the National Salute ?

 (a) Major                 (b) General

 (c) President and Governor of India         

 (d) Chief of Army Staff

 – (c) President and Governor of India

 7. There are two types of drill –

 (a) open and close drill

 (b) Fire Control and Fire Direction Drill

 (c) General Drill and National Drill

 (d) drill of preparation and of chance

 – (a) open and close drill

8. Tick right/false on the following :-

(a) Salute is given in resting position :- ( F )

(b) The angle between the two legs in careful position is 30 degree :- ( Correct )

(c) The distance between the two ankles at rest is 18 inches :- ( Incorrect ) 12”

(d) The middle line does not move on the order of the open line :- ( Correct )

(e) 180 degree left turn on the order of left turn :- ( Incorrect ) 90 degree

 9. Match the correct pair :-

 e – (i) right mood                (a) 3

 d – (ii) Review order          (b) 180°

 b – (iii) turning back          (c) 110

 c – (iv) Girls Cadet              (d) 14

 a – (v) salute                        (e) 90°

10. What are the things to keep in mind before going to the drill ?  

Answer :-

    (i) The uniform should be neat and clean and that of a woman.

   (ii) Shirt and pants are properly stitched and buttoned

  (iii) The uniform should neither be too loose nor too tight

  (iv) Shoes should be well polished and tie properly

   (v) The belt should be properly tied in the pants

  (vi) Hair should be short cut and neat , The beard should be properly cut

 (vii) the cap should be properly fitted on the head

Paper-2 : WT & Firing ( 35 Marks )

 11. What are the essential things for a good position ?

 (a) Site alignment and level ground

 (b) level ground

 (c) Site alignment and site picture

 (d) Site alignment and range

 – (c) Site alignment and site picture

12. Which of the following targets is used in grouping and zeroing ?

 (a) 1′ × 1′ Target         (b) Fig.  12 Target

 (c) Fig.  11 Target       (d) 4′ × 4′ Target

 – (a) 1′ × 1′ Target

13. What are the factors affecting the fire ?

 (a) wind, distance, light, weather, gravity           (b) non-zero of the weapon

 (c) to fire with a banner                                       (d) all of these

 – (d) all of these

14. What is necessary for a good and proper fire ?

 (a) good firing range

 (b) Well drill

 (c) Good grip, good aim, good trigger operation

 (d) good discipline

 – (c) Good grip, good aim, good trigger operation

 15. Into how many groups is the firing party divided ?

 (a) 2           (b) 3

 (c) 4           (d) 6

 – (b) 3

 16. The full form of POA in WT is –

 (a) Point Of Aim

 (b) Point Of Action

 (c) Place Of Action

 (d) Place Of Aim

 – (a) Point Of Aim

 17. The full form of MPI in WT is –

 (a) Main Position Of Impact

 (b) Main Point Of Impact

 (c) Mean Position Of Impact

 (d) Mean Point Of Impact

 – (d) Mean Point Of Impact

 18. MMG is called –

 (a) Main Machine Gun

 (b) Medium Machine Gun

 (c) Median Marine Gun

 (d) Main Medium Gun

 – (b) Medium Machine Gun

 19. Fill in the blanks :-

 (a) The effective range of .22 Delux Rifle is           _____.

 Answer :- 25 yards

 (b) Rounds are filled in the magazine of  7.62 mm SLR.

 Answer :- 20 rounds

 (c) .22 Rifle is made of country.

 Answer :- Yugoslavia

 (d) The effective range of 5.56 mm INSAS Rifle is _______ yards.

 Answer :- 400 yards

 (e) The length of .22 Delux Rifle is inch.

 Answer :- 43 inches

 20. How many types of firing positions are there, write the name :-

 Answer :-  Four types –

                   (i) Standing Position

                  (ii) Lying  Position

                 (iii) Sitting  Position

                 (iv) Kneeling Position

 21. Write the names of 5 parts-parts of  .22 Rifle :-

 Answer :-

     (i) Barrel                       (ii) Foresight nozzle            (iii) Bolt

   (iv) Cash Collector         (v) Trigger                           (vi) Trigger Guard

  (vii) Butt Plate              (viii) Butt

22. Write the full name of the following :-

 (a) C.O – Commanding Officer

 (b) SLR – Self Loading Rifle

 (c) CMG – Carbine Machine Gun

 (d) LMG – Light Machine Gun

 (e) POA – Point Of Aim

Paper-3 : Miscellaneous ( 200/300)

The NCC ( 05 Marks )

 23. For centuries we have raised it from our _____.

 (a) Kajal        (b) Blood

 (c) milk         (d) air

 – (b) blood

 24. The directorates in NCC are ? 

 (a) 15         (b) 17

(c) 16         (d) 18

 – (b) 17

 25. The head of the directorate is –

 (a) DG                               (b) ADG

(c) Group Commander      (d) Chief Minister

 – (b) ADG

 26. Who was the first Director of National Cadet Corps ? 

 (a) Col. G. G. Baibur                              (b) General Rajendra Singh

(c) General S H F G Maneksha               (d) General Cariappa

 – (a) Col. G. G. Baibur

 27. In which year was the National Cadet Corps Established ?

 (a) 1947          (b) 1948

(c) 1950          (d) 1962

 – (b) 1948

National Integration ( 30/200 Marks )

 28. The Iron Man of India was :-

 (a) Mahatma Gandhi                                         (b) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

(c) Jawaharlal Nehru                                         (d) Rajendra Prasad

 – (b) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

 29. Indian National Congress was founded by :-

 (a) 1886          (b) 1887

 (c) 1884          (d) 1885

 – (d) in 1885

 30. Jallianwala Bagh is located at :-

 (a) Jalandhar       (b) Bodh Gaya

 (c) Amritsar         (d) Chandigarh

 – (c) Amritsar

 31. Celebrate on 5th September :-

 (a) Gandhi Jayanti      (b) Children’s Day

 (c) Republic Day         (d) Teachers Day

 – (d) Teacher’s Day

 32. Mundan ceremony is :-

(a) Hindu religious rituals                                (b) Assam festival

(c) Gujarati women’s dress                                (d) Punjab festival

 – (a) Hindu religious customs

 33. Onam festival is celebrated in state.

 (a) Kerala        (b) Karnataka

(c) Punjab       (d) Assam

 – (a) Kerala

 34. Saare Jahan Se Achcha was written by whom ?

 (a) Mohammad Iqbal                                       (b) Subhas Chandra Bose

(c) Bankim Chandra Chatterjee                        (d) Rabindranath Tagore

 – (a) Mohammad Iqbal

 35. Celebrate World Yoga Day :-

 (a) 22nd June       (b) 21st June

(c) 20th June        (d) 23rd June

 – (b) on 21st June

36. The Hindu scripture is :-

 (a) Veda        (b) Guru Granth Sahib

 (c) Purana      (d) Bible

 – (a) Vedas

 37. In which state is the Bihu festival Celebrated ?

 (a) Assam         (b) Punjab

(c) Gujarat       (d) Telangana

 – (a) Assam

 38. Match the correct :-

 d – (i) Quit India                            (a) Sikhism

 e – (ii) First Battle of Panipat        (b) Gujarat

 a – (iii) Arjun Dev                         (c) J and K

 b – (iv) Gir Forest                          (d) 1942

 c – (v) Amarnath                            (e) 1526

 39. Two or more people together have a common object You get it, you say ? 

 (a) dialash           (b) group

(c) Interaction     (d) Project

 – (b) Group

40. What is Time Management ? 

 (a) Time Management is that skill which is the right value of time helps to achieve

 (b) the way the clock is set

 (c) How to set alarm

(d) Reading Time Magazine

 – (a) Time Management is the skill which helps in getting the right value of time

41. The types of leadership are :-

 (a) Autocratic            (b) Democratic

(c) Leisure Fair          (d) All of these

 – (d) all of these

 42. The leader should have ability immediately.

 (a) Decision       (b) Leaving the circumstance

(c) to run            (d) to panic

 – (a) decision

 43. The qualities of a leader are :-

 (a) Consciousness, Right conduct                     (b) Courage, Decisiveness

(c) reliability, tolerance                                     (d) all of these

 – (d) all of these

44. The leader’s mind should always be                   _______.

 (a) aware                  (b) minister

(c) a pretender           (d) a businessman

 – (a) Aware

45. The leader should be among the following :-

 (a) tactful             (b) lying

(c) Rich man        (e) Administrative

 – (a) tactful

 46. ​​Promotes adult education under the National plan.

(a) Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan 

(b) Saakshar Bharat

(c) UNESCO                         

(d) All of these

 – (a) Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan

 47. ALC says :-

 (a) Advance Leadership Course                 (b) Advance Leadership Camp

(c) Adventure Leadership Camp                 (d) Adventure Learning Camp

 – (b) Advance Leadership Camp

 48. YEP says :-

 (a) Youth Exchange Program                          (b) AIIMS Export Program

 (c) Youth Expedition Program                        (d) Yes Expedition Program

 – (a) Youth Exchange Program

 49. GCI says :-

 (a) Girls Cadet Instructor               (b) Gliding Cadet Instructor

(c) Guide Cadet Instructor             (d) none of these

 – (a) Girls Cadet Instructor

 50. Who is called COC ?

 (a) Chief Organization Committee            (b) Central Operated Camps

(c) Centrally Organized Camp                  (d) Central Welfare Society

 – (c) Centrally Organized Camp

 51. CWS says :-

 (a) Central Working System              (b) Cadets Working System

(c) Cadets Welfare Society                (d) Central Welfare Society

 – (c) Cadets Welfare Society

52. National integration is :-

(a) positive thoughts         (b) negative thought

(c) indifferent thoughts     (d) none of these

 – (a) Positive thoughts

53. You Give Me Blood, I Will Give You Freedom Famous Slogan who had given 

 (a) Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose                     (b) Mahatma Gandhi

(c) Jawaharlal Nehru                                       (d) Bal Gangadhar Tilak

 – (a) Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

 54. Citizens are known as :-

 (a) who has the right to freedom                    (b) One who resides in the city

 (c) who enjoys social and political rights      (d) who has the right to survive

 – (c) The one who enjoys social and political rights

55. Write any 10 qualities of a leader :-

 Answer :-   (i) Knowledge             (ii) Courage              (iii) Conduct

                   (iv) Reliability               (v) Patience             (vi) Enthusiasm

                  (vii) initiative              (viii) vigilance             (ix) decisiveness   

                    (x) selflessness            (xi) judiciousness     (xii) tact

56. Write the fundamental rights of Indian  citizens :-

 Answer :- 

         (i) Right to Freedom                              (ii) Right to Equality   

       (iii) Right to Education and Culture       (iv) Right to Secularism   

        (v) Right Against Exploitation               (vi) Right to Constitutional Remedies

Disaster Management ( 20/200 Marks )

 57. Among these natural disaster is :-

 (a) demolition          (b) collapse of the house

 (c) Road accident    (d) Gas cylinder burst

 – (a) launch

 58. Which of the following is not a man  made disaster :-

 (a) Bomb blast     (b) Earthquake

 (c) fire                  (d) train accident

 – (b) earthquake

 59. Where is the National Institute of  Disaster Management located ?

 (a) Delhi           (b) Bangalore            (c) Mumbai          (d) Chennai

 – (b) Bangalore

60. Who is the head of disaster management at the district level ?

 (a) Bidio                    (b) District Magistrate

 (c) City Magistrate    (d) Chief Minister

 – (b) Collectorate

 61. Match the correct pair :-

 b – (i) ground slip           (a) terrorist attack

 d – (ii) cyclone               (b) earth related

 e – (iii) ship accident      (c) water related

 c – (iv) flooding              (d) wind related

 a – (v) Continuous          (e) man-made accident

 62. Fire fighting party is :-

 (a) fire extinguisher               (b) safety of life and property

 (c) safety                                (d) damaging

 – (a) fire extinguisher

 63. T means :-

 (a) no parking        (b) way out

 (c) one way way    (d) bus stop

 – (b) way out

 64. Fire Fighting Party has party ?

 (a) 2         (b) 3

 (c) 4         (d) 6

 – (c) 4

 65. HIV is called :-

 (a) Human intelligence Deficiency Virus       (b) Human Integral Deficiency Virus

(c) Human Immunodeficiency Virus              (d) Human Immuno Dessified Virus

 – (c) Human Immunodeficiency Virus

 66. AIDS does not spread among these :-

 (a) needle and syringe               (b) by exchange of blood

(c) by shaking hands                 (d) unprotected sex

 – (c) by shaking hands

 67. When is AIDS Day celebrated ?

 (a) 1st July               (b) 1st August

 (c) 1st September    (d) 1st December

 – (d) on 1st December

68. Blood is donated :-

 (a) by animals                                             (b) by unwell persons

 (c) Health by adult men and women          (d) by patients

 – (c) Health by adult men and women

 69. Blood group is :-

 (a) A,B,AB & O      (b) B,D,Bd & O

 (c) A,D,AA & O      (d) A,B,C & O

 – (a) A,B,AB & O

 70. What do you understand by NGO ?

 (a) Not to away                                        (b) Northern gate of Olympics

(c) Non Government Organization          (d) Non Governor Office

 – (c) Non Government Organization

71. Women and Development Program and Child Development Program is :-

 (a) government related                (b) non government related

 (c) none of these                          (d) all of these

 – (b) non-government related

72. Cancer is due to :-

 (a) using gutka                         (b) using cigarette

 (c) atmospheric experiment     (d) all of these

 – (d) all of these

73. When was the act against dowry system made ?

 (a) 1950        (b) 1965

 (c) 1960        (d) 1961

 – (d) 1961

 74. Write 5 lines on dowry prevention :-

 Answer :-    (i) Educate your daughters

                     (ii) encourage them to make good career

                    (iii) Teach them to be independent and responsible

                    (iv) Treat your daughters equally without discrimination

                     (v) discourage dowry takers and givers

                    (vi) Make aware of the ill-effects of it

 75. Name the social services performed by NCC cadets ?

 Answer :- (i) Blood Donation              (ii) Plantation            (iii) Adult Education

                 (iv) Cleanliness Campaign    (v) Awareness rally  (vi) Road construction

 76. In how many parts Surya Namaskar is Completed ?

 (a) 6         (b) 8

 (c) 10       (d) 12

 – (d) 12

 77. The cause of plague is :-

 (a) Rat-flea                           (b) Mosquito

 (c) Vitamin B deficiency     (d) Vitamin A deficiency

 – (a) Rat-flea

 78. Human body has bones ?

 (a) 160         (b) 260

 (c) 206         (d) 300

 – (c) 206

 79. Mosquito bite is caused by :-

 (a) Dengue and Jaundice 

 (b) Jaundice and Kala-azar

 (c) Dengue and Cholera 

 (d) Malaria and Dengue

 – (d) Malaria and Dengue

 80. Diseases caused by water :-

 (a) diarrhea        (b) diarrhea

 (c) cholera          (d) all of these

 – (d) all of these

 81. Diseases caused by animals :-

 (a) Rabies       (b) Plague

 (c) Anthrax    (d) All of these

 – (d) all of these

 82. Method of keeping cleanliness in the Camp :-

 (a) food should be clean and covered

(b) water for bathing, drinking and cleaning utensils

(c) Spraying of DDT and no water logging

(d) all of these

 – (d) all of these

83. Choose the right and wrong from the following :-

 (a) Chicken pox is not an infection or air borne disease :-  ( True )

 (b) Treatment of leprosy is possible :-   ( Correct )

 (c) The skin helps to regulate or maintain body temperature :-  ( Correct )

(d) DTL is made for permanent use :-  Wrong

 (e) Dysentery is a disease caused by water –  Correct

 84. What are the main factors which keep a person healthy ?

 Answer :-   (i) nutritious food                         (ii) clean water

                   (iii) adequate sleep                        (iv) Regular exercise

                    (v) Routine Lifestyle

Adventure Training ( 20/200 Marks )

 85. Para jumping is :-

 (a) Delhi          (b) Madras

 (c) Madurai     (d) Agra

 – (d) Agra

 86. Parasailing is :-

 (a) Running           (b) Athletics

 (c) Aerial Sports   (d) Jumping

 – (c) Aerial Sports

87. Himalayan Mountaineering Institute is located at :-

 (a) Agra                (b) Srinagar

 (c) Uttarkashi       (d) Darjeeling

 – (d) Darjeeling

 88. In the trekking camp :-

 (a) has to climb a rock                  (b) have to ride a bicycle

 (c) have to walk                            (d) glide by helicopter

 – (c) have to walk

 89. What are the benefits of adventure training :-

 (a) To create awareness towards adventure activities

 (b) instilling confidence

 (c) To develop leadership qualities

 (d) all of these

 – (d) all of these

 90. An adventure activity in which the helicopter descends from top to

       bottom holding the rope is called ?

 (a) bungee jumping          (b) free jumping

 (c) Sealing                        (d) Roping

 – (c) Sealing

 91. Adventure training includes :-

 (a) Mountain Expedition    (b) Para Jump

 (c) water rafting                  (d) all of these

 – (d) all of these

92. Name the adventure training to be given to NCC cadets :-

 Answer :-  (i) Tracking                                       (ii) Mountaineering

                  (iii) Rock Climbing                            (iv) Para Jumping

                   (v) Para Sailing                                  (vi) Slithering

                 (vii) Cycle/Motorcycle Expedition    (viii) Water Rafting

 93. Institutions for mountaineering are :-

 (a) HMI Darjeeling ( WB )                   (b) MAS Manali ( HP )

 (c) NMI Uttarkashi ( UK )                    (d) all of these

 – (d) all of these

Environment Awareness Conservation15/200 Marks )

 94. World Environment Day is celebrated every year :-

 (a) 5th June          (b) 22nd April          (c) 15th August         (d) 2nd October

 – (a) on 5th June

 95. The types of pollution are :-

 (a) water pollution     (b) air pollution

 (c) soil pollution         (d) all of these

 – (d) all of these

96. Wildlife Protection Act was implemented in India :-

 (a) 1970         (b) 1971

 (c) 1972         (d) 1973

 – (c) in 1972

 97. Measures to stop pollution :-

 (a) heaping up of residues             (b) Sanitary land filling

 (c) incineration                              (d) all of these

 – (d) all of these

 98. Air pollution is due to :-

 (a) smoke                       (b) carbon dioxide

 (c) nuclear explosion     (d) all of these

 – (d) all of these

99. Measures to stop water pollution :-

 (a) boiling               (b) filtering

 (c) Chlorination      (d) All of these

 – (d) all of these

100. Earth’s ecological balance plays a major role in :-

 (a) Animals         (b) Jungle

 (c) Oxygen          (d) Carbon dioxide

 – (b) Jungle

 101. Match the correct pair :-

  (i) Corbett National Park           (a) Bharatpur  (Rajasthan)

 (ii) Gir National Park                 (b) Nainital  (Uttarakhand)

(iii) Ghana Word Century           (c) Junagadh  (Gujarat)

 Ans – (i) – (b)  ,  (ii) – (c)  ,  (iii) – (a)

 102. What are the common barriers to Obstacle training lives ?

(a) ten              (b) eleven

 (c) fifteen         (d) eighteen

 – (a) ten

103. What is the height of a high wall ?

 (a) 8 feet         (b) 7 feet      

 (c) 6 feet         (d) 5 feet

 – (c) 6 feet

 104. Which obstacle is the first to cross in the Obstacle Course have to do ?

 (a) zig-zag balance      (b) straight beam

(c) Double Ditch          (d) Ramp

 – (b) straight beam

 105. The height of the ramp is :-

(a) 4 feet        (b) 6 feet

(c) 8 feet       (d) 10 feet

 – (a) 4 feet

 106. From one optical to another optical What is the distance to normal ?

(a) 25 feet                 (b) 30 feet

(c) 25 m                   (d) 30 m

 – (b) 30 feet

Paper-IV ( MKS 80/350 )

Map Reading ( 50/80 Marks )

 107. What is the full form of Compass ?

 (a) Lid Prismatic Compass MK-III A

 (b) Liquid Prismatic Compass MK-III A

 (c) Land Prismatic Compass MK-III A

 (d) Load Prismatic Compass MK-III A

 – (b) Liquid Prismatic Compass MK-III A

 108. GPS says :-

 (a) Good Planning Surveillance                   (b) Grid Position System

 (c) Global Parking System                           (d) Global Positioning System

 – (d) Global Positioning System

109. Measure the natural texture on the map at a fixed scale Represents :-

(a) communication sign     (b) custom sign

(c) control symbol              (d) call symbol

 – (b) custom symbol

110. The types of answer are :-

(a) True North, Grid North, Majestic North

(b) True North, Grid North, Maronetic North 

(c) True North, Grid North, Magnetic North

(d) None of these

– (c) True North, Grid North, Magnetic North

111. The vertical line on the top of the map which runs from west to east :-

 (a) Westing line         (b) Narding line

 (c) Easting line           (d) Southing line

 – (c) Easting Line

 112. There are two types of compass :-

 (a) dry and liquid       (b) fire and forget

(c) solid and gas          (d) dry and gas

 – (a) dry and liquid

 113. The distance above the map is measured by :-

 (a) Compass          (b) Service Protector

(c) rifle side           (d) scale

 – (b) by the service protector

114. Write the symbol of the following :-

    (a) bridge –

    (b) Temple –

    (c) Church –

    (d) Fort –

    (e) Idgah –

115. Name the 5 parts and parts of compass 

 Answer :-    (i) Tongue                         (ii) Tongue Notch   

                    (iii) Hairline                       (iv) Louver Line  

                      (v) Dial                             (vi) Glass Window 

                    (vii) Glass Protector         (viii) Prism 

                     (ix) Prism Hair                   (x) Needle 

                     (xi) Thumb Ring              (xii) Arrowhead

116. What are the Easting line and Narding line, show with a picture :-

 Answer :- The vertical line on the top of the map which moves from west to east,

                   whose serial number increases from left to right, is called easting line.

                   And the vertical lines above the map whose serial number increases

                   from bottom to top are called Narding lines.

 117. In which direction is 270 degrees ?

 (a) South-East         (b) North-West

(c) East                     (d) West

 – (d) West

 118. Back bearing of 135 degree is :-

 (a) 315 degree       (b) 125 degree

 (c) 135 degree       (d) 145 degree

 – (a) 315 degrees

 119. Which direction can be found with the help of pagoda ?

 (a) North        (b) West

 (c) East           (d) South

 – (a) Answer

 120. Match the correct pair :-

 d – (i) scale                               (a) hinge

 e – (ii) South                             (b) 100 × 100 m

 b – (iii) 6 Fig. GR                     (c) zero edge

 c – (iv) service protractor         (d) 3

 a – (v) compass                         (e) 180 degrees

Field Craft & Battle Craft ( 12/80 Marks )

 121. Section formation is :-

 (a) four types        (b) five types

 (c) Six types           (d) Seven types

 – (c) six types

 122. Why do things appear ?

(a) Sylhet, Surface, Spacing, Movement, Sign, Light, Flashlight

(b) Sap, shadow, sylhet, surface, sign, sunlight, movement

(c) Space, Shape, Shadow, Sylhet, Shine,Spacing  & Movement

(d) Space,brightness,light,flashlight,source, surface

 – (c) Space, Shape, Shadow, Sylhet, Shine, Spacing  & Movement

 123. Fire at each other during movement in open fields move from place to

         place while covering with is called :-

 (a) attack                    (b) ambush

(c) Fire and move     (d) Defense

 – (c) Fire and Move

124. The front area of ​​the soldier from his position Not visible, it is called :-

 (a) fire position         (b) dead ground

 (c) Rengeish mark    (d) Optical

 – (b) Dead Ground

125. What are the types of Fire Control Order ?

 (a) 2            (b) 4

 (c) 6            (d) 8

 – (b) 4

126. The number of jawans in an Infantry Section is :-

 (a) 6           (b) 8

 (c) 10         (d) 12

 – (c) 10

127. The Supreme Commander of the Indian Army is :-

 (a) Defense Minister                (b) Prime Minister

 (c) President                             (d) Chief of the Army Staff

 – (c) President

 128. IMA is located at :-

 (a) Delhi         (b) Dehradun

 (c) Gaya          (d) Khadakwasla

 – (b) Dehradun

129. Educational Qualification Required for Admission in NDA –

 (a) 10+2         (b) BA/BSC

 (c) 10th          (d) MA/MSC

 – (a) 10+2

130. The rank of Chief of the Army Staff is :-

 (a) Colonel                  (b) Brigadier

 (c) Major General     (d) General

 – (d) General

 131. SM adornment is called :-

 (a) Seva Medal      (b) Sahas Medal

 (c) Sena Medal      (d) Peace Medal

 – (c) Sena Medal

132. United Nations Organization was established by :-

 (a) 24 October 1945                    (b) 26 January 1950

 (c) 21 June 1948                         (d) 15th August 1947

 – (a) 24 October 1945

 133. From when did the First World War take place ?

 (a) 1850 to 1900        (b) 1914 to 1918

 (b) 1967 to 1980        (d) 1915 to 1920

 – (b) 1914 to 1918

 134. In which year did the Kargil war take place ?

 (a) 1997         (b) 1998

 (c) 1999         (d) 2000

 – (c) in 1999

 135. What is Earth ?

 (a) Missile        (b) Tank

 (c) Bomb          (d) Mine

 – (a) Missile

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